hey r/gaming, i was wonder if there to be a means to affix a ps2 to mine laptop fairly than a tv? i was hope a VGA crate of some sort might do it, however I read something about TV tuners? Any assist would be appreciated

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Pcsx2 is an emulator that you can use to play ps2 gamings on her laptop. Ns don't know around hooking up a physics ps2 though.

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Oh, have I tried. Unless someone on here is a technical genius and also can explain it both to us, ns don't think you can. I don't think over there is a method to send an intake signal come a laptop screen. Hopefully I'm wrong and also I just didn't shot hard enough!

I discovered this top top a playstation forum which offers me hope: " It is possible to affix a PS2 to a laptop, and also use the laptop's screen and also speakers come play PS2 gamings full-screen with terrific video. The answer is NOT any kind of old video clip capture device. The price is a TV tuner. I bought a product dubbed TV WONDER USB 2.0 from ideal Buy for about $100. The is do by a agency called ATI Technologies. A attach to their internet page through the product is together follows:http://www.atitech.ca/products/multimedia.html The device is around 3/4" thick, and 3" X 5". It has composite video input (yellow RCA cable), as well as S-video input. It also has left and right RCA audio inputs (red and white RCA cables). The calculation to the laptop is via a high-speed USB port 2.0. The comes with the software program CD to download it. It also has a cable TV input, if you want to clock TV on her laptop. Once it's installed, you click the TV option, and also go with the setup. If girlfriend don't have actually a TV Cable connected, it will certainly scan with all 100+ networks and then display static. Then, you can flip between the 3 inputs and also choose the TV, the composite video clip input, or the S-video input. The cool point is that I have an adapter do by madcatz (check it the end at http://www.madcatz.com/MadCatz/gamers.jsp) that plugs into the PS2 and gives S-video out and also composite video out. Ns hooked up both type of video clip and flipped in between them ~ above the screen. I never ever knew what i was lacking in terms of video details. The S-video offers a much better top quality picture. The composite video clip looks fine--it's what I'm supplied to, b/c that's the video clip output the connector that came through the PS2 uses. But the S-video is lot BETTER. Still it functions great, as with a TV or a VGA monitor. "