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What does judge Karen execute for a living?Who room Judge Karen’s parents and siblings?What are Judge Karen’s interests and also hobbies?Is judge Karen married or does she have actually a boyfriend?Does referee Karen have any kind of children?Where is referee Karen now?How tall is judge Karen?How lot money does referee Karen earn?What is judge Karen’s net worth?

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Who is Karen Mills Francis?

Karen Mills Francis is one American previous county court judge and also criminal defense lawyer in Florida. She is likewise known together a television personality where she is seen presiding end her very own court shows. She is the judge of TV’s syndicated reflects Judge Karen and Judge Karen’s Court.

Judge Karen practiced regulation for 13 years both because that the state in the Office of the public Defender, and also in exclusive practice. She later came to be a website traffic Magistrate in 1998 hearing non-criminal web traffic cases. In 2000, she made decision to run for the judgeship being pushed by the lack of diversity in the court system. Referee Karen won her very first election by overthrowing a longtime incumbent and she became the second black woman to serve on the bench in Miami-Dade County.

Mills-Francis was chosen twice come the position of Miami-Dade county Judge. She make it she mission to assistance those who space at danger of obtaining lost in the legitimate system.

Judge Karen Show

Karen-Mills offered as the hold of one American arbitration-based reality court present that aired in first-run syndication. Judge Karen debuted on September 8, 2008, in 48 the the peak 50 U.S. Markets. Mills-Francis did not wear the traditional black robe, yet instead a burgundy one.


A photo of referee Karen Mills Francis

She permitted litigants come cross-examine witnesses, with a segment at the finish in which she answers videotaped questions from viewers to distinguish itself from various other shows in the crowded field. ~ above 10 January 2009, it was announced the the show would not be renewed because that a 2nd season. Referee Karen’s reruns are but being televised on the bet Network and TV One network.

How Old Is referee Karen Mills Francis?

Judge Karen is 60 years old as of 2020 having been born ~ above 11 respectable 1960 in Miami, Florida, USA. She shares her birthday with famous human being such as Lauren Riihimaki, Chris Hemsworth, Adi Fishman, Jazzy Anne, Niyahgotnaps, Eliza Minor, Savannah Chrisley, Hulk Hogan, amongst others.

Karen Mills Francis Family

Who room Karen Mills Francis’s parents?

Karen was born the earliest child in a family of four children to Andrea Mills. She has actually a granny Elvira McKinney and likewise a niece Veronica Mills-Raymond.

Does Karen Mills Francis have siblings?

Judge Karen has three younger siblings. Judge Karen’s secretive nature has displayed up in her an individual life. She has managed to store her family background very private. In case there is news regarding her parents and siblings, we shall update it here as shortly as possible.

Karen Mills Francis Education

Mills-Francis graduated as the valedictorian of she high college class. She got her college education at the reputation Bowdoin college in Maine. She was on a complete scholarship and additionally spent summers examining at the university of Wisconsin. In 1987, she i graduated from the Levin institution of law at the university of Florida.

Karen Mills Francis Husband

According to some sources, Karen had a husband who was Jamaican but later the died. On her love life matters, judge Karen is viewed as a person who hates drama and also loves her privacy. She has managed to save her marriage/dating life low-key and leaving numerous with a the majority of unanswered questions. In instance there is any type of news regarding this matter, we shall update it right here as soon as possible.

Karen Mills Francis Kids

Judge Karen ended up being a foster mom to a child she an initial encountered in her court. Repeatedly, she has actually opened increase her residence to those in need.

Karen Mills Francis Height

Her elevation is not yet disclosed.

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Judge Karen Mills Francis network Worth

Judge Karen has earned significantly through her law and also television career. However, her net worth is not yet disclosed to the public. In case there is any kind of news about her net worth, us shall update it right here as soon as possible.