There are approximately 48 Nestle Toll house morsels of cacao chips in an ounce. Adjust the brand, type of chocolate, or size of chips and also the count will be different.

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Have you ever pulled out a cooking recipes that called for 1-ounce squares of chocolate only to find you have actually no baking coco in the house?

Don’t worry. If you have a bag of coco chips and also you know how many coco chips in one ounce, you room set. You deserve to use chocolate chips in location of a baking cacao bar.

Being the end of baking cacao happened come me one too plenty of times. So, ns pulled out my kitchen scale to figure out exactly how many chocolate chips in one ounce.

I plopped a grasp of Nestle Toll house semi-sweet coco chips ~ above the scale. Ns kept including chocolate chips till the screen read one oz (28 grams). Then ns counted the chocolate chips. There are about 48 chocolate chips in one ounce of semi-sweet morsels.

Why am ns approximating rather of declaring the specific numbers? You wanted precise, no you?

Three points will always influence the counting of cacao chips. Brand differences, kind of chocolate, and the size of the chocolate chips. This variations make precision difficult without a kitchen scale.


You may also be interested in variety of chocolate chips in a tablespoon or just how many coco chips in a cup. But remember, measure up by weight is the most precise way to measure cacao chips.


Breaking News: cacao Chip Brands room All Different


Nestle Toll house semi-sweet morsels are the most typical brand of coco chips offered in the united States. Over 78 million of us buy this brand and also use the in our favourite baking recipes.

However, it’s no surprised that each cacao chip manufacturer uses their own distinctive molds come make coco chips. Since the molds room different, the coco chips space different. They are not similar in size or appearance.

Some morsels are plumper, if others space taller. Each brand adds a various amount the cocoa butter to their coco chips. This too can affect the weight.

Ingredient variations and unique molds impact the variety of chocolate chips in one ounce.

You may additionally be interested in how to melt cacao chips in the microwave. Girlfriend will uncover that various sizes of chocolate chips have different melting times.

Milk vs Semi-Sweet vs Dark vs White coco


To do it even an ext confusing, different varieties of chocolate additionally have various weights. Milk chocolate morsels weigh much less than semi-sweet chocolate chips. And semi-sweet cacao chips weigh less than dark cacao chips.

That means you require a couple of more semi-sweet coco chips than dark coco chips to with an ounce. And also you will require still more milk chocolate chips for a complete ounce.

What around white coco chips? They are lighter 보다 all the other cacao chips, so setup on counting out a few more the white chips to reach an ounce.

But perform not worry. Weight fluctuations in the chocolate chips an outcome in insignificant distinctions in most recipes.

Chip Size and also Shape


Chocolate chips come in a selection of shapes and sizes. Think mini morsels, constant chips, jumbo morsels, chunks, and wafers.

The smaller the morsel, the much more chips you should reach one ounce. The opposite is true for big morsels. Larger morsels are heavier, so you need much less of them to obtain an ounce.

To obtain the many correct information, i took a sampling the sizes and also brands and also weighed one oz of each. Then i counted the chocolate chips.

Ready to uncover out just how many cacao chips in an ounce of various sized cacao chips?

Simple monitoring Study: The Essentials


I lugged the adhering to items come the observational study.

Oxo kitchen scale. My kitchen scale measures ounces come the nearest 8th portion increments. (⅛, ¼, ⅜, ½, ⅝, ¾, ⅞, 1). It likewise weighs in grams in increments that 1 gram.Background knowledge. There room 28.35 grams every ounce. One ounce of coco chips equals around 28 grams of chocolate chips. Toggling in between ounce and also gram boosted the precision of the coco chip weight.

I measured every brand two times top top the exact same day. Both dimensions were native the exact same bag of coco chips. Here are my results.

Chocolate Chip SizeNumber of coco Chips in 1 Ounce
Mini morsels302 mini chocolate chips
Standard size48 standard chocolate chips
Jumbo chips31 jumbo coco chips
Chocolate chunks22 chocolate chunks
Chocolate wafers13 wafers
Unsweetened cacao chips184 cacao chips

How Many coco Chips in an oz of Semi-Sweet Morsels?

