I've to win KH1 FM once before back when 1.5 came out in 2013. I picked increase the remastered variation of it because that the PS4, and Ursula is still one of the hardest bosses in the game, at least for me. Besides grinding and leveling up space there any tips because that beating she or is it just grinding and leveling approximately a greater level that'll minimize the difficulty?


Phase one: spam magic on she cauldron. That doesnt issue if the seems like its doing nothing, just do it. At one point it will explode and she'll gain stunned, fight her until she wakes up. Continue until girlfriend win. Usage ether as necessary.

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Phase 2: use aero and beat her up. That's it. Neglect everything and also just store beating her also if you're getting heat. Shot using potions rather of healing to conserve MP for aero.

For my faster way setup I have Aero and also Cure. Always cast Aero top top yourself. The trick is come glide in attack. Aero should safeguard you for most things other than when she sucks in water just keep swimming away as quick as you can and then once she raises the trident over her head swim away.

She announces virtually every strike beforehand so just memorize the cues and always have Aero on and also you have to be fine.

Use Stop against her as soon as she's acquiring ready to use big attacks. Usage Aero (If Donald isn't casting it on you enough or if he's dead). Then shot your finest to prevent (by swim faster) she attacks and hack far at her.

Bring lot of of potions and a few ethers incase you're having trouble regulating your MP.

My strategy involves transforming Sora right into a mage and casting Stop, and also outfitting Ariel with a physical-based setup and set her AI come spam Spiral Wave, which through high sufficient strength, can take out fifty percent a bar with one attack. Ns synthesize 2 Golem Chains, therefore you might not it is in as solid unless you want to perform some extra farming. Hopefully you have enough materials because that at the very least 1 Golem Chain. You should additionally be maybe to craft a power Chain which is practically as good.

I did that the sluggish way.

As quickly as you gain to the various other side that the stream, ns unequipped the Mermaid absent (or w.e it's called) due to the fact that it it s okay me killed when i accidentally dash rather or descend/ascend.

At very first I hit her as much as feasible since the thunderbolts space slower, after that I simply keep myself behind her huge fat head and hit much more carefully.

After awhile she'll begin using that distinct thunder skill, you'll obtain some hear cues of once she'll begin doing that, this is harder to stop w/o mermaid absent so take your time through that.

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One much more thing, once she does she 'sucking' skill, the thunderbolts avoid for a couple of seconds, use that come hit her head indigenous behind. And also if you space worried about avoiding that w/o mermaid kick, simply descend/ascend sufficient not come be influenced by it, I indicate ascend to shot to get a few hits on her head.

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