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2006 Camry XLE V6, 119,000 miles on it now, just got it 3 main ago. Follow to the organization manual, spark plugs should be replaced at 120,000 miles.The bank closest come the radiator looks very easy for spark plug replacements.The bank closest to the firewall look at challenging. Is there a means to change all 3 spark plugs ~ above this financial institution without remove the whole throttle body / intake manifold assembly? ns don"t view how, but perhaps some of you in this forum have learned part tricks on maintaining this engine that you would certainly be willing to share.

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Umm ns did mine in about an hour by removing the air filter assembly, strut bar and also throttle body. Likewise removed the butterfly-valve assembly situated on the passenger side of the wait intake and laid it to the side. ~ this, lay a ceiling on the radiator/engine so you can lean ~ above it. You will be working blind, getting to one arm around each next of the input plenum, however can periodically look in indigenous the side to view where whatever is. Take your time, and also use a good combination of socket extensions/universal joints. I additionally found a small retractable magnet to it is in priceless in pulling the end the spark plugs.

I had ASG14(member here) an very well knowledgeable Toyota mechanic and enthusiast work on it, in most likely 20 level weather and also it took approximately 3-4 hours from begin to finish with a few breaks in between. He did the gaskets and also pcv valve as well.I"m no saying the can"t take an hour, but to perform it properly and also all the i"d enable 3+ hours.
2002 Camry SE TRD super load 1MZ-FE "Snow White" - Track/Summer Car2010 Rav4 limited 4WD - Winter Car1998 Subaru heritage 2.5GT limited - SoldToronto/Canadian Meets and also Track job -

I acquired a PCV valve and also grommet a pair weeks ago. The new PCV valve didn"t role right, follow to the service manual, but the old one experiment out just fine. The old grommet was seeping out some oil, so just transforming the PCV grommet sealed the seepage great. The valve covers don"t have any kind of evidence of any kind of oil seepage, at least from what I can see on the radiator next of the engine. The engine shows up dry top top the firewall next too, once looking up from underneath. Therefore I"ll assume the valve sheathe gaskets room good.Jermag24, once you removed the accelerator body, did you likewise remove the input manifold? If not, ns don"t see how much extra an are you gain if the entry manifold is not likewise removed. What did removing the strut bag provide as a advantage for access?
No, i didn"t remove the intake manifold. Removed the accelerator body offers you much more clearance to gain your arms roughly the ago of the manifold.
No, ns didn"t remove the entry manifold. Removed the throttle body offers you an ext clearance to gain your arms roughly the back of the manifold.
And you were able to eliminate the spark plug wires v the intake manifold tho in place, over the optimal of the valve cover, ~ above the firewall side?You must have assembled and also disassembled brief socket expansions as you lower the spark plug socket chin down, and also lifted it back out, I"ll assume?If so, at the very least I understand this an approach can work. Wasn"t sure if it would, but if you were successful, then I"m certain others have the right to do it also.

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Yes, together you pull the coil packs/spark plug boots out, friend slightly bending them towards the firewall to eliminate them. They space flexible rubber, it won"t pains them. After that, ns fed a spark plug socket v a 3" extension down every tube, hooked up a ratchet and loosened the spark plug. Once loose, i pulled the ratchet off, and used the magnet to traction the socket expansion out, climate the socket, climate the spark plug. Surroundings is the reverse of this. You can use a 1/4" drive ratchet v a 10mm socket to take the coils off, and use a 3/8" drive collection for the spark plugs.

ok so I witnessed this thread and I also saw this thread.. Http://"m certain glad I have actually a I4!! lol, damn this is complicated for transforming out plugs in a V6
i dont" understand an altering 1mz v6 plugs take 3 or 4 hours, unless also doing valve sheathe gasket, i did every 6 plugs 1/2 dozen times, and also only 30 minutes project from start to finish, because that the behind bank, carry out it from optimal of the engine with lot of 1/4" extension, swival. It is a chop space, but definitely doable
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