Nestle Toll house semi-sweet morsels room the most usual brand of cacao chips offered in the united States. So, I offered these morsels as the baseline through which I compared all the other chocolate chips.

I spooned Nestle Toll house semi-sweet morsels onto mine kitchen scale. This is what i discovered.

There are 48 semi-sweet morsels the Nestle toy fee House chocolate chips in one ounce.Trader Joe’s semi-sweet morsels room 25% bigger than Nestle Toll home semi-sweet morsels. There are 36 cacao chips in one oz of TJ’s morsels.Kroger save brand semi-sweet morsels room 36% larger than Nestle’s morsels. There space 31 cacao chips in an oz of Kroger’s morsels.Ghirardelli semi-sweet coco chips are 22% smaller than Nestle morsels. There room 60 semi-sweet chocolate chips in an ounce of Ghirardelli morsels.

If you carry out not usage Nestle toll fee House cacao chips, there might be between an 11 and 18 count distinction in number of chocolate chips to with one ounce of chocolate.

Will 11 come 18 coco chips make a difference in her recipe? relies on the recipe, yet probably not.

Certainly no for a cacao glaze, coco cake, or chocolate mousse.

Instead of count individual cacao chips, try measuring them with a tablespoon. There room 2 tbsp of coco chips in an ounce.

How numerous Nestle Toll residence Mini chocolate Chips in one Ounce?

About 6½ mini semi-sweet cacao chips equal 1 morsel-sized chocolate chip. These tiny pieces of cacao are good in mini cacao chip cookie or together dessert toppings.

There room 302 semi-sweet mini chocolate chips in a complete ounce.

Number that Jumbo coco Chips in an ounce

How do jumbo chips to compare to morsels? around 1½ chocolate chip morsels fit into 1 jumbo coco chip.

There are 31 jumbo chips in one ounce.

How Many cacao Chunks in One Ounce?

There are roughly 2⅕ cacao chip morsels in one coco chunk.

Nestle toll fee House and Trader Joe’s brands of coco chunks are shaped differently. However, their weight is almost identical. The counting for one of two people brand of coco chunks is the same.

There room 22 chocolate chunks in one ounce.

Number of cacao Wafers in an oz

Wafers do the finest melted chocolate. If you room out the baking chocolate and also have a choice, usage an oz of chocolate wafers instead of chocolate chips.

They easily melt in the microwave or a twin broiler.

Unlike chocolate wafers that are a breeze to melt, chocolate chips to be engineered to no melt easily. Chocolate chips have less cocoa butter, and also this provides them more resistant come heat.

Chocolate chips commonly contain soy lecithin, an emulsifier and also stabilizer, which helps the chip organize its shape.

For dimension comparison, over there are almost 3¾ morsels in one chocolate wafer.

There room 13 chocolate wafers in one ounce.

How numerous White chocolate Chips in one Ounce?

White coco is do of cocoa butter, milk powder, and also sugar. Yet no cocoa liquor.

By weight, there space 1⅓ white coco chips in one semi-sweet coco morsel.

There are 73 Nestle Toll residence white chocolate chips in one ounce.Ghirardelli white chocolate chips sweet 8% much less than Nestle white coco chips. There space 66 Ghirardelli white chocolate chips in one ounce.

We space talking about a difference of 7 chocolate chips. Seven white chocolate chips make insignificant differences in a recipe.

How plenty of Unsweetened Cacao Chips in one Ounce?

Trader Joe’s unsweetened cacao chips room lighter in weight 보다 sweetened coco chips. Simply over 3¾ unsweetened cacao chips will fit into 1 semi-sweet morsel.

Unsweetened cacao chips room perfect to use if your recipe calls because that 1-ounce squares that unsweetened baking chocolate.

There space 184 unsweetened cacao chips in one ounce.

What sort of chocolate are friend Measuring?

Although the size of milk cacao chips, semi-sweet chocolate, and dark chocolate chips are virtually the same, your weight is different.

