You"ve itemized her wedding budget plan down come the last cent. But with all the number tallied increase you can be forget a costly, yet necessary, expense: Tips!

Your wedding merchants are instrumental to the success the your huge day, and if they meet—or exceed—your expectations you"re walking to desire to prize them! But which vendors should you tip? and also how much? and when? We recognize it"s confusing, for this reason we"ve put together a handy-dandy overview to tipping your vendors.

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Now without more ado... Behold ours Wedding merchant Tipping Guide arranged by whether tips room expected, included, or optional, and also then in alphabetical order by vendor. (We"re just a small Type-A.)

Expected Tips:

Delivery + Setup Sure, you might have currently paid a "delivery fee", however it"s customary to reminder the people delivering and/or setting up your wedding cake, flowers, tent, or larger rentals.

How much? $5–$20 every person, depending upon the intricacy of the setup.When? upon delivery. If you"d like, girlfriend can offer the tip envelopes to her on-site coordinator or catering manager prior to the wedding day so they can distribute them.

OfficiantEven despite this tip is in the "expected" category, the doesn"t have to be cash. Actually, many spiritual officiants won"t expropriate a cash tip. And officiants within the government, such together a judge, may be legally prohibited from agree one! Here"s how to handle this:

How much? $50–$100 guideline or a $100–$500 donation to their church, synagogue, or house of worship.When? at the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner. A little gift would certainly be a quite token of many thanks as well—especially if your officiant is actually one of your friends!

Makeup artist / HairstylistsStandard "salon visit" reminder rules apply. You"ll desire to tip the stylists that do the bridal party"s hair and also makeup together well.

How much? 15–20%When? after ~ you gain your makeup and also hair did done.

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Optional Tips:

Coordinator / Wedding PlannerAlthough your wedding planner doesn"t intend a tip, you can always administer one if she or he went above and past for you!

How much? 15–20% of your fee, as much as $500 cash or a quite gift!When? in ~ the end of the reception, or ~ above return from her honeymoon.

DJ / MusiciansConsider tipping her ceremony, cocktail hour, agree musicians, and/or DJ for a task well done. And also don"t forget around the sound technicians, if applicable.

How much? Here"s a basic guideline:Ceremony Musicians: 15% of the consciousness music fees or $15–$25 every musician.Reception Band: $25–$50 every musician.DJ: 10–15% that the total bill or $50–$150.When? After their performance.

Photo Booth AttendantThey"re handing out props, encouraging human being to "say cheese", and interacting through the kiddos. If they"ve done a stand-up job, you may want to include them in the guideline count.

How much? $50–$100 depending on the duration of your reception and variety of guests.When? in ~ the end of the reception.

Photographer + VideographerIf the photographer/videographer owns their business, a reminder isn"t mandatory; yet again, you might want to provide one as a token of your appreciation. And if there space any second shooters or assistants, it"s considerate to tip them together well.

How much? $50–$200 each or a nice gift!When? in ~ the end of the reception, or upon return from your honeymoon.

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Don"t stress, girlfriend sweet thang... We"re in this together!

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