Athletes and celebrities are several of the most renowned individuals ~ above the planet. Tabloids and also paparazzi track your whereabouts essentially every day, and fans save updated v the latest with what’s going on both on and also off the field. In general, athletes are much taller than the mean person. For this reason in this list, we’ll take a look at some of fans’ favourite players, and also their far-ranging others that aren’t quite as tall together their athlete partners!

Shaquille O’Neal and Laticia Rolle: 7’1 and 5’6

Longtime NBA facility Shaquille O’Neal is known for being one of the biggest humans in NBA background (and on the planet). The 7-foot-1 superstar overcame his competition for decades before eventually beginning a partnership with girlfriend Laticia Rolle. Just one thing: in ~ 7-foot-1, Shaq stood nearly two feet taller 보다 his girlfriend!


O’Neal and also Rolle to be a beautiful couple, however unfortunately, the large Diesel and also his girlfriend no last. At that point, O’Neal once again became a complimentary agent. Shaq has had actually a couple of girlfriends throughout the years, yet the discrepancy in height in between he and Rolle was certainly the many noticeable.

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Gerard Piqué and also Shakira: 6’4 and also 5’0

Some celebrity couples are simply so renowned that it’s challenging to figure out which one is more famous. This is just one of those couples, v Barcelona football star defender Gerard Piqué and also world-renowned music artist Shakira. One point that stand out with this pairing is just how much taller Piqué is than his wife.


At 6-foot-4, Pique towers over Shakira, that is surprisingly simply 5 feet tall! (Who knew the singer was so short?) The Barcelona defender is one of the taller players at his position, and also with a 16-inch difference in between he and his wife, it’s safe to say there’s a fair height distinction here.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson and Kelsey Henson: 6’9 and also 5’2

Björnsson may be finest known because that his function as Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in HBO’s Game of Thrones, but the renowned actor is also a professional strongman. In fact, the iceland strongman is the an initial person to have won the Arnold Strongman Classic, Europe’s strongest Man, and World’s Strongest guy in the exact same calendar year.


On his right is wife Kelsey Henson, whom he married in 2018. At 5-foot-2, she’s around average height. However Henson watch tiny beside her enormous husband, who measures in in ~ a staggering 6-foot-9. Björnsson appears to be bigger than life, and his wife’s lack of elevation exaggerates that also more.

Eric Johnson and also Jessica Simpson: 6’3 and 5’3

Famous singer Jessica Simpson is yet another celebrity come marry a tall athlete. In 2014, she married previous NFL tight finish Eric Johnson, who played because that the mountain Francisco 49ers and new Orleans Saints. That spent 7 years in the league and also even managed to score 7 touchdowns. Yet his greatest score was marrying Simpson.


Simpson stands in ~ 5-foot-3, which renders her exactly a foot shorter than Johnson, who 6-foot-3. That’s a pretty big difference in height between a husband and wife! The celebrity couple have had three children together come date, and as of 2019, they’re still going strong.

LeBron James and also Savannah Brinson: 6’8 and also 5’7

When most civilization think about LeBron James, his height is far from the first thing on your minds. Yet at 6-foot-8, James is just one of the tallest players in the NBA and one that the tallest human being on Earth. Compared to his mam Savannah Brinson, who measures above average at 5-foot-7, James looks prefer a giant!


With more than a foot in elevation separating the two, it’s for sure to to speak James is at sight tall. His height regularly goes unnoticed, v the consistent debate rather surrounding whether he is the biggest basketball player of all time, or simply the greatest of his generation.

Kris Humphries and also Kim Kardashian: 6’9 and also 5’3

One that the most infamous celebrity-athlete marriages of every time, the marriage in between former NBA player Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian it is long a mere 72 days. Humphries, who stands at 6-foot-9, spent more than a decade as one NBA huge man, however his marital relationship to Kardashian lasted less than 11 weeks.

