If you are playing pokemon sun and also pokemon moon on her Nintendo 3DS, you could have recognized by now that;

The game permits you to have actually only one energetic save document at a time.

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So, if girlfriend accidentally clicked ~ above the not correct language or detailed an not correct name, you should restart the game.

How to Restart Pokemon Sun and also Moon?

To restart the pokemon sun game on Nintendo 3DS, you have to press UP+X+B together. Press the Button mix on the console during the intro cutscene of the game. This process will skip the cutscene and allow you to delete the save paper of the game.

Keep Reading, as I’m about to display you exactly how to get shiny starter Pokemons by resetting Pokemon Sun and Moon.

So, let’s gain started.


Why Restart Pokemon Sun?

You might want to scrap the save file of pokemon sunlight to switch characters or exactly the difficulties you first faced while play the game. If you haven’t viewed pokemon sunlight walkthrough, chances are you would certainly walk aside, maintaining the TMs unnoticed.

Or, you can miss the end on the exp re-publishing item.

In the case, restarting the video game and starting a new journey can help.

But wait.

Nintendo 3DS doesn’t enable to keep multiple saved files at once. In fact, there isn’t any option to start a brand-new game.

Another significant reason for resetting a pokemon video game is to pick a brand-new starter pokemon. Additionally, if you miss out on recording a legendary pokemon and accidentally saving the game, you might want to reset the game and also start a new adventure.

Most pokemon trainers don’t know just how to reset a pokemon game due to the fact that there no an alternative to begin a brand new game. Unlike Pokemon leaf Green, Emerald, heart Gold, or soul Silver, Pokemon Sun and also Pokemon Moon don’t allow to delete a saved record directly.

Instead, you need to use a combination of keys to erase the saved document on her Nintendo 3DS.

It can feel choose you room stuck with whatever you have.

There room multiple reasons why pokemon players start over.

Here space some factors pokemon players reset your pokemon game:

You decided the not correct Language by chance while starting the game.You desire an alternating Starter Pokemon (Litten or Popplio rather of Roulette in Pokemon sun)You accidentally conserved the game, failing to capture a legendary pokemon (Solgaleo, Lunala).You want a shiny pokemon together a starter.Starting over v a brand-new character and also name.

Do store in mind the you cannot retrieve your deleted file once you reset Pokemon Moon & Pokemon Sun.

How come Restart Pokemon sunlight on Citra

If you nothing know, Citra is a 3DS emulator for playing Nintendo 3DS games. On the Citra emulator, you have the right to play pokemon sunlight as well.

You might ask:

How come delete pokemon sunlight game record on Citra?

Here are the actions to restart the pokemon Sun game on Citra:

Open the Citra Folder and Start the emulator.Load the pokemon game in which you desire to start a new journey.Press the switch B to go back to the start screen whenever your saved paper appears.Go to Emulation > Configure > entry and set the secrets on your keyboard for X, B, UP. Nothing repeat the keys.Select OK and also Press the X+UP+B keys together anytime the screen shows to begin the Game.Close the emulator whenever the Red text Error mister up. Relaunch the emulator to start a brand-new game.

How to start a new Game in Pokemon Sun

Starting a new game in Pokemon sun is easy if you recognize the right combination of keys.Why am i saying about a combination?

It is since you won’t check out a ‘New Game’ in the main Menu the the game. You must reset the game to begin over.

Here space the actions to start a brand-new game in Pokemon Sun:

Launch Pokemon sunlight or Pokemon Moon.Press X, B, and also UP switch (on the D-pad) together when the intro cutscene the the legendary pokemon pops up.
Select ‘Yes’ twice for the pop-up text, ‘Would you choose to delete all saved data?’Confirm come erase all saved data.

So, now you have the right to no longer recover your saved data and also quickly start over a brand-new journey in Pokemon Sun.

You might likewise ask:

How to restart pokemon ultra sun?

You deserve to restart pokemon ultra sun on Nintendo 3DS by pressing the X+B+Up switch on the D-pad together.

This is all about hard resetting her pokemon Sun game where friend will lose a conserve file.

If you don’t desire to shed the save file and still want to restart the game, you deserve to perform a soft reset.

How come Soft Reset Pokemon Sun

If you space a grasp of pokemon, you know what a soft reset is. Because that those who don’t know;

What is a soft reset in pokemon?

Soft Reset is a attribute in Pokemon gamings where it entails holding specific buttons top top the gaming console at once. Soft Resetting or SRing won’t delete your conserved file. Instead, it will certainly take you come the startup screen. This attribute is an excellent for looking shiny pokemons.

Most players use soft reset to obtain Shiny Starters And good Nature Legendaries. You currently have taken one of the pokemon sunlight starters by now.

