Top 10 richest Outdoor/Adventure display Hosts The means we watch nature shows has actually definitely readjusted over the years. Year ago, we used to be required to clock a show illustrating various species of animals living in the herbal environment and listen t


The way we watch nature shows has definitely readjusted over the years. Years ago, we supplied to be required to clock a show showing various varieties of pets living in the organic environment and listen to part English man tell united state what they were and what they were doing. Then every little thing changed. All of sudden this was no longer the way to learn around nature. The city hall public want something more intense and much much more entertaining.

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This brought about the genre the television known as Outdoor/Adventure TV. These are reflects that educate the public on various facets of the outdoors, if still maintaining a high level that excitement. The hosts of this programs are generally some of the many memorable characters on TV.

Whether they space out hunting, traveling, fishing, or just surviving the elements, we always find ourselves watching and also wishing we might do something favor that. These reflects tend to catch our imagination and also instill a brand-new level of respect for mother Nature that us did not have actually prior come viewing. Because that these skills and ratings, television channels are willing to pay this hosts a nice penny. Plenty of of these human being just began out act something castle loved. Then every one of a sudden, they to be millionaires. An ext than most likely they would have done this stuff for free.

9 Andrew Zimmern -- net Worth: $5 million

You may know him merely as the male who eats all that gross ingredient on TV. Andrew Zimmern is the hold of take trip Channel’s Bizarre Foods. Zimmern, a master chef by trade, travels across the civilization in search of few of the strangest foods other cultures have come offer. In order to find these foods, most of the time he is required to travel way off the to win path. Prior to hosting Bizarre Foods, Zimmern was a high quality chef in brand-new York City who ended up being homeless as result of a drug and also alcohol addiction. He turned his life around and went from rags to gift worth an approximated $5 million.

8 Les Stroud -- network Worth: $5 million

Following an unsuccessful music career, Les Stroud began to focus his fist on his love that the outdoors. One day he took a canoe trip through Temagami and started working as a canoe tour guide. The soon ended up being an experienced in wilderness survive skills. He take it those skills to outdoor Life Network and also started the present Survivorman. This present features Stroud being put out in the center of nowhere and also being forced to endure off his surroundings. He has also produced many other reflects for assorted networks including discovery Channel, scientific research Channel, and YTV. He is precious an estimated $5.5 million.

7 be affected by each other Grylls -- net Worth: $6 million

6 bill Jordan -- network Worth: $10 million

Bill Jordan is most recognized for beginning the agency Realtree. Realtree is a brand that camouflage clothing for hunters. He used his success in the hunting outfitters business to begin a heat of residence videos ~ above hunting called Monster Buck. He automatically began making guest appearance on miscellaneous nature shows. Jordan now has actually his own show on the the end Life Network referred to as Realtree Outdoors. Jordan’s various hunting businesses have actually earned him simply over $10 million.

5 Phil Robertson and Family -- net Worth: $15 million

It was just a issue of time prior to the Duck Dynasty family would present up on the list. Phil Robertson turned his passion for the outdoors into a multi-million-dollar company, Duck Commander. Currently he and his household are precious an approximated $15 million. Phil has actually retired and handed the agency over come his son, CEO Willie Robertson. Duck Dynasty is currently the greatest rated present ever aired on A&E.

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4 Ted Nugent -- network Worth: $20 million

3 Mike Rowe -- net Worth: $35 million


2 Jeff Probst -- network Worth: $40 million

1 Terri Irwin -- net Worth: $66 million

Terri Irwin was component of the twosome that released the outdoors/adventure genre the television. Along with her so late husband Steve, Terri was the co-host of animal Planet’s The Crocodile Hunter. The show was extremely successful as result of Steve’s lovable persona and passion for animals. In 2006, Steve Irwin tragically passed far after being i stabbed it by a stingray. The display ended, but Terri still dedicates her time come wildlife conservation initiatives throughout Australia. In 2006, she was called a Member that the Australian order for her contributions to wildlife conservation. She is worth an approximated $66 million, but donates a great portion of she incomes to ecological causes.