"NBA Jam" is a well-known arcade-style basketball franchise originally developed by the Midway company. The game began as an arcade video game in the early on to mid-"90s and later ended up being a successful series of home console games and also sequels. "NBA Jam" places a premium on high-speed play and also exciting offensive an abilities such as dunking in that 2 top top 2 format. At times, a player can shatter the glass of the backboard when dunking. Each version of the video game (the original arcade game, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, video game Boy and the 2010 adaptation because that XBox 360, playstations 3 and Wii) enables for the possibility of breaking the glass.

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Select a player recognized for dunking abilities. Older versions the the video game will permit any player to break the glass (and possibly more often), but the 2010 version typically requires players such as LeBron James or Dwight Howard to be used.

Wait until the second fifty percent of the game. The computer only enables the glass come be damaged after the an initial half and nearly always in the fourth quarter, although it is feasible in the third quarter. The glass most frequently breaks v a minute or less remaining in the 4th quarter.

Dunk native the furthest back you can. Dunks from the three allude line or just inside of it result in a greater percentage of backboard breaks. Try to dunk as frequently as feasible in the fourth quarter and near the finish of the game.

Alley-oop the sphere to her player when he"s in the air to rise the opportunities of the glass breaking. Have actually the drone player on your team happen the round to girlfriend while you space in the air and also then dunk it.

Use strength ups in the more recent editions the the game. Both strength ups and also hot clues may boost the likelihood that the glass breaking.

Dunk the sphere late in the video game when you space on fire. ~ the exact same player renders three shots in a row, he is said to it is in "on fire." You"ll notification that he starts to glow and flames shoot turn off him. After gift on fire, dunk the ball from simply inside the three allude line.


Many gamers now believe that the glass backboard shatters in ~ random; back it"s true the feat have the right to only be achieved at details times and the likelihood deserve to be increased, the computer has ultimate regulate of when the backboard breaks.

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