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Howdy stevcolx,Welcome board the tractor forum.Your loader is more than likely hooked approximately the tractor"s inner hydraulics, i beg your pardon produces 5 gpm. Slow. To speed it up, you can install a front engine placed pump, or a PTO pushed pump, about 15 gpm.


The big bolt ahead of the ideal hand gear transition is most most likely the fill hole, can"t tell to be to examine the oil level. You require to call a dealer or find Ebay for an operators hand-operated and/or a service manual. You space going to require them at part point. The operators hands-on will provide you all kinds of info in regards to service intervals, filter locations and what oil to use where. A good investment for your invest in your brand-new to friend tractor.
Howdy Steve,Your transmission and also rear differential are two different reservoirs. The hydraulic mechanism shares fluid from the rear differential reservoir. Check out item #35 on the attached parts diagram....Filler plug for behind differential/hydraulic liquid reservoir.. It looks prefer your"s has been made use of as a hydraulic return port. Just pull the link to add fluid.See also the attached photograph (compliments the UltradogMN) pointing to the square-headed pipe plug that you remove to examine fluid level in the rear differential/hydraulic section.If her tractor doesn"t have actually these two features, article back.
OK, the attached picture (compliments of UltradogMN
) illustrates the liquid level examine plugs because that a Ford 3000....front plug is because that transmission, and also rear plug is for behind end. Execute you occur to have actually these (square-headed) check plugs??
Ok. More developments. Gained some advice to to fill up the PTO v oil by acquisition the hose off the back. Ns was abroad working once the mam tried it. And also what occurred you will see in the pictures. Exactly how in the hell can I resolve that?
Try adjusting your flow regulate - tiny knob on the right side that the tractor - just below the draft manage lever. The square inspect plug is there. Sixbales mirrors a pic of it it"s the one with the pen pointing to it.That pump only produces about 5 gpm for this reason the loader will never ever be quick with that tiny flow. SixBales you have actually a couple of various tractors there. The one with the creating in it us a 4600 so pump and check plug is different. You also show a 3000 with the 2 red circles approximately the plugs. 3000 is various too other than transmission plug is the same.
looks favor the broken part is one adapter threaded right into the actors housing fill port that permits the hose connection. If i am exactly at this, begin calling/emailing the places that part out provided tractors. The main drainpipe plug at the bottom that the rear finish housing should have actually a magnet attached, yet make every effort to keep metal shavings the end of the hydraulic mechanism as you back out the damaged threaded adapter. I don"t understand how typical it is to use the to fill port because that a return heat so this adapter might be much more likely uncovered at a hydraulics shop. Parker Hydraulics seems to it is in a network of franchised shops, opportunities are you"ve got one in the area.

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Someone drilled and also tapped the initial fill plug to use it together a return. Fairly common. He will have to get one more plug and do the very same thing to it. Not hard to do.
In the Manuals section you will find an Operators organization Manual (Operator"s Handbook) and a Shop hand-operated for her tractor:
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