At headquarters, we speak a lot about using spinach in smoothies. Spinach is additionally one of the most-mentioned ingredient on our on facebook page. Because that those of friend who room wondering why everyone is talking about spinach, right here are 8 factors to purchase a lb of spinach.

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1. Spinach is cheap.
If friend buy a large, 5-pound pack of spinach at your regional Costco or Sam"s Club, it will only cost around $1 every pound.2. Spinach freezes well.Fresh spinach is best, yet there might be times as soon as you can"t acquire through the 100-pound bag (okay, it"s only 5 pounds) you simply bought in ~ Costco. If this wake up to you, frozen individual sections of spinach in snack-size zip-top bags. The next time you require spinach for a smoothie, walk to the freezer and pull the end a bag that frozen spinach. Unless the spinach stays in the freezer because that a long time, friend won"t taste a distinction in your smoothies. ~ above a side note, don"t usage frozen spinach in salads (trust me, that won"t revolve out well).3. Spinach is awesome for smoothies.Green smoothies are ending up being incredibly popular. They are a an excellent way to increase the number of fruits and vegetables girlfriend consume in a day. Check out the Green Smoothies section of our blender Recipes page. Every week, us send a cooking recipes to our subscribers. (If you"re not a subscriber yet, click here). Freshly we posted an exceptionally popular recipe referred to as The Garden Green giant Juice—check that out!
*"s Garden Green huge Juice4. Popeye to be right—spinach gives friend energy.Spinach is high in iron, i m sorry is crucial part the the hemoglobin in her blood. Hemoglobin dead oxygen come the remainder of your body, and having an ext oxygen in your organs and muscles can result in an ext energy. (Source: Spinach is easy to grow.Most locations in the United says are an excellent for farming spinach. Here"s a quick-growing guide:Warm climates: Plant seed in the the shade of tall crops (e.g., corn or beans), or shade the plants v a cloth. Spinach needs sufficient shade to germinate. Harvest during the wintertime.Moderate climates: Plant seeds in February or March because that a spring harvest. Plant seed every 10 days so the you"ll have a regular crop of new spinach because that a couple of months.Cold climates: Plant seed in October, and also protect the germinated seeds with a cold frame, i beg your pardon will allow you come have an early spring harvest. Once the soil thaws, plant added seeds every 10 days because that a consistent crop that spinach until May.6. Spinach is packed v nutrients for your skin.Spinach is packed through vitamin K, which assists in bone and also skin health. In fact, vitamin K is offered in countless skin treatment products that claim to reduce stretch marks and wrinkles. Why not enjoy the benefits of this essential vitamin from the inside out? (Source: clever Publications)7. Eating spinach can assist you achieve a healthy and balanced weight.

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Spinach is high in diet fiber. As well as normalizing bowel movements, high-fiber foods generally require much more chewing, which gives your body an ext time come signal that you"re full prior to you"ve overeaten. (Source: Mayo Clinic)8. Spinach boosts your immune system.Spinach is packed v vitamin A, i beg your pardon plays a role in the development of lymphocytes. Your immune mechanism uses lymphocytes to fight turn off bacteria and also diseases. (Source: LiveStrong)What is your favorite factor to eat spinach?