With Kardashian measuring in at 5-foot-3, the pair had an 18-inch distinction in height. The celebrity has because gone on come marry rapper Kanye West, while Humphries has remained single. However, Kardashian’s former husband has actually been spotted on days with a model. Probably marriage might be in his future together well.

Lamar Odom and also Khloe Kardashian: 6’10 and 5’10

It seems previous NBA players and Kardashian sisters are the perfect formula because that a couple with a major height difference. Longtime Los Angeles Lakers front Lamar Odom married Khloe Kardashian all the means back in 2009. The two spent an ext than half a decade together, prior to eventually separating in 2016.

Odom is tall — even for an NBA player. Measure in at 6-foot-10, he’s exactly a foot taller than the 5-foot-10 Kardashian sister, that is pretty tall in her own right. Seeing them side by side, it’s straightforward to see what a foot distinction in height looks like in between two people.

Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere: 6’6 and 5’0

Former expert boxer Wladimir Klitschko stands in ~ 6-foot-6, i beg your pardon isn’t particularly tall because that this list. Yet standing next to his wife, Hayden Panettiere, he looks like a giant. It is largely due to the truth that Panettiere stand at simply 5 feet tall, providing the pair a height distinction of 18 inches.

Klitschko is among the most completed Ukrainian athletes of every time, and also his athletic job made that a celebrity. In fact, he’s come to be so well-known that he currently serves as the mayor of Kyiv. Klitschko continues to be the just heavyweight boxer to ever before reign as a champion in three different decades.

Carmelo Anthony and also La La Anthony: 6’8 and 5’6

Superstar NBA forward Carmelo Anthony has been a fixture in basketball because that decades, together he’s been just one of the many talented offensive players in the league. In 2010, he married La La Anthony, that is a TV personality, brand-new York Times best-selling author, and also actress. At 5-foot-6, she’s much more than a foot much shorter than her basketball-playing husband.

Heading right into the 2019-20 NBA season, it shows up as though the 6-foot-8 former star will certainly no longer be play NBA basketball. Yet regardless of whether Anthony is may be to mount a comeback, this power pair will for sure have large plans because that the future.

Tony Parker and also Eva Longoria: 6’2 and 5’2

Longtime mountain Antonio Spurs suggest guard Tony Parker and also actress Eva Longoria made rather the strength couple. But they likewise had a height distinction of exactly a foot, i m sorry is why they do the cut on this list. At 6-foot-2, Parker wasn’t a an especially tall NBA player. ~ all, he was a allude guard. Yet at 5-foot-2, Longoria is definitely petite.

Unfortunately, the love between Parker and Longoria didn’t last, as the two divorced in 2011. Since then, Longoria has remarried, and also Parker announced his retirement from expert basketball. Though they’re no much longer together, the time they spent as a pair is hard to forget.

Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams: 6’11 and 5’0

The 3rd member of the “Big 3” assembled in Miami, chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade and LeBron James to kind one that the most legendary trios in NBA history. Together, they winner championships in 2012 and 2013. Yet in 2011, he married Adrienne Williams, creating a pair with a significant difference in height. In ~ 6-foot-11, Bosh towers end his wife.

Williams, that stands just 5 feet tall, is a previous beauty pageant contestant and model. She might be 23 inches shorter than her husband, however that doesn’t protect against her. In enhancement to her previous success as a model, Williams is now additionally an achieved businesswoman.

Great Khali and Harminder Kaur: 7’1 and 5’9

“The great Khali” is the most successful Indian wrestler of all time. He spent time v the WWE native 2006 come 2014, towering end opponents and also dominating them in the ring. He likewise towers end his wife, Harminder Kaur, regardless of the truth that she is 5-foot-9. That’s because Khali is an tremendous 7-foot-1, giving the pair a height distinction of 16 inches.

Before his time in the WWE, Khali actually worked for the Punjab state police as an officer. His career has expanded past wrestling even further, together Khali has remained in multiple Hollywood and Bollywood shows, and also television shows.

