Genre- AlternativeYear Began- 2001Members (Past and Present)-T.J. Kunasch – guitar, backing vocals(2001–2002)Brandon Hamm – guitar, backing vocals(2002)Ben climbed – drums, percussion(2001)Mike Pareskuwicz – drums, percussion(2001–2003)Patrick Stump– lead vocals, piano(2001–present); guitar(2002–present)Joe Trohman– guitar, backing vocals(2001–present)Pete Wentz– bass, backing vocals(2001–present)Andy Hurley– drums, percussion(2003–present)

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Patrick StumpBirthplace- IllinoisBirthday- April 27, 1984Zodiac Symbol- TaurusHeight- 5" 5"Eye Color- Green

Joe TrohmanBirthplace- FloridaBirthday- September 1, 1984Zodiac Symbol- VirgoHeight- 5" 10"Eye Color- Blue

Pete WentzBirthplace- IllinoisBirthday- June 5, 1979Zodiac Symbol- GeminiHeight- 5" 6"Eye Color- Dark Brown

Andy HurleyBirthplace- WisconsinBirthday- may 31, 1980Zodiac Symbol- GeminiHeight- 5" 7"Eye Color- Dark Brown

Fall out Boy"s night Out with Your girl friend (2003)Honorable MentionCalm before the StormSwitchblades and also InfidelityPretty in PunkGrowing UpThe World"s not Waiting (For Five exhausted Boys in a damaged Down Van)Short, Fast, and also LoudMoving PicturesParker Lewis Can"t shed (But I"m Gonna provide It My finest Shot)
Take This to your Grave (2003)Tell that Mick He simply Made MY perform of points to carry out TodayDead top top ArrivalGrand Theft Autumn/Where is your BoySaturdayHomesick at an are CampSending Postcards indigenous a airplane Crash (Wish You to be Here)Chicago is So 2 Years earlier (feat. Justin Pierre)The Pros and Cons of BreathingGrenade Jumper (feat. Jeff Warren)Calm before the StormReinventing the Wheel to operation Myself OverThe Patron Saint that Liars and FakesRoxanne (Director"s reduced Bonus Track)
My heart Will always Be the B-Side to my Tongue EP (2004)My heart is the Worst kind of Weapon (Acoustic)It"s not a Side result of the Cocaine, ns Am thinking It need to Be LoveNobody Puts infant in the edge (Acoustic Demo)Love will Tear us ApartGrand Theft Autumn/Where is Your boy (Acoustic)
From Under the Cork Tree (2005)Our Lawyer make Us adjust the name of This song So we Wouldn"t acquire SuedOf every the Gin Joints in all the WorldDance, DanceSugar, We"re Goin" DownNobody Puts baby in the CornerI"ve got a Dark Alley and also a poor Idea That states You should Shut your Mouth (Summer Song)7 minute in heaven (Atavan Halen)Sophomore Slump or Comeback the the YearChampagne for My real Friends, real Pain because that My Sham FriendsI Slept v Someone in autumn Out Boy and also All I obtained Was This Stupid track Written about MeA tiny Less sixteen Candles, a Little much more "Touch Me"Get liven Living or get Busy dice (Do Your part to conserve the Scene and Stop Going to Shows)XOSnitches and Talkers obtain Stitches and Walkers (Black Clouds and also Underdogs edition Track)The Music or the Misery (Black Clouds and Underdogs edition Track)My love Is The Worst kind of Weapon (Demo) (Black Clouds and also Underdogs edition Track)
Infinity top top High (2007)Thriller (feat. Jay-Z)"The take it Over, the division Over"This Ain"t a Scene, It"s an arms RaceI"m favor a Lawyer v the method I"m always Trying to acquire You off (Me & You)Hum HallelujahGoldenThnks fr th MmrsDon"t You recognize Who i Think ns Am?The (After) Life of the PartyThe Carpal Tunnel the LoveBang the DoldrumsFame You"re Crashing, however You"re No WaveI"ve got All This Ringing in my Ears and also None On my FingersG.I.N.A.S.F.S. (UK Bonus Track)It"s tough to say "I Do" once I Don"t (U.S. And Japan Bonus Track)
Folie a Deux (2008)Lullabye (Pregap concealed Track)Disloyal bespeak of Water BuffaloesI Don"t CareAmerica"s SuiteheartsHeadfirst Slide right into Cooperstown top top a poor BetThe (Shipped) gold Standard(Coffee"s because that Closers)What a Catch, Donnie27Tiffany Blews (feat. Lil Wayne)w.a.m.s.20 Dollar sleep Bleed (feat. Brendon Urie)West coast SmokerPavlove (Deluxe Version)Beat that (feat. Man Mayer) (Deluxe Version)
PAX am Days EP (2013)We were Doomed native the start (The King is Dead)Art of maintaining Up DisappearancesHot come the Touch, Cold ~ above the InsideLove, Sex, DeathEternal SummerDemigodsAmerican MadeCaffeine ColdNew dreams (7" Vinyl Bonus Track)
Save Rock and also Roll (2013)The PhoenixMy Songs understand What girlfriend Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)Alone TogetherWhere did the Party GoJust One Yesterday (feat. Foxes)The Mighty loss (feat. Huge Sean)Miss missing YouDeath ValleyYoung ValcanoesRat a Tat (feat. Courtney Love)Save Rock and also Roll (feat. Elton John)
American Beauty/American Psycho (2015)IrresistibleAmerican Beauty/American PsychoCenturiesThe kids Aren"t AlrightUma ThurmanJet load BluesNovocaineFourth of JulyFavorite RecordImmortalsTwin Skeleton"s (Hotel in NYC)
On CompilationsSave her Generation (Jawbreaker cover) - fromBad Scene, Everyone"s Fault: Jawbreaker Tribute(2003)Yule Shoot your Eye the end - fromA Santa Cause: It"s A Punk rock Christmas(2003)Roxanne - fromPolicia: A Tribute come The Police(2005)On SoundtracksStart now (Gorilla Biscuits cover) - indigenous the soundtrackTony Hawk"s American Wasteland(2005)As Featured ArtistBack To earth by Steve AokiOne & only by TimbalandPerformed LiveLet"s acquire It ~ above (Marvin Gaye cover) -performed live in concertSo sick (Ne-Yo cover) - carry out on BBC Radio 1"s Live LoungeUnreleasedHomesick At space Camp (Remix)Austin, We have A difficulty (Leaked Online)Hand the God (heard top top the Clandestine industries DVD Release the Bats)This Ain"t a Scene, It"s an Arms race (Remix) (featuring Kayne West, Travis McCoy, Tyga, Lupe Fiasco, Paul Wall, Skinhead Rob, and Lil Wayne)Gone YesterdayAlpha Dog

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America"s Sweethearts (Demo/Snippet)American BoyAndy Hurley drum SoloBasket CaseBelievers never DieBetter with A Pen (Fame much less Than Infamy)Catch Me If you CanDance, run (Demo)Don"t MatterFellowship the The NerdFormula for LoveFrom currently On We are EnemiesGinasfs 320 LameGreat RomanceI Don"t care (Cobra Starship Suave Suarez Remix)I write Sins not TragediesLake result KidLove LockdownStar 67/IntroThe good EscapeTime after TimeTruth harms WorseTurnpike GatesUntitledWe Don"t take Hits, We compose ThemWhat"s This?You CharlatanYoung and Restless