I"m do the efforts to obtain it however I don"t understand what probabilities are to capture it, or where need to I need to search for it.

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Find a course where you can enter and also leave the route with adjacent grass. (Ecruteak City is a an excellent start since by the southern side of this city has adjacent grass). Take around 20 steps in the grass v the repel. If no Pokemon appear, Raikou or Entei are not there leaving the area and come back.

Once you uncover itput it to sleep, if you try to catch it that will simply roar friend away. If you desire to avoid other random encounters, you can use something prefer a level 39 haunter/gengar or jynx with a sleep move an initial in her team, and also use repels so the everything listed below that level will stay away indigenous you. It will be less complicated to discover after you"ve found it once. Another way is to usage a golbat, threaten it, and also use typical look.



I would recommend the understand Ball for recording him. If you don"t desire to garbage a grasp Ball on him, you deserve to use the Pokemon Cloning cheat. As well as cloning the Pokemon, it will clone the article attached come the pokemon. Just affix the master Ball to the cloned Pokemon and you will obtain two.

Then you can use the Repel and also route switching technique to hopefully discover Raikou. An excellent luck!


Once you"ve checked out it once, you have the right to track that by looking in the Pokedex entry together it"s a roaming legendary, although every time you fly to a city that will have moved somewhere else. And you deserve to paralyze it, but it would call for the usage of a pokemon that knows shock spore, or the repeated use the thunder wave, which can not work. Just put it come sleep and but don"t usage the masterball, as you need to use that on Ho-oh or Lugia.

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You can discover Entei or Raikou if you space finding or including a Pokémon to her Pokédex and it takes also long. That mistakenly appears as one of the two legendary dogs. Just record all the Pokémon the you found.

I found and also caught Raikou on course 45, through Blackthorn City. I recorded him by making use of the understand ball, Professor Oak gave to me. He said it never ever misses. Discovering that and that Raikou escape every time, I offered the grasp ball the an initial time I saw him and wah la! gained him :)

High speed haunter v hypnosis need to do then use ultra balls and also if you are wondering where to acquire haunter you have to evolve a gastly who you can catch at one of two people the bellsprout tower or tin tower throughout the night time

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