André the Giant and Jean Christensen: 7’4 and also 5’8

Another all-time great wrestler, André the large lumbered right into the ring in ~ a chuck 7-foot-4. The French wrestler and actor was best known because that his function as Fezzik, the large in The Princess Bride, yet he likewise feuded with Hulk Hogan self at WrestleMania. He married Jean Christensen, but the pair never registered their marriage license in the unified States.

Christensen and also André the gigantic had a huge difference in height: 20 inches, to it is in exact. The pair had a child together, yet unfortunately they did not remain together for really long. Both members the this iconic couple have due to the fact that passed away, yet their respective traditions live on in their daughter, Robin.

Big Show and Bess Katramados: 7’0 and also 6’3

One the the many legendary wrestlers in the history of the sport, large Show is hard to miss. Measure up in at 7 feet tall, he generally towers over those about him. He’s so tall the he provides his partner, Bess Katramados, look at tiny! however Katramados is incredibly tall herself, standing at 6-foot-3.

Despite big Show’s huge stature, the elevation difference in between the members that this couple is only 9 inches. It is pretty surprising, considering the wrestler’s size. Yet again, the a testimony to just how tall Katramados is herself. The former model is the tallest mrs on this list, which makes this a true power couple!

Mark McGwire and also Stephanie Slemer: 6’5 and also unknown

Longtime St. Luigi Cardinals slugger note McGwire is one of the most notorious baseball football player of every time. The 6-foot-5 slugger ranking 11th all-time, with 583 residence runs transparent his baseball career. In 2002, he married Stephanie Slemer. Though her height is unknown, she shows up to it is in pretty tall! Nevertheless, McGwire is of course even taller.

This power pair definitely package a punch when it comes to height — and hitting baseballs. McGwire would certainly be a surefire room of Famer if it were no for his admitted steroid use. Despite it’s unclear whether he’ll end up in Cooperstown, McGwire in ~ the very least has a beautiful wife to come home to.

Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra: 6’7 and 5’3

Widely well-known for his strange antics on and off the court, Dennis Rodman is known around the people for being one of the most distinctive individuals in NBA history. Whether it’s the stunner haircuts, fashion trends, or friendships with people leaders, Rodman definitely marches to the win of his very own drum.

One moment of Rodman’s career that is frequently forgotten is his short marriage to Carmen Electra. The 6-foot-7 front towered end Electra, that is just 5-foot-2. Weird enough, Rodman filed because that an annulment nine days after they were married in ras Vegas. He states he was no of sound mind when he agreed to the wedding.

Joe Flacco and also Dana Grady: 6’6 and unknown

Super bowl champion quarterback Joe Flacco stands in ~ 6-foot-6, meaning he towers end pretty much anyone that isn’t a professional athlete. In 2011, that married Dana Grady, who looks favor she’s simply a bit much shorter than the longtime Baltimore Ravens QB. Despite her height is unknown, Grady shows up to be typical or below-average in height.

Nearly a te after he led the Ravens come a Super key victory, Flacco to be traded to the Denver Broncos. The couple has since moved their household to Denver, together Flacco looks come rekindle few of the magic he had actually in his 2013 Super bowl run with Baltimore.

Phil Mickelson and Amy Mickelson: 6’3 and also 5’5

Professional golfers aren’t normally known for their height. Most of the all-time good golfers room either median size, or even short. Yet one notable exemption is Phil Mickelson, who measures in in ~ 6-foot-3. Mickelson is tall, but he’s no NBA tall. But when he stands alongside his wife, Mickelson watch NBA tall.

Amy Mickelson is around 5-foot-5, which provides her husband look even taller. This pair has a exceptional 10-inch distinction in height, which is something many other golf couples do not have in common. Ten inches might not seem prefer much compared to various other couples ~ above this list, yet it’s nearly a foot! it is pretty surprising.

