In some instances you might find that the many ideal water source is in your kitchen and you"d like to affix a garden water tap under her sink.

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This might be the instance anytime an the end water source is non-existent or in a less than ideal location.

Perhaps you live in a condo through no outdoor water tap bib and would like to use a hose to water your balcony garden.

Or probably you live in a residence with a water source far away from her watering needs.

You"ve likely found numerous tutorials that will teach you exactly how to attach a water tap to a sink faucet. This is not ideal if you usage your water tap often, having to connect and disconnect every time you need it.

We have the right to solve this difficulty by adding new hose bib under your sink with a shut off valve. You have the right to then store an expandable garden hose under her sink i m sorry will allow you to keep it connected without interrupting usage of your sink"s faucet.

Let"s look at the parts and also tools needed and a step by step procedure to install a hose spigot listed below your kitchen sink.

Tools & Parts required to affix A Garden hose Beneath a Sink

These hardware measurements in the list below use to a water source with a 3/8" threading, i beg your pardon is conventional for most modern-day homes.

If you think your pipes is specifically old, you may want come take part measurements before you start. Some older plumbing supplies 1/2" threading.

Remember you"re measure up diameter of the inside of pipeline tube where water will flow. Watch this video if friend need aid measuring your pipe sizes.

You should be able to find many of these components at your regional hardware store. The list consists of links that connect you to pictures & pricing on Amazon.

* Important: before you buy all these materials, you need to take a look in ~ the room under your sink, and consider taking some measurements. You may need to adjust slightly based on your needs.

For Instance, I listed a 20" FIP hose, however you might not have enough room under your sink and need come buy a 10" Hose.

Additionally the wall mount I attach to listed below might not work in your case. In among the videos below, he attaches the valve to an existing pipe making use of zip ties. That functions too!

Here"s what you"ll need:

A Pail and Rag

A Note about Compression vs. Pipeline Thread

The key thing to realize going right into this - what most novices can not - is that we are moving fromcompressionthreading indigenous the water it is provided topipethreading the your garden hose will connect to.

You cannot connect pipe threading come compression threading. If you do, it will certainly leak. No matter exactly how much teflon tape girlfriend apply.

This is why we need all the adapters & fittings provided above. We"re not only adapting to size (3/8" to 3/4"). We"re relocating from compression threading to pipe threading.

Step by action Installation Instructions

Here"s what you"ll must do to affix a garden water tap under your sink. I"ve additionally linked to some videos that aid to explain.

Note the these videos space teaching a different end goal, such as installing a dishwater line, etc. Nevertheless, they will aid you understand how to affix a garden water tap tap beneath your sink.

This video clip is applicable until around 1:20 in:


Essentially what we"re act is creating a 2nd cold water line v a "T" shaped fitting. We"ll then attach a valve to it for this reason you can turn the second water source off without interrupting circulation to her sink faucet.

Let"s get started!

1. Location Pail Under friend Sink"s Water Source

You"ll most likely want to run cold water v your garden hose. You"ll discover that there room two water resources under her sink. Cold water usually originates from the water resource on the right. Location your pail under that one come catch any type of leaking water already in the line.

2. Revolve Water source Valve to the off Position

This is a great opportunity to test to make sure you space working v the cold water supply. Shot running cold water out of your faucet. None need to come the end while the hot water still runs normally.

3. Usage Your Wrench to remove Existing water line From Water Source

The water line is commonly a steel threaded water tap leading indigenous a valved water source to the base of her faucet. Remove that water tap from the water source, leaving the attachment to the faucet intact.

4. Tighten Three way Compression Adapter to Water Source

The compression adapter have to tighten securely onto the water source coming native the sink wall. 3/8" is the standard dimension threading because that most modern homes.

Apply 2 or 3 class of teflon tape to masculine thread. Hand tighten, then tighten v a wrench another fifty percent turn.

5. Connect Faucet"s Cold Water Hose heat to top of Compression Adapter

You"ll desire to affix the hose to the compression adapter threading dealing with upward towards your sink.

Apply 2 or 3 class of teflon ice cream to masculine thread. Hand tighten, climate tighten v a wrench another half turn.

6. Attach 20" FIP water tap To Compression Adapter

There should be just one staying threading open up on the compression adapter. Apply 2 or 3 great of teflon ice to male thread. Hand tighten, then tighten with a wrench another half turn

7. Attach 1/2" steel Nipple to open Female Threading of The FIP Hose

Apply 2 or 3 layers of teflon ice cream to male thread. Hand tighten, climate tighten with a wrench another half turn

8. Attach 1/2" ball Valve to steel Nipple

Apply 2 or 3 layers of teflon ice to masculine thread on the steel nipple. Hand tighten, then tighten v a wrench another fifty percent turn

9. Attach 1/2" to 3/4" masculine Hose Adapter

Apply 2 or 3 class of teflon tape to masculine 1/2" thread on the hose adapter. Hand tighten to sphere valve, climate tighten another half turn with the wrench.

10. Move Ball Valve come the off Position, Then turn Water Supply ago On

Check for leaks and also if you an alert some, girlfriend can use a little much more teflon ice cream and/or tighten.

11. Connect Pipe wall surface Mount to sphere Valve and also Mount

It"s vital to mount her valve what to prevent any kind of weight hanging on your fittings.

You don"t want any of your fittings loose or dangling. With time this will weaken the threading and cause leaks.

In other words, you desire to produce an "S" form in your FIP hose moving up over your water resource or below.

Most sinks have a solid hardwood panel either near the floor that the sink cabinet or close to the roof by the basic of the faucet the will hold screws.

Determine the best location for your shut turn off valve . Be certain you have clearance come both turn the valve on one off and attach your garden water tap easily. Mount with the suitable sized screws.

12. Affix Expandable Garden water tap To male 3/4" Threading

Ally teflon tape to threading and also tighten through hand.

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There are two factors I"d indicate an expandable hose, i beg your pardon are depicted in the video below. 1) No hose reel needed! it will easily fit under your sink in a small bucket. 2) They self drain better than conventional garden hoses, which will be less messy in an at home setting.