WHAT condition IS associated WITH COGGINS TEST?

A Coggins test is a blood check forEquine contagious anemiaorequine contagious anaemia(EIA). This condition is likewise known together swamp fever. This disease is sent by bloodsucking insects and is led to by a retrovirus. Equine infectious anemia is endemic in the Americas, Europe, the center East, the far East, Russia and also South Africa. The virus has some similarity to HIV in the it is a lentivirus. Additionally it deserve to be sent with blood, milk, human body secretions and also saliva. Most times it istransfer through steed flies and deer flies, both the which space biting flies. Of food contaminated needles and also syringes can likewise transmit the disease and unfortunately mares can transmit the to their foals via the placenta. Once a steed is already ill, the threat of infection is even greater as the blood levels of the virus increase. Equine infectious anemia is a really serious disease; an outbreak would be catastrophic. This is why it is an extremely important come test any kind of traveling and also showing horses.

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Click right here todownloadtheU.S department of Agricultureinformation sheet on Equine contagious anemia.



A license is granted veterinarian performs the Coggins test by illustration blood and then testing it in ~ a state-approved laboratory. If the steed tests negative (does not have actually the disease | negative coggins test) all is good. Psychic the disease is rather rare but really serious. If the steed tests positive you room suddenly faced with destructive options

Send the steed to slaughter, or euthanize the steed immediately

Have the steed branded (required) and keep that in long-term quarantine. The problems of quarantine space fiercely regulated and much more than simply putting a padlock on your pasture gate

Find one EIA-positive equine sanctuary and hope they have an opening

Click to downloada list of USDA authorized labs for EIA


Coggins tests space performed by license is granted veterinarians. Once done, they are generally good for 6 months to a year depending on the state. Generally they are performed before a horse deserve to travel from one state to another. Coggins test deserve to take from all over from 2 come 7 job to obtain the results back, but many times you deserve to rush the results in 24 hrs if you salary an extra fee to the lab assessing the blood test.

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The expense of a Coggins check of course have the right to vary yet we have actually seen castle in the variety of $20 ~ above the short side come $100 on the high side relying on how lot work the vet has to do, the place of the horse and distance come the lab. In some instances a vet may have his very own state-approved lab and can operation the test results there, in other cases the blood needs to be sent in for analysis. Therefore the complying with are the variables the can impact the total price for a Coggins test:

Farm Call

Other vaccines required at the time of the Coggins test

Health Certificate – necessary when equine will it is in traveling

Location that the horse

Veterinarian rate

PENALTY because that NOT having A COGGINS TEST

You can challenge criminal fees if friend transport steeds without a precious Coggins test.

In 2013 there was an episode of EIA in Nebraska seehttp://www.fultonsun.com/news/2013/jun/16/eia-breakout-nebraska-prompts-concern-missouri-hor/

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Here is an informative video clip from a Veterinarian discussing the Coggins test:

Here is what a Coggins Test kind looks like


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