Kobe Bryant and also Vanessa Bryant: 6’6 and 5’5

One the the biggest scorers in NBA history, Kobe Bryant is somewhat surprisingly tall. Normally, NBA guards measure all over from 6 feet tall to 6-foot-3 or so. However at 6-foot-6, Bryant is among the tallest security of his generation. V his wife Vanessa through his side, the longtime Los Angeles Lakers star looks even taller.

By the time the 2 met, Bryant was currently a 21-year-old NBA superstar. Vanessa, meanwhile, was still in high school. They’ve been married because that nearly two decades and are still going solid today. And with 13 customs separating the two, there’s absolutely a difference in height!

Dirk Nowitzki and also Jessica Olsson: 7’0 and 5’9

Easily the finest German expert player to ever before grace the NBA game, Dirk Nowitzki is a difficult player come miss. The stands in ~ 7 feet tall, however Nowitzki quiet manages come play the game like a point guard. The 7-footer is married come 5-foot-9 Jessica Olsson. At 5-foot-9, Olsson definitely isn’t short. Yet she look at minuscule standing next to her 7-foot husband!

Nowitzki is an NBA legend and also a surefire hall of Famer as soon as he’s eligible. The huge man’s tremendous shooting touch is unparalleled for a player that his size. In part ways, his capability to shoot from exterior revolutionized the means forwards run in the modern NBA.

Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku: 6’7 and also 5’6

He can not it is in a household name, however Rick Fox was an integral duty player because that the early-2000s Los Angeles Lakers dynasty that took control of the NBA. The forward won 3 NBA championships and has since been very involved in endeavors outside of basketball. He has took pleasure in a long, effective acting career, and he owns his own esports organization called Echo Fox.

Having spent some time in Hollywood, that no surprised Fox’s previous girlfriend of 5 years would certainly be an actress. Eliza Dushku make Fox look at taller than he already is, v a 13-inch difference in between the 6-foot-7 Fox and 5-foot-6 Dushku.

Shawn Bradley and also Annette Evertson: 7’6 and also unknown

He definitely wasn’t one NBA legend, yet Shawn Bradley to be an unforgettable player in his very own right. Perhaps finest known for being the male who got dunked ~ above in superior fashion number of times, Bradley still managed to flourish into a shot-blocking force. Considering he’s 7-foot-6, that’s not a full surprise.

Bradley may be the only guy on earth who is taller 보다 his wife once he’s taking a knee. Despite her elevation isn’t noted publicly, Annette Evertson is estimated to be approximately 5-foot-3, which is certainly short. The would provide the couple a staggering height difference of 27 inches! That’s gained to height the list.

Kevin Garnett and Brandi Padilla: 6’11 and also unknown

The very first NBA player to be drafted right out of high college in 20 years, Kevin Garnett immediately became a superstar in the league. End 21 years in the NBA, he built a hall of Fame-caliber résumé on and off the court. In 2004, that voluntarily to let go the Olympic gamings to get married his wife, Brandi Padilla.

At 6-foot-11, Garnett was one of the NBA’s tallest players. Despite Padilla’s height isn’t publicly available, image of the pair together reveal that Garnett is at the very least a foot taller than his other half. Garnett has enjoyed a long and also successful marriage to Padilla, i beg your pardon is just as admirable together his success in the NBA.

Magic Johnson and also Earlitha Kelly: 6’9 and also 5’6

At 6-foot-9, Magic Johnson is the tallest allude guard in NBA history. The Los Angeles Lakers legend ended up being a basketball symbol throughout the 1980s and also eventually married Earlitha Kelly in 1991. The hall of call basketball player towers end his wife, that stands in ~ 5-foot-6. That’s a 15-inch difference in height!

Throughout the years, Johnson and also Kelly have actually stood by each other’s side, v all the ups and also downs — several of which have been uncomfortably public. Nearly twenty years into your marriage, it’s for sure to say this two have actually become an example for what professional athletes aspire come in a marriage.

