Orange juice has been proven to it is in a really rich resource of crucial vitamins and also nutrients, particularly when that is freshly squeezed.

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How much does orange juice cost?

On average, the price that orange juice, either freshly squeezed or from a concentrate, can variety anywhere native as tiny as $3 to as lot as $7 every gallon.  The price will count on the quality, the store offering it, the brand, and the season.

With so plenty of brands available at the regional grocery store, describe our table listed below to watch what these brands may cost:

BrandAverage Price
Florida"s Natural- $3 (59 ounces) - $7 (1 gallon)
Minute Maid- $3 (59 ounces) - $6 (1 gallon)
Naked Juice- $7 (64 ounces)
Simply- $1.50 (11.5 ounces) - $4 (59 ounces) - $6 (89 ounces)
Store Brand (Great Value)- $5 (1 gallon)
Sunny D- $3 (1 gallon)
Tropicana- $1.50 (12 ounces) - $4 (59 ounces) - $6 (89 ounces)

NOTE: all of these prices were derived at our regional Walmart store.

Freshly squeezed orange juice at whole Foods, for example, will cost about $3 for a half gallon.

Orange juice options

Frozen concentrate

frozen concentrate will be commercially squeezed, pasteurized and also filtered prior to it’s evaporated under vacuum and heat. By weight, it will certainly be 65 percent sugar and should it is in stored at about 10 degrees Farenheight. V a frozen concentrate, water will be included to thaw it come its initial form.

Not from concentrate

not from concentrate is pasteurized and then marketed at the grocery save as it, v a “not for concentrate” label on the packaging. This form of orange juice will alleviate the herbal flavor due to the removed of oxygen throughout the production process.


Canned orange juice is canned, retaining the vitamin C much much better than bottles. Even though it loser its flavor, it deserve to be stored at room temperature because that up to 3 months.

fresh squeezed

Lastly, freshly squeeze out orange juice, as the name implies, is the closest obtainable option to the real deal. This variation of orange juice will encompass freshly squeezed oranges and no additives or flavors will it is in included. Fresh squeezed orange juice deserve to only last two weeks.

Tips come know:

In the united States, the significant brands encompass Tropicana, i m sorry is owned by PepsiCo, Minute Maid, a product that Coca-Cola, and also Florida’s Natural, a locally owned agency that only uses Florida oranges. According to Wikipedia, Tropicana owns 65 percent the the industry share.

Most of your orange juice will certainly be make from a sweet orange, yet the Valencia and Hamlin might be mixed if the firm is searching for a unique taste.

Orange juice isn’t always a pure orange. Some companies, relying on the selection you purchase, may include additives such as citric acid, ascorbic acid, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and/or additional calcium might be added. Providers will carry out this in order to boost the taste and/or ensure the taste is consistent throughout the year.

In the united States, orange juice is regulated by the Food and Drug administration and the United claims Department that Health and also Human Services. The FDA allows one or much more of the adhering to ingredients to be added: sugar, sugar syrup, invert sugar, invert street syrup, dextrose, corn syrup, dried corn syrup, glucose syrup, and dried glucose syrup.

Orange juice nutrition


How deserve to I save money?

Try buying new oranges and squeeze them you yourself to make your own orange juice. Top top average, one tool orange will certainly yield around two ounces that juice. To do the project easier, take into consideration purchasing a juicer to rate up the process. By law so, you have the right to make orange juice because that as little as a couple of dollars, particularly when oranges space in season.

Consider a keep brand orange juice quite than a surname brand. This alone can save you a couple of dollars, and also the tastes, many of the time, are really similar.

Do no forget to check for coupons. Numerous orange juice companies offer coupons on their social media pages, main website and in the local paper. As well as coupons, orange juice is almost always ~ above sale each week.

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