It to be the morning after Valentine’s Day, and the man on the phone was beside himself. He had received tulips from Los Feliz Florists the were for all valuable purposes anonymous. Their only tag of identification was one old yellowing 1985 Valentine’s Day card that said Happy Valentine’s Day come Bette indigenous Mick. It was a mistake, that insisted. His surname wasn’t Bette or Mick--it to be Mike. No, defined the florist, the card came with that order.

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“The male was going nuts do the efforts to find out who sent them,” stated Vince Crisboi, the manager the the flower shop who dispatched them come the radio terminal where Mike worked.

When faced with the ticklish concern of who was behind the an enig flowers, Crisboi fell ago on his profession’s undeded code: “I said, ‘We have hundreds of world come in the store and I can not remember who the human was,’ ” Crisboi recounted innocently.

Right. Like he could forget her. For one thing, she got a parking ticket outside his shop. “She said, ‘These flowers room really costing me a the majority of money, you much better not phone call him who they’re from.’ ” She knew precisely what she wanted and she had actually her own strange card to go with the order. She didn’t also want to it is in described. “She said, ‘If that calls and also asks what ns look like, you i will not ~ tell him anything around me, will you?’ ” Crisboi, ever before the gallant florist, promised: “I said, ‘No, it’s no a problem.’ ”

Who might be much more caught in the crosscurrents the love and lust top top Valentine’s Day 보다 a florist? however no matter how the receiver coaxes and clamors ~ above the morning-after, mum’s the word.

“If (the sender) asked united state not to, I never ever would. Never,” stated Arlene Copeland, manager of secret Garden in Beverly Hills, i beg your pardon sent 4 or 5 anonymous deliveries, one of them a silver- pitcher resplendent with lilacs, amaryllis and also blushingly peach roses (for a cool $140.) “The recipient usually isn’t ours customer. Us really shot to business our customer.”

It’s much less a issue of the florist being priest-like 보다 businesslike. But that doesn’t prevent the florist native trying come let the perplexed down easy.

At The Woods in Brentwood, saleswoman Wendy Camras invested one post-Valentine’s contact soothing a recipient of an anonymous arrangement.

“I said, ‘If i told you, that would probably never send noþeles anonymously with us again,’ ” said Camras. “She understood I can not tell her yet she was certainly frustrated the she couldn’t discover out who sent her flowers. I think they to be from her husband. He had actually the same last name. I don’t understand who she believed her secret admirer was. Ns said, ‘I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.’ She said, ‘Yeah, i guess so.’ human being aren’t really patient.”

They are, however, overly confident.

“The human being who calls says, ‘Don’t give out mine name, they recognize who the is,”’ said Copeland the day after Valentine’s day in a shop surrounded by orchids and amaryllis and serenaded softly through finches in a bird cage (which space for hire v topiary arrangements.) “I’d say 80% the the human being call and ask who sent the flowers. So they don’t understand who castle from. Yet the customer think they’re the only special person in someone’s life.”

Crisboi said: “It’s really arrogant. They think, ‘Oh, ns the love of your life. They’ll know.’ and also they constantly call.”

The investigative fervor to know no bounds. “They’ll shot everything,” claimed Robert Alvarado, owner of Aida’s flower in Hollywood. “They’ll say they’re no going to tell anybody.”

Copeland look at a gender difference. As soon as women call, they tend to inquire softly. Men, however, space “usually much more blunt: ‘Well, ns don’t know who this is.’ since some men have actually a most girlfriends,” she said.

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Sometimes the human being the customer desires to tantalize isn’t even getting the flowers: “One woman had flowers sent to herself and the map read, ‘From the guy at the gym,’ ” Crisboi said. “She walk it to piss off her husband.”


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