once papercutting, one often has to reduced very little circles, prefer below. Once I perform that, I regularly break mine blade. Exactly how should ns cut little circles or other tiny holes? Think about ...

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Should I use pressure or not?Should I only turn the knife on its ar or really relocate it?Should I organize the knife vertically or diagonally top top the paper?




Punch itGiven the size of the holes you are doing this could not seem like beneficial advice but I would bet the this is what the artist in the picture did, as those space not perfect circles. Exterior of this you might use a little punch to obtain a perfect circle.


The method you get that to work is put a lot of paper (or some various other thick material) underneath so that the "work" paper will be much less likely come tear out.

For bigger holes or if punches are not available

Whatever you have to do the feels comfortable so that you deserve to do one consistent cut. As with all cut make sure you space using tools that space sharp!

Should I just turn the knife ~ above its place or really move it?

Keeping the occupational stationary because that me is a difficulty especially because that circles, as you are moving your wrist and also arm around more, which might put strain (cramping from repetition) top top you faster (which subsequently is questioning for tiny mistakes). This can also reduce your regulate of the cut. Ns am in favour of moving both the work and also your hand at the very same time. I find this makes the activities easier and also they take less time.

Should I host the knife vertically or diagonally top top the paper?

While the cut would normally be at a slim angle with what i am describing, i would try to prevent doing so and try to cut as vertically as possible. Cutting on a diagonal have the right to weaken the edge of the cuts making much more susceptible to damage.

It is absolutely important to shot and perform the cut in one pass. Suspicion or multiple cut can develop nibs or stray fibers. This is fixable that course however you need to remove much more material which can impact the shape. However if done appropriate corrections prefer that can be hidden as most human being won"t notice.

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Should I use pressure or not?

Not certain of the best answer come this other than not as well much. You desire the knife to do the work. As long as your device is spicy you have to not need to put also much pressure into it.