Don"t worry around your third brake light, it in reality is not that difficult to replace. Right here is how you carry out it.

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This article applies to the Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-Present).

Brakes lamp are offered to alert chauffeurs behind girlfriend of when you are stopping or slowing down. Part vehicles, such together your JK, have actually three lights: two tail lights and one an installed behind the wheel rack. Unlike various other older Jeeps, there is no method to accessibility the third brake light bulb. This means you need to replace the entire stalk the light sits on. Due to the expenses some shops require prior to replacing these lights, some drivers tend to disregard the issue. Return it may not seem prefer an urgent problem, if any crashes occur during this time, the damages might be command to the Jeep. The exact same rule uses for those that you that are compelled to smog her vehicle. Third brake lights room an pure requirement, and the automobile will no pass the inspection uneven all the lights space functioning. V that in mind, use these complying with instructions to conveniently replace the third brake irradiate on your Jeep JK Wrangler.


Materials NeededPhillips screwdriverReplacement bulbT20 Torx driver19mm socket1/2" ratchetPenetrating fluid (optional)

Step 1 – eliminate the behind wheel

Take her 19mm socket and loosen every of the lug nuts holding her tire in place. Although newer vehicles have to not have any kind of issues through seized hardware, you can still spray part penetrating liquid onto every nut to make it easier for lock to it is in removed.

Figure 1. Eliminate the rear wheel.

Step 2 – remove the old stock

As discussed before, the key reason shops fee a many to change these lights is because the complete stalk assembly needs to it is in removed. This contains the irradiate housing and the plastic stalk the connects come the wheel mount.

Loosen the bottom T20 Torx screws that connects the stalk to the wheel mount.Loosen the top T20 Torx screws and push out the brake irradiate assembly.Disconnect the wiring, then eliminate the assembly.Figure 2. Loosen the bottom T20 Torx screws.Figure 3. Ease the top T20 Torx screws.

Step 3 – mountain the new light

Install the brand-new brake light assembly ~ above the wheel mount.

Connect the irradiate wiring.Tighten the upper and lower T20 Torx screws.Check the light and ensure that the pear is working.Then mountain the wheel earlier in place.

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Figure 4. 3rd rear brake light installed.

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