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I need to include transmission fluid and also I can"t seem to number out where I can check the level of the existing fluid and also where to add it. It"s a 2006 malibu V6 3.5, any information around this would be appreciated

The 4 speed transmission go not have a dive stick. On peak of the transmission, near the shifter intake cable is a plastic cap. Remove this to add fluid. It help to have actually a lengthy neck funnel. The liquid level is checked after the transmission has actually been warmed up and run v all the gears and left to run in park. Trouble is the automobile has to it is in jacked up and also level. You then walk underneath and also remove a plug from the transmission. Friend fill till it simply starts come come out of this hole.Your transmission probably looks like this inspect to check this is the infection you have.
Thank you for the answer, I"ll inspect what one I have just wish ns was may be to add the fluid over the motor favor the oil....

Why carry out you think that needs more fluid?If you space going to mess v it have a mechanic organization it.One of the few times I will actualy give that advice.If your reasoning of act a an initial flush and also filter and the automobile has high purpose of use or old age (which all our car are) just leave it alone, girlfriend will just make the worse. Verifying correct fluid level is yes sir though.If flushes have actually been done before (every 5 years/80k miles because that me) you deserve to keep having actually them done.
Why carry out you think the needs much more fluid?If your thinking of act a an initial flush and filter and the auto has high mileage or old period (which every our car are) simply leave it alone, girlfriend will just make the worse. Verifying correct fluid level is ok though..
If girlfriend only readjust the fluid and clean the pan, you have to be ok. Ns wouldn"t have actually it flushed as the makers they usage to flush might apply more pressure come the internals 보다 it had been offered to and cause you issues. Personally, I have actually not had any kind of of my transmissions flushed, just a drain fill (ok the filter replaced and pan cleaned as well). And also have never had any kind of transmission connected failures. V the modern-day synthetic fluids, I have actually it done every 50,000 miles. Mine Malibu is less than 14,000 away from it"s third change and I have actually 186,000+ miles on the odometer.

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As was claimed above, likewise old liquid can goop up and when fresh fluid is added the detergents can reason the goop to breakdown and climate clog up her filter restricting flow and also causing heat and also lubrication problems.
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