Lia Marie Johnson is a young, beautiful and also gifted American actress, singer, and internet personality. Marie came right into the limelight throughout her at an early stage teenage years. She had actually a successful beforehand career that witnessed her rise to stardom at a young age. At part point, however, her surname hit the headlines as result of her troubling Instagram live streams. Execute you understand what occurred to the YouTuber?


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Lia Marie Johnson file summary

Birth name: Lia Marie JohnsonDate the birth: 23rd November 1996Place that birth: Wahiawa, Hawaii, united StatesAge: 24 year old (as the 2020)Zodiac sign: SagittariusSiblings: FiveOccupation: Actress, singer, YouTuberHeight: 5' 6" (1.68 m)Nationality: American

Lia Marie Johnson bio

The YouTuber to be born ~ above 23rd November 1996. Where is Lia Marie Johnson from? She was born in Wahiawa, Hawaii, in the unified States. She father supposedly served in the army. On the other hand, over there is tiny known around her mother.

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Later, Lia Marie Johnson parents relocated to Florida and later to southern California. Sadly, her parents separated for reasons famous to them.

She is the eldest in the household of six children – the star has 4 sisters and one brother. Their names room Katherine, Emma, Sammie, Lexy, and Tyler. Every one of them room her half-siblings other than Katherine. Lia’s mom remarried ~ the separation.


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Her enthusiasm for acting began at childhood. Growing up, she took component in talent shows. Similarly, she was energetic in the church. Often, she offered to execute church recitals.

Unlike part parents, she mother motivated her to go after her passion despite her age. Further, she helped her to develop a YouTube account in 2007. She then started to write-up her church, and also talent shows performances.

How old is Lia Johnson?

Lia Marie Johnson in ~ the Variety"s strength Of Young Hollywood at NeueHouse Hollywood in 2016. Photo: Steve GranitzSource: Getty Images

Lia Marie Johnson age is 24 as of 2020. Usually, the beauty, beauty is claimed to celebrate her birthdays on every 23rd that November.

Body measurements

She is amongst a couple of female celebrities blessed v perfect bodies. Lia Marie Johnson height is 5' 6”, which can be interpreted to 1.68 m. Also, she weighs 56 kg or 123.5 pounds.


Marie Johnson is amongst the young entertainers who started to gain success in the showbiz scene ideal from their teenage years. She rose to prominence at the age of 12 – as soon as she showed up on children React, a well Brothers entertainment weekly show.


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Lia deserve a duty on the display in 2010. She climate continued showing up on its spin-off shows, namely teens React and also YouTubers React. Further, Lia Marie Johnson kids React power earned she another attend to Fine brothers Entertainment. They offered her an chance to appear on that web show titled MyMusic whereby she play Rayna.

Later, she landed another duty in AwesomenessTV. In turn, her popularity continued to thrive tremendously. She went front to show up on numerous films and teenage television shows. Because that instance, Lia Marie Johnson Expelled Katie role was excellently portrayed.

Lia Marie Johnson movies and also TV shows

The actress has actually starred in numerous movies and TV mirrors you might want to watch. Several of her renowned TV shows are as follows:

When Weather Changed background (2008) - GranddaughterTim and also Eric awesome Show, good Job! (2009) - Lia JohnsonShattered Allegiance (2009) - daniel RourkeThe terminal (2010) - BethanyPulling Strings (2013) - AnnieSpirits (2012 – 2013) - Kaelyn FarrowMyMusic (2012 – 2014) - RaynaAwesomenessTV (2013 – 2014) - Comedian / various / terry the TomboySide impacts (2013 – 2015) - SusanT

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Lia Marie Johnson at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards v Samsung at MGM grand Garden Arena. Photo: Jesse Grant/BMA2015Source: Getty Images

Which is her favourite Lia Marie Johnson movie? below is a list of her notable movies:

I Do and I Don't (2009) - KimRehearsal (2011) - PennyNerd Wars! (2011) - DorisFinding Cody (2012) - LilliTerry the Tomboy (2014) - TerryThe Lady in the walls (2014) - BrandiExpelled (2014) - KatieEverything before Us (2015) - TiffThe Sound of Magic (2015) - StarAmerican Wrestler: The magician (2016) - Kristi LarsenEmma's opportunity (2016) - Meg BowlerBayou Caviar (2018) - KatThe Thinning: new World order (2018) - Ellie HarperLia Marie Johnson songs

Apart native acting, Johnson is a talented singer v an amazing voice. She has actually a few songs published songs under her name on YouTube. Several of them include:

RelapseOne and OnlyMoonflowerChampagneLove Me prefer You DoLike A GodUp all NightCold heart KillerMoment like YouDNA

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YouTube channel

The star has gathered many subscribers on she YouTube channel end the years. According to YouTube statistics, the channel was created in Dec 2007. At the moment of writing, it has actually over 1.76 million subscribers and 118.8 million total views.

