Concern from Ellen B.: I read your article explaining just how to hide my friends list from the public on Facebook.

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I assumed it was a great concept so I followed your instructions and hid mine, yet I simply discovered out that every one of my friends deserve to still see a list of the friends we have in common (i.e. our shared friends).

The problem is I’m friends with several human being who are jealous of one an additional and also they get upcollection bereason I’m friends through those civilization as well. And of course that makes ME upcollection.

Is tright here any type of way to hide the list of our mutual friends from the world I’m friends via on Facebook?

Rick’s answer: I definitely understand also your situation Ellen, yet unfortunately there’s no setting available that will prevent your Facebook friends from seeing who your shared friends are.

While you have the right to easily hide your whole friends list from strangers, Facebook won’t allow you to hide your shared friends list from the people you’re friends with.

And reality be told, also if you can hide your mutual friends that wouldn’t really proccasion your friends from figuring out which friends the two of you have actually in common. All they’d need to perform is look at your Timeline to watch who is interacting through your write-ups.

Many Facebook users have the privacy level for their articles set to “Friends” these days, and I’m guessing you more than likely have actually yours collection that means as well because you seem to be concerned around privacy (as well you need to be).

If you indeed have actually the privacy level for your articles collection to “Friends” then anyone that has actually communicated through any of the short articles on your Timeline have to obviously be your friend on Facebook.

Bottom line: While hiding your Facebook friends list from the public is an excellent principle (and I strongly recommend it), it really wouldn’t help all that a lot to hide your list of mutual friends from the civilization you’re friends through. Because of this, Facebook doesn’t even make that choice accessible.

I wish I had better news for you Ellen, but I’m afrassist I simply don’t. I wish you the extremely finest.

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Bonus tip: This post defines why there’s really no such point as privacy on Facebook.

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