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Star wars Character AgesHow old is Luke Skywalker in The critical Jedi? exactly how old space Han and also Lando in the Solo movie? just how old room Rey and Kylo Ren in The increase of Skywalker? all the answers are right here!Ages and also birthdates are based on Lucasfilm or Lucasfilm-licensed sources. Where no an exact age is easily accessible from the new canon (after the 2014 increased universe reboot), eras from pre-2014 Legends resources are used. Many ages native Legends have actually been shown in the brand-new canon, for this reason the rest are most likely to be exactly too.In instances where new canon sources straight contradict the Legends sources, both execution are given in different rows.Characters are listed in alphabetical order by what i think civilization usually speak to them. If friend can"t uncover the personality you"re spring for, you can use the "Find in page" duty of your web browser to search for that (CTRL + F on home windows computers).Like the Star battles Character period Table? check out my Star Wars publication List, with side-by-side timelines of Legends and brand-new Canon novels!
CharacterBirthdateAge in...
(alphabetical order by an initial name or title)(years after illustration IV)Episode IThe Phantom MenaceEpisode IIAttack the the ClonesEpisode IIIRevenge of the SithSoloA Star battles StoryEpisode IVA new Hope(+ Rogue One)Episode VThe realm Strikes BackEpisode VIReturn that the JediEpisodes VII-VIIIThe pressure Awakens& The last JediEpisode IXThe climb of Skywalker
Admiral AckbarBefore -52>20>30>33>42>52>55>56>86
Anakin Skywalker / Darth VaderCanon: age according to post-2014 sources-419192231414445
Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader (Legends)Legends: period according come pre-2014 sources-42*9*202332424546
Boba Fett-32101322323536
C-3PO-32 or before**0+10+13+22+32+35+36+66+67+
Captain PhasmaAbout -5~5~8~9
Count Dooku-102708083
Darth Maul-5422323544
General Hux00343435
Grand Moff Tarkin-643242455464
Han Solo (Canon)Age according to post-2014 sourcesAbout -32~0~10~13~22~32~35~36~66
Han Solo (Legends)Age follow to pre-2014 sources-297101929323363
Jabba the Hutt-600568578581590600603604
Jango Fett-663444
Jar seasoned Binks-52203033425255568687
Jyn Erso-2121121
Kylo Ren (Ben Solo)52930
Lando Calrissian-31912213134356566
Leia Organa (Princess/General Leia)-19†091922235354
Luke Skywalker-19†0919222353
Mace Windu-72405053
Maz Kanata-97394195195496397397697710071008
Mon Mothma-46142427364649508485
Obi-Wan Kenobi-572535384757
Padmé Amidala-46142427
Palpatine (Darth Sidious)-8250606372828586116117
Poe Dameron223233
Qui-Gon Jinn (Canon)Age according to post-2014 sourcesAbout -80~48
Qui-Gon Jinn (Legends)Age according to pre-2014 sources-9260
R2-D2Before -32?>10>13>22>32>35>36>66>67
Rose Tico+112324
Shmi Skywalker-724050
Snap (Temmin) Wexley-1111114154546
SnokeBefore -19???>9>19>22>23>53
Wedge Antilles-212112124255556
*According come sources released at the time the prequels came out, Anakin to be 20 in illustration II, but 9 in illustration I, i beg your pardon took ar ten years earlier. The explanation for this was that he rotate ten appropriate after illustration I, and the two movies are actually around ten years and also one month apart. However, in more recent sources, his birth date has been set at 41 years prior to the fight of Yavin, implying that his age in illustration II and also subsequent story is one year less than previously thought.**Older sources say that C-3PO was constructed 112 years prior to the fight of Yavin, yet this is apparently disproven in episode I. However, it could still be true indigenous a particular point of view; Legends resources say Anakin built C-3PO greatly from parts of a trashed protocol droid manufactured 80 year before.†Older sources placed Luke and Leia at either 18 or two decades old at the moment of episode IV, yet we now understand that they room born in episode III, i m sorry takes areas 19 years before.
Star Wars and also its derivative media are residential property of Lucasfilm Ltd., a subsidiary the The Walt Disney Company.

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