In November 2016, she interviewed Obama, who is currently the retired chairman of the US. She common the interview on she channel.

What taken place to the YouTuber?

Lia Marie Johnson shows up to comment on "Tagged" during the AOL BUILD series at AOL HQ on July 19, 2016 in new York City. Photo: Donna WardSource: Getty Images

The YouTube star has actually been living an under-the-radar life for over 2 years now. She fans space concerned about her well-being, considering they used to view her often. She barely uploads videos on she YouTube channel. Why the lengthy break? One might ask.

Starting in 2017, pan noticed strange behaviours indigenous the star. First, she reduced her online presence. Second, she started to usage Instagram Live streams.

Early in 2020, she showed up drunk and also under the affect of medicine in among her Instagram live videos. She fans were came to by the correct changes, forcing them to intervene. For instance, Lia Marie Johnson drugs abuse resulted in some fans sending out the police to her residence.

In one Instagram live video, she is seen kissing an enlarge man. The identification of the male has since been created to it is in Steven Wetherbee, her previous music producer and also photographer. She also appeared intoxicated.

A voice the a male is heard top top the background questioning her whether she is top top Instagram or not. When he notices she is on Instagram, the takes the phone ending the live video. The guy is also heard saying,

Lia, I need this to no go out due to the fact that it will impact my work.Alleged partnership with Steve Wetherbee

Later, some human being recognized the voice the the man. The bulk of castle were persuaded that the voice to be Wetherbee’s. After the video clip surfaced online, he deleted Lia’s photos indigenous his Instagram page. He also deleted his social media accounts.

Steven Wetherbee has actually not commented on anything about his partnership with the 24-year-old girl. The YouTube sensation has actually not spoken on the subject, either, and these days she is quite inactive online.

Steve owns gold Track record Studios. The studio started managing Lia indigenous as at an early stage as 12 year old. In other words, she has actually been under his treatment for the longest time before the event occurred.

Apart indigenous abusing drugs, some people likewise alleged the she was dealing with mental health issues. Besides, in among her Instagram live streams, she pointed out that she had schizophrenia. She also contemplated committing suicide.

Has she remained in a rehab program? Lia Marie Johnson rehab speculations space yet to be verified. However, numerous of her fans would certainly love the DNA hitmaker to take into consideration the option since they want her earlier on the screens.

Who is Lia Marie Johnson boyfriend?

Johnson has remained in one shown relationship. She dated started dating JC Caylen, a fellow YouTuber, in 2014. Unfortunately, Lia Marie Johnson and also JC Caylen broke up after 2 years that dating.

Lia Marie Johnson network worth

Singer Trevor Moran (L) and actress Lia Marie Johnson to visit the 2015 Billboard Music Awards with Kia electric motors at MGM grand Garden Arena. Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/BMA2015Source: Getty Images

Johnson is among the wealthiest young people in the showbiz scene. She took pleasure in a effective acting career in between 2012 and 2016, appearing in end 13 movies and also TV shows.

Her YouTube channel was likewise doing exemplary fine judging from the number of views; she likewise uploaded contents regularly. However, as of 2020, her network worth is maybe under review.

Indeed, Lia Marie Johnson is an extraordinarily talented young lady. She increased to prestige at a young age. Regardless of the challenges, she already has a many to display for her short career in the showbiz scene. Obviously, many of she fans would certainly love to view her return to the sector as soon as possible.

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The 67-year-old has likewise appeared in several other films and also TV shows. Few of them incorporate Skyjacked (1972) together Elly Brewster, Avenged (1998) together Margo, Bed that Lies (1992) as Vickie Daniel, and also Hawaii Five-O (1975) together Susan Bradshaw. Together of 2020, she has a network worth of $10 million.


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