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Ashlee’s home was robbed last Thanksgiving, and the culprits were never caught. They replaced the steal items, and life went on. Till her Xbox Live account signed on using one more console. The same console that had actually been stolen, whereabouts currently unknown. Probably the identity or location of the person now using Ashlee’s Xbox could provide an important insights right into who robbed their house 5 months ago. Microsoft wasn’t interested in helping, and also determined the the brand-new owner’s usage of she account and also attempt to usage it come buy clues weren’t fraudulent. Well, that’s great to hear!

This is a portion of the story: you can uncover the entirety thing here. It contains cartoons, if that’s a selling point for you.

Last week, months after our Xbox was stolen, we rotate it on to play some video games native the 90’s, since that’s what adult in 2012 do. Upon beginning it up, I notification a little dialog popular music up saying “This Xbox Live Account has actually been logged in from one more console.” I neglect it, cause I do it rain Xbox 360s.

Once logged in, i noticed every my account information has been changed. My avatar now has actually a slick-ass white suit, mine icon has changed, and also all new activity has popped up. A laugh is shared by us. This you are fool is using my account, what a tool. Climate it all simultaneously dawns on every one of us.

This is it, this is our in. If this was the show Bones, then us just found a pile of Bones. We can catch our negative guy! Sure, the man playing mine account is most likely not the thief, but we are a action closer. I immediately get ~ above the phone with Xbox support. Lock seemed quite helpful, informing me that my account would be in the interim locked, and also their investigation team would be start a case. Any information lock gleaned would certainly be sent out along to the police. Lock then had to spend some time informing me that it was no the characters from LA Noire who would be investigating. How disappointing.

I then invest the next couple of job on xbox.com the town hall the “thief” play games using mine account, i beg your pardon is a strange point to do with a locked account. Ns then uncover an e-mail in mine inbox saying the my attempted purchase of 400 Microsoft Points has actually been declined. Ns call back to include this tiny detail, and also find out that nothing has been done, no investigation, no account-locking-action. Many thanks guys, happy to know you’re ~ above the case. Credit Card fraud and also using stolen products are not really that important. Felony scmhelony.

So ns then provide them all the information again, including my police case number, which has actually the stolen console’s serial number and other information. Mine account was then correctly locked, and the examination started for reals this time.

So much to mine chagrin, we get the adhering to e-mail a couple days later:

“We want to allow you know that her report that unauthorized accessibility to your Xbox LIVE account to be reviewed by ours fraud investigate team, and also we didn’t find any evidence the unauthorized access to her account.<…>Our fraud investigate team also reviewed her billing history and didn’t find any fraudulent purchases. To inspect the dues on your Xbox LIVE account please see: Learn how to check your Xbox LIVE bill.”


This is favor going come the police v a fresh gun wound, and also the detective’s solution is, “Nah you’re fine. We sent a drone end the city and didn’t uncover anyone. The gun wound must have actually been you.”

So i call earlier immediately. The male I talked to was audibly shaken, as I was less than happy. He describes that the Police Report Number was never ever written down, and that there to be nothing he could do. The case was closed, and also we lost. What is actually fraudulent activity, ns will never ever know.

We room grossly disappointed in the means Xbox has handled our case. What can have to be a great step in helping us to remember that not EVERYONE is a heartless, money-craved fool – specifically in the wake of something as violating together a house invasion – instead was ended by Xbox’s unwillingness to carry out their jobs.

I cannot because that the life that me know what would have lead Xbox to do a decision like this. Yet I do know that we will no much longer be giving a penny of our hard-earned money Xbox.

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If what Ashlee method here is the she didn’t get the police report number in order to offer it come Microsoft, or the Microsoft fail to create it down, that has a simple solution: speak to the police and ask for a copy that the report, or at the very least the number. Sell to send a copy come Microsoft. Perhaps hit someone end the head v it?

Xbox Fraud examination Team struggles to solve situation of “why have to we care?”

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