Ivo Karlovic and also Alsi Karlovic: 6’11 and also unknown

A rarely tennis player to make the list, Ivo Karlovic stands at a shocking 6-foot-11. For a tennis player, that’s such an aberration it’s surprising Karlovic is a expert tennis player. He might well be the tallest tennis player of all time, which at his height doesn’t come as lot of a surprise.

Karlovic married his wife, Alsi, in 2005. Despite her elevation isn’t publicly available, it’s apparent that there’s a little bit of a distinction in height between the two. If her elevation was listed online, there’s a an excellent chance this could be one of the couples through the biggest distinction in elevation on the list!

Andrei Kirilenko and Masha Lopatova: 6’9 and unknown

A fixture in the Utah Jazz rotation throughout the at an early stage 2000s, Andrei Kirilenko was a 6-foot-9 little forward that was one of the league’s ideal defenders in ~ his position. Nicknamed “AK-47” due to the fact that of his initials and jersey number (47), the Russian NBA star eventually ended up being a household name transparent the league.

Kirilenko married Masha Lopatova, a celebrity in her own right and also a significant entrepreneur appropriate in the couple’s aboriginal Russia. She is a former recording artist and the founder that Fashion IQ. Lopatova herself is the daughter of a skilled basketball player, and also she finished up marrying one! Still, the 6-foot-9 Kirilenko provides his mam look pretty brief when they was standing side by side!

Nikolai Valuev and also Galina Valuev: 7’0 and also unknown

Imagine gaining into a boxing ring and also squaring off with an adversary who stand 7 feet tall and also has an 85-inch reach. Those room inhuman measurements, but that’s what opponents of Nikolai Valuev had actually to deal with in the ring. The huge professional boxer shows up larger 보다 life — specifically next come his other half.

Galina Valuev makes her husband Nikolai look massive, as if that wasn’t currently one that the best humans top top the planet. In fact, Valuev is so large that he retired in component due to severe bone and also joint problems. Despite his wife’s elevation is unknown, it’s noticeable Valuev is an ext than a foot taller than her.

Pau Gasol and also Silvia Lopez Castro: 7’0 and 5’10

Perhaps the finest Spanish pro basketball player in NBA history, Pau Gasol is among the NBA’s longest-tenured energetic players. The big man to be an unsung hero in the Los Angeles Lakers’ back-to-back championships in 2009 and also 2010. Because that a while, the 7-foot Gasol spent some time date Silvia Lopez Castro, that is a cheerleader for Dream Cheers.

Unfortunately, your time as a pair came come an end. Yet when they were together, they created a perfect height mismatch. The 7-foot Gasol made Castro, that stands in ~ an superior 5-foot-10, look at tiny! the unfortunate the couple is no much longer together, yet fortunately because that the big man, Gasol has since become engaged.

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy: 6’7 and also 5’9

When it involves tall soccer players, many of those guys typically man the net. Yet one rare exemption to that ascendancy is Peter Crouch. The 6-foot-7 British football player was not a goalie. In fact, he played forward. With such a height benefit over his opponents, Crouch would regularly receive the cross in prior of the net, which he’d shot to head right into the goal.

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In 2011, the English forward gained married to version Abbey Clancy, that stands in ~ 5-foot-9. With a 10-inch difference in height between the two, this pair was an noticeable lock to do the list. Plus, the pair make a yes, really good-looking couple!

Jared Pobre and Stacy Keibler: 5’8 and also 5’11

One exception on this list is Stacy Keibler. The former wrestler is renowned for her two-year connection with George Clooney, who was climate a perpetual bachelor. Later on on, however, Keibler walk on come marry Jared Pobre, who actions in at 5-foot-8.

But uneven with other couples top top this list, Keibler is actually the taller member the the couple! in ~ 5-foot-11, she has actually three inches on her husband. In fact, she’s simply as tall as he is as soon as she was standing a stair listed below his on a staircase! once crowned as the “World’s hottest Athlete,” Keibler is now a part of a beautiful couple.

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