Hey guys I wanted to re-publishing cool glitch that you have the right to do to get cool emblems on black color Ops 2. I understand a lot of of human being may already know how to perform this, but not everyone knows. This glitch also works ~ above the PS3.

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How come copy an Emblem: 1. Find an emblem that you want to copy (it have the right to be anyone)2. Make sure the player has actually a screenshot 3. Make sure that you are on the Multiplayer food selection 4. Go in the football player player channel and go come the emblem girlfriend want5. This component can be...How come copy Emblems on black color Ops 2
i have been playing a many of league play lately and also ive noticed that when you float over my surname it claims bronze location 150 league finest under my level yet my existing rank is yellow 75, why doesnt it ever before change? for my friend it transforms instantly but mine is stuck at bronze 150. Anyone know exactly how to deal with this?
exactly how do you produce a locked lobby on Xbox 360?? Please help a noob out
at least 3 people to perform the glitch. 2.2 the the 3 world must have a 2nd controller 3.Everyone should have actually the modded CTF gamemode. Girlfriend can discover it under cod Tv most famous game settings in the community....
The XPR Auto-Shoot glitch is once the XPR randomly starts shoot on its very own without you even pressing any buttons and it no let you run, knife, jump, etc. That is not my controller because of I"ve offered EVERY other gun and it doesn"t happened and also I"ve tried CoD4-Ghosts and also ONLY BO2 go this. I"m wonder if this wake up to every wired controllers not mine, if it could be my disc, or it"s just BO2. My guess is BO2 because the game is 1/2 broken anyways.
This is a new far better way on exactly how to copy/steal various other peoples emblems in black ops 2.This is also quite similar to the other an approach but i uncover it alot easier. Ns can virtually do the every time.First what you want to carry out is hover over "Barracks"Then press triangle and also look because that the persons emblem you desire to copyThen what u wanna perform is scroll down to emblems (make sure there screenshot dosnt load)the for PS3 push Up,... just how to steal emblems
Hey guys below is just a little cool glitch that my girlfriend on YouTube discovered be certain to examine out his channel due to the fact that this glitch is impressive on multiplayer and also an extremely fun.Here is his channel - Founder - http://www.youtube.com/user/SyntheticGlitchesMy brand-new channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/gtavmodz2014

Thanks so much guys for the support ​
basically if any of you men still play league play and you ever uncover yourself top top Standoff Search and Destroy, this is a cool small glitch which you have the right to use come pinpoint foe locations.If you pertained to this home window and you watch that the circled area is clear, then think of that as a clear to go. If the is blurry, who is in the proximity.
The area"s of which they could be in room the red highlighted areas on the map below....Standoff texture Glitch great for organization Play
This structure glitch is an excellent for any League Play complement on Raid and is most effective at the beginning of the round of Search and also Destroy. Basically off of spawn, acceleration to the area in the picture and aim down sights top top the Tiki Bar. Look in ~ the 2 bushes i m sorry I have actually circled and also if they space clear then nobody is rushing the side the the map, if they are blurry then there is someone in the area.

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If they are blurry prefer I said...Raid texture glitch thats an excellent for organization Play
This is a an excellent glitch for organization Play matches top top Express. Basically when you usage your opening path or mid game concerned the area shown in the snapshot and target at the little control room. If that shaft that is circled in red is blurry there is someone in the area that is probably going to plant/defuse the bomb.
The area in i m sorry the enemy could be in is emphasize red in the map below....Express texture Glitch
I found a little glitch nobody appears to have posted yet.... So go to the blue house and go to the ago yard. The stairs have the glitch. Go to the ideal side that the stairs and also line against the end. Currently jump and also move left at the very same time. Walk forward and Voila! friend glitched on the next of the stairs.Me and also my girlfriend Ryan uncovered this. We have actually PS3.Peace, xx_XpertModzz_xx
If you need aid finding this glitch include me top top PSN: coreylmartin1 (Me and my friend Martin common it) that moved...Stairs Glitch top top Nuketown 2025
First, find the emblem you"re wanting to copy.Second, float over the "Barracks" category.Next, make sure whoever you"re trying to copy an emblem from has actually a screenshot on their profile.Now, float over the emblem you desire to copy then press X and B at the very same time or Square and also Circle. Than fairly quickly, relocate up X X then under X X. Or top top the PS3, relocate up square square then under square square.It takes sometime to perform it correctly. This is my an initial tutorial, and yes I recognize most people...How to copy Emblems (for those who don"t know)
soup guys, do anybody know how to perform the XP lobby successfully? i forgot how to perform this since I last did the 4 months ago, if so article your GT here or blog post me: v WORLDSTAR v

Are world still able come copy orher players playercard by just joining and also leaving your bo2 party? It also copies their showcase and also league best rank onto her player card i remember this glitch a while ago and i just saw a human level 25 through the weapons mastery one and also he said he walk a glitch and also i want to understand if this glitch is still working or is it patched?



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