Whether you room planning to give drumming a try, or you’re around to begin your very first gig with a band, probably the very first question you had in mind is, “How lot does a drum set cost?”.

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While this question seems to be straightforward, different determine the price the a north set. The craftsmanship, material, varieties of drum, and quality, shell-sizes, and also drum brand are several of the determinants that identify a north kit’s price.

Good high quality drum sets, suitable for beginner to intermediate drummers, usually cost between $400 to $1000. As you include and upgrade more components, shell pieces, and also hardware, the price also increases. On the other hand, professionally-made drum sets expense from a few thousand dollars come $10,000, depending upon the configuration and also specifications you desire.

Junior north Kits


If you desire to go after drumming together a hobby, or as your major career, weighing your choices well in to buy the right kit will certainly greatly influence your breakthrough as a drummer.

Beginner to intermediate north sets has a broad price range, determined by factors such as shell-pieces, material type, drum brand, hardware inclusion, and also manufacturing process.

For beginner north kits, a four and also five-piece configuration would start roughly $400 to $500. Some of these kits encompass a share cymbal-set, along with the stands and added hardware. Some known products at this price range are the Pearl Roadshow (five-piece), and the TAMA Club-Jam (4-piece).

Intermediate drum kits, ~ above the various other hand, space designed for more extensive use, ideal for studio and also early-stage performances. This kits room made of an ext durable materials, more exquisite finishes, and also higher-quality craftsmanship. Because that a price between $800 come $1500, you deserve to own of this intermediate kits, which space usually 5-piece/6-piece kits with hardware, and a share cymbal set.

Products such together the Yamaha phase Custom Birch, Pearl violin Series, and TAMA Imperialstar are taken into consideration intermediate kits, suitable for jumpstarting your beforehand gigs/performances, for as low together $800.

While these kits room proven come be sturdy and good choices because that a performing drummer, there room far far better products in the industry which are much more ideal for skilled use. To know much more about the drum collection price that these skilled kits, us encourage friend to read in the following section.

Professional Kits

If you desire to take your drumming to the skilled level, you require to take into consideration investing in a experienced drum set. While this can not be handy for some, a experienced drum collection allows you come define and also freely express your identification as a drummer, and also as a musician. These kit are considered the top-of-the-line and are much more expensive 보다 intermediate kits.

Most of these high-tier complete size drum collection costs above $1500 because that a 3 or 4-piece kit. Absent items such as Snare drum, hardware stands, accessories, and cymbals room to be bought separately. The reason for this is the most professionals have a personal preference top top the snare drum, absent pedals, and also cymbals they use.

If girlfriend are in search of a drum collection with a equivalent snare drum, there are 7-piece set that begin from approximately $2000 to $2500. Ludwig and also TAMA are few of the most recognized drum brands to offer such kits. However, choose the stated kits above, hardware and cymbals are not included in the package.

Hand-made experienced kits are usually an ext expensive, getting to up come $5000 because that a five-piece kit, and also $6500 for 7-piece kits. Expert kits likewise vary in price follow to your brand. Pearl, because that instance, is recognized to offer an ext affordable skilled kits contrasted to USA manufactured drum kit indigenous Gretsch, Ludwig, and also DW.

If nothing in the industry meets your standards, and also you have actually the luxury, girlfriend can always go for a completely customized kit v a price range beginning from $7500 to more than $10,000. Some recognized drum brand offering fully customized kits space DW, Pearl, SJC, and Sonor.

Added Components and Accessories Cost

High-end Cymbal set can cost you second $1000, indigenous prestige cymbal brands such as Zildjian, Sabian, and Paiste. Entry-level cymbal starts from $300. If girlfriend are trying to find a decent cymbal collection without spending also much, there space good-quality cymbal sets easily accessible online for $500.

Entry-level kick-pedals are much less than $100. When high-quality single kick-pedals are roughly $200 come $300. Opting for a twin kick-pedal would cost an additional $500.

Drum sticks begin from $10 come $30, relying on the quality and size. Long lasting hi-hat stand can expenses you indigenous under $100 to $350. Finally, item such together the drum throne, snare stand, and also boom stand, price $200 each.

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Drums develop a loud volume i beg your pardon can frequently disrupt home and also neighborhood silence. To manage the volume of your drums, you could want come consider adding accessories such as manage rings because that $10, mute fill for $50, and a damper because that $10. If the sound is tho loud enough for you and also your neighbors, us recommend soundproofing your room/studio.