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2022 MODELS location WILL open up FROM 18TH JANUARY 2022


Please note;-Hotel bedrooms in ~ the Convention hotel room limited, we will be spring to resource local models come Coventry to keep expenses down, but the show is alwayslooking for volunteer models who would favor to version for the experience and also consideration come models additional a ar maybe possible.


Rules for body paint models


All body paint models must be over the age of 18 years, proof of period will be requiredExperience of modelling is preferred, particularly as some body painted characters the design will have to pose for the picture shootThere is no pay because that body painted models at the convention, yet we will certainly allow totally free photos the the completed work, this is a an excellent opportunity come havesome unusual photograph snaps to go inside your photograph shoot portfoliosWe species a models room whereby you can shower afterwards (if required)All models space asked to bring with them, dark towels, dressing gown, upper and lower reversal flops, skin coloured g strings, nipple shields are detailed and have to be worn.There is NO complete nudity at our convention, all models will certainly wear g strings and also ladies will additionally be forced to stay nipple shields (provided by thepainter).All human body painters are skilled artists who will be demonstrating your art job-related infront of an audience, your is lengthy standing times, however the body painterswill take it a few breaks...Before the human body painter can paint friend it is advised the ALL models eliminate body hair atelast 48 hours prior to the paint time and moisturize atleast 10 hoursbefore and NOT on the morning the the body repaint will take it place. All body paint is for sure to usage on the skin, but some colours might tinge slightly, that is recommended in bringing some baby oil(lotion) for any daunting or sensitive locations to eliminate the paint.Keeping hydrated when standing and also being painted particularly the area may be hot, please carry along party of water, we perform supply refreshments every day so please askyour painter to fetch friend some once required. The is likewise recommended to do tiny stretches throughout the painting session and eat healthy snacksA light lunch and refreshments of tea/coffee and also water is provided to every models complimentary... 

UPDATED 19th June 2021