But what if ns tell girlfriend that; you can gain a shining starter together the Pokemon Sun ideal Starter (a glowing Popplio or a shiny litten).

To soft remainder pokemon games, you need to press a comparable button pattern just like you walk in hard resetting.

You might ask:

How many times carry out you need to soft reset to obtain a glowing starter?

To boost the opportunity of acquiring a shiny starter, you need to perform 1893 soft resets. In a minute, you deserve to do 3 soft resets. So, around you will need 10 and also a fifty percent hours to get a shining starter.

Geez, that’s a many of effort in gaining a shiny.

But, yeah, it’s worth it.


Does soft resetting increase shiny chances?

Yes, you obtained it all right. Soft resetting is the method to rise the opportunity of recording shinies.

And, go soft resetting damages your 3DS? No, a soft reset won’t damages your 3DS.

How come soft reset a Pokemon game in Nintendo 3DS?

Here space the measures to soft reset Pokemon Sun:

Save the at this time playing Pokemon game.Press L+R+SELECT, and the video game will soft reset and also bring you ago to the key menu.
Continue play the Game.

By SRing, you won’t lose your existing progress, and you will begin your video game from the precise location you saved. This feature is terrific if you want to increase the price of catching shinies.

If girlfriend don’t have a 3DS and want to play pokemon sun on the Desktop, download the Citra Emulator.

How perform I soft reset Citra?

Launch Citra and Go come Emulation > Stop and Relaunch the emulator.

PRO TIP: shining Popplio is the finest pokemon sun Starter you can get. What execute you think? execute let me know in the comments under below.

How come Delete a Save file in Pokemon Sun

For deleting a saved file in pokemon ultra sun you must know how to reset the pokemon gamings in 3 DS.

Hold the Up switch (on the D-pad), X, and also B at as soon as when the intro cutscene of the video game pops up. This will lead you to a text box saying, ‘Would you prefer to delete all conserved data? , friend cannot recoup deleted data, so, room you sure you desire to delete it?’. You deserve to click one of two people Yes or No depending upon your preferences.

But nothing delete your saved file too often. Because Pokemon Sun and also Pokemon Moon are huge games that need hours of gameplay to finish.

Instead, finish the pokedex and also finish the adventures the the Alola region.

How come Delete Pokemon Moon conserve File

Does the same rule use for deleting Pokemon Moon or Pokemon Ultra Moon conserve Files?

Yes, of course. In Nintendo 3DS, many pokemon games follow the exact same rules in deleting saved files.

Press the X+UP+B button while the legendary Pokemon LUNALA is shown in the intro cutscene. Double-press Yes come erase the conserve file. As soon as the saved paper is erased, you have the right to no much longer retrieve it.

It may take details tries for some users. But, in 99% of cases, users can erase save papers on 3DS this way.

Restarting the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon is no various from Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Simply recall the UP+X+B an essential combination.

Can you acquire all 3 starters in Pokemon Sun?

Yes, you can obtain all 3 starters in Pokemon sun if you have 3 NDS’s. Profession the starter pokemon in one of the three conserved files and you deserve to now finish the Pokedex in the Alola an ar and gain the Certificate and Shiny Charm.


What if friend don’t have 3 NDS’s?

Well, in the case, you have to reset the Pokemon video game every time and trade it v a friend. And also then restart Pokemon Sun and also get ago all the starter pokemons from your friend.

Soft reset pokemon sun to get a shining starter. The chance of acquiring a shiny is 1 the end of 4,096.

So, yeah, 4096 resets and one shining pokemon!


Question: Which Sun and Moon starter are the best?

Answer: Popplio and also Litten are taken into consideration the ideal starter pokemons in pokemon sun and also moon. However, in ~ first, it might seem daunting to continue the adventure through litten.

Question: just how to Reset Pokemon Moon?

Answer: come reset pokemon moon, host the UP+X+B buttons at once on the 3DS and confirm to reset the game. However, you have the right to soft reset pokemon moon by pressing L+R+SELECT. This will assist you increase the rate of gaining a glowing pokemon.

Final Thoughts

I have actually played a most pokemon games. Together pokemon gamings are becoming an ext and an ext realistic, functions of the games change as well.

While playing Pokemon leaf Green, Pokemon Emerald in Nintendo GameBoy or PSP, you can have checked out that the ‘New Game’ choice pops up automatically after the cutscene finishes.

But in Nintendo 3DS, the case is not the same. Over there isn’t any kind of option to delete a save file.

So, occasionally you may feel choose you room stuck v what you have in the game. But don’t worry. V the above-mentioned steps, you have the right to start a brand-new game in pokemon sun.

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I think Primarina is the best. Do cite your favourite starter Pokemon in the Alola region.