To measure this, I compared Nestle Toll residence brand of milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate, and dark cacao chips. Comparing the ranges of cacao within the same brand revealed the differences in morsel weight.

Milk chocolate chips are about 6% lighter 보다 semi-sweet chocolate chips. A difference of 3 coco chips.Dark chocolate chips room 61% heavier than semi-sweet cacao chips. A difference of 19 cacao chips.

Don’t desire to Count coco Chips? do This rather

I found something cool as soon as measuring and counting every the different cacao chips. There are approximately 2 us tablespoons in each ounce of coco chips.

This held true because that morsels, mini chips, chunks, and jumbo cacao chips. Even if the coco chips were made by different manufacturers and were various sizes.

Chocolate wafers and Trader Joe’s unsweetened cacao chips were the only exceptions come the rule.

An oz of cacao wafers to be 1½ united state tablespoons. An ounce of unsweetened cacao chips to be 2½ us tablespoons.

Chocolate Baking Bars

Baking coco comes in unsweetened, bittersweet chocolate, semi-sweet, or German sweet cacao bars. Baker’s brand is the most usual brand. Ghirardelli is likewise common, as room store brands.

Ghirardelli coco bars are segmented into ½ oz or 1-ounce squares. Ideally girlfriend break off a square of chocolate or 2 to gain the amount of cacao the cooking recipes calls for.

I uncover breaking off a perfect square the chocolate virtually impossible v some baking coco bars. I get chocolate splinters and cracks in the square.

Because segmented bars are difficult to break, you might prefer Baker’s brand chocolate. This brand comes through the coco individually sheathe in ½ ounce or full ounce squares.

Baking cacao is the best an option when you need melted chocolate due to the fact that it is designed to melt. Unlike coco chips, which room designed to stand up to melting.

If you perform not have actually unsweetened cacao baking bars, other possible substitutes encompass Trader Joe’s unsweetened cacao chips or unsweetened cocoa flour whisked into milk or water.

Substitute semi-sweet baking coco for any kind of size that semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Substitute dark cacao chips because that bittersweet chocolate and milk cacao chips for sweet coco bars.

Nutrition Information

For reference, ns have contained the nutrition information for the chocolates in this experiment. Find the grams that fiber, grams protein, grams the carbohydrates, total fat content, and also sugar content. There space 0 mg that cholesterol in each kind of chocolate.

Mini coco Chips

9 grams carbs8 grams sugar4 grams of fat

Regular chocolate Chips

9 grams carbs8 grams sugar4 grams the fat

Jumbo coco Chips

1 grams protein1 gram fiber10 grams carbs8 grams sugar4 grams the fat

Chocolate Chunks

8 grams carbs7 grams sugar3.5 grams of fat

White coco Chips

0 grams of fiber9 grams carbs9 grams that sugar4 grams that fat

Milk chocolate Chips

0 grams the fiber9 grams carbs8 grams of sugar4 grams the fat

Dark coco Chips

1 gram that fiber8 grams carbs6 grams of sugar5 grams of fat

Chocolate mathematics

My cacao Observation examine showed how many coco chips in one ounce. That revealed the shortcut of measure 2 us tablespoons by volume of any sized chocolate chips to get an ounce.

But what around other common measurements? here are few of the many common cacao measurements you will need.

One cup of cacao chips weighs 6 ounces.Three ounces of coco chips equates to a half cup.A 12-ounce bag of cacao chips will certainly measure 2 us cups of coco chips.There room 8 quarter cups of coco chips in a 12-ounce bag of cacao chips.6 ounces equals 1 cup chocolate chips.

Now friend know exactly how many coco chips in an oz (48 semi-sweet morsels). And you recognize measuring 2 tablespoons of coco chips is the easiest means to measure the end an ounce when you don’t have a kitchen scale. Ultimately you know around how many chocolate chips in a tablespoon (28 semi-sweet morsels).

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Counting and measuring by volume will always be approximations. The only method to ensure a full ounce of chocolate is to sweet it v a kitchen scale.

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