Axels personality arc is one of the best parts that Kingdom Hearts" narrative. V so much going on, a many gets shed in the shuffle.

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Kingdom Hearts has had actually a many of an excellent characters transparent the games. Together the franchise is a crossover in between Disney and Square Enix properties, fan favorite Final Fantasy and The civilization Ends through You heroes and villains have appeared throughout the games while a lot of Disney"s most beloved personalities have played an essential part in the series.

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However, over there are also many original characters that are simply as great, through Axel being one of them. He has had a the majority of character development throughout the games, going native a ceo to among the key heroes. Here are ten points players need to know about him.

10 He thrived Up In Radiant Garden

when he to be young, Axel was known as Lea and also lived in Radiant Garden, among the many important human beings in the series. A most the original and Final Fantasy characters live here, such together Kairi, Ansem, Leon, and also Aerith. However, Lea didn"t know them the well and spent most of his time v his finest friend earlier then, Isa. In Birth by Sleep, the 2 met Ventus and after a friendly battle, Lea ended up being friends v him.

Saix and also Axel
Lea and also Isa regularly tried to sneak within of hollow Bastion, the lock in Radiant Garden. When they ultimately got inside, lock met a secret girl that was gift experimented on. She forgot who she was, gift only known as subject X (though many fans speculate the she is Skuld from Union X). Lea and also Isa were determined to save her and became apprentices to Ansem the Wise, the king that Radiant Garden, yet she had actually gone missing and the 2 haven"t watched her in a decade.

Organization XIII members
after Xehanort, among Ansem"s various other apprentices, betrayed your leader, he created Organization XIII. All of Ansem"s apprentices, including Lea and also Isa, join the group and also became nobodies. They were given brand-new names that changed the letters of the original names about with one X included in, turning Lea right into Axel.

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He and also Saix knew that they would have actually to show up as faithful members of the organization if lock were ever before going to find out what happened to topic X and also played their parts well for a really long time.

Axel in lock Oblivion
The an initial game that Axel showed up in was Chain the Memories. This video game is a direct sequel to the initial title. Sora, Donald, and also Goofy visited Castle Oblivion, the organization"s 2nd base, and encountered few of the members in the group, v Axel being among them. The organization combated the heroic trio therefore Axel appeared to it is in an antagonist. However, the was also helpful in ~ times, which is why fans became so interested in his character best away.

The various other members of the organization that went to castle Oblivion were Marluxia, Larxene, Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus. Before they went, Axel learned the there were traitors among them and that he was to make sure they didn"t return. Though only Marluxia and also Larxene were the ones the planned top top betraying the group, Axel to be the just one come return. In order to trick Marluxia and Larxene, the pretended to it is in on your side and burned Vexen alive. He also had Riku Replica defeat Zexion. Lexaeus was defeated by the really Riku and Sora, Donald, and also Goofy beat the traitors.

Roxas and Xion joined the organization a small bit prior to Axel went to Castle Oblivion. He acquired to know Roxas because that a while but the three only started hanging out every day after Axel"s return. After completing their day-to-day missions that the company sent them on, castle would accomplish up in ~ Twilight Town and eat ice cream cream together. However, Roxas and Xion to be both parts of Sora and he needed them in order to be whole. Once they went back to him, Axel shed his friends.

all of the members in the company were led to think that castle didn"t have actually hearts. However, this was a lie that Xemnas told castle in stimulate to revolve them into Xehanort, together this was his actual goal.

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Axel was constantly somewhat suspiciously of this lie together he did have actually emotions and thought the Roxas had actually a heart together well. He was amused by the events going ~ above in Chain of Memories, angry once he began to shed his friends, and sad as soon as they were completely out of his life.

In Dream fall Distance, fans uncovered out the Axel had a keyblade. After ~ Sora and Riku"s note of Mastery test ended and Master Yen Sid happen Riku, Axel told him the he"d record up in no time and showed them the he could now wield a keyblade too. However, he still had actually a lot to learn and also had trouble summoning it, i beg your pardon is why that didn"t usage it till the really end of the game. He"s improved since but is nowhere close to as expert as most that his friends.

once Axel and also Kairi first met, they go not acquire along. He treated she terribly and she to be shocked when she uncovered out the he had changed. However, together Kairi is additionally one of the newest keyblade wielders, master Yen Sid sent out the two of them come train together with Merlin together their teacher. During this time, lock bonded and became nearby friends, v him tho feeling negative for what he had done.

in ~ the finish of Kingdom understanding III, Axel and his new comrades fought against Organization XIII. During this battle, Roxas and Xion returned, which fans had been wanting because that years and also were dazzling to ultimately see. They had to fight versus Saix, who, after gift defeated, admitted the he feeling abandoned and also was jealousy of Axel for making brand-new friends. Knowledge why lock grew far-off from every other and also wanting to make things right, Saix and also Axel have actually forgiven every other and also hangout at Twilight Town v Roxas and also Xion, as well as Hayner, Pence, and also Olette, three of Roxas" friends from Twilight Town. Now, fans room hoping the he will finally find Subject X.

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