An iHome clock functions a clock, one alarm and also a dock on i m sorry you can charge your iPod or iPhone. If you need to readjust time for Daylight to save Time (DST) or adjust the time zone or reset the moment then here is exactly how you deserve to do that on iHome.

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How to readjust the time on iHome

1) Daylight to save Time: collection for Daylight to save Time (DST), if applicable, by adjusting the “DST Switch” on the bottom of the unit.

2) Time Zone: adjust the time zone by pressing and also holding the “Time Zone” switch until the display flashes, then pressing the “Select UP/FF” or “Select Down/Rew” switch until the wanted time zone is selected. Push the “Time Zone” switch a 2nd time to leave the time zone setting mode.

3) Time Set: Press and hold the “Time Set” or “Clock Adjust” switch for 2 seconds. This switch is usually located on the optimal or bottom of the unit. The display screen should start flashing, indicating the the time deserve to be set.

Press and also hold the “Hour Set” button. The current hour will presently be displayed.

Press the “Sleep/Minute Set” button to adjust the minute time.

If her unit does no contain this buttons, push the “Select UP/FF” or “Select Down/Rew” button until the exactly time is displayed.

Press the “Time Set” or “Clock Adjust” button again to confirm the clock time setting. Listen for 2 beeps or otherwise make certain that the screen ceases blinking; this suggests the clock time is set.

How to Reset entire iHome Clock Unit

Lift up on the iPod to eliminate it from the dock.Unplug the iHome clock indigenous the strength source.Remove the unit’s back-up batteries. Wait one hour.Re-install the batteries and also plug the device back in.

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More info: iHome Manual


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