The 1944 dime value is $1.79 because that a coin the is circulated, priced close come its worth in silver- value. Old Mercury dimes room widely accumulated however and also there is potential of higher value.


The bulk of these silver- dimes are greatly circulated and also worn, lacking numerous of the original details. The "Uncirculated" 1944 dime pictured, a $10 come $15 coin because of condition, would certainly make a nice addition to any kind of Mercury dime collection.

Of attention to collectors is the mint that struck her dime. Values execute vary slightly and your coin would have a mintmark ~ above the reverse indicating the Denver or san Francisco mint.

Likely affecting your 1944 dime worth the most is that is state that preservation. Plenty of of these dimes make it through today and with a big group to select from, collectors tend to choose uncirculated examples.

You have the right to "grade" her coins by to compare them to the images below and also determine if it is a high finish circulated dime or uncirculated. Judge how much your 1944 dime is worth.


Three mints created Mercury head dimes in 1944.

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Starting through the Denver mint coin, the is identified by a "D" mintmark found on the reverse. The mountain Francisco mint provided an "S" mintmark and also Philadelphia, the main mint, go not ar a mintmark ~ above coins.

Remarkable 1944 Dime Value

Brilliant white luster radiates across the whole surface the the rarely 1944 Mercury dime pictured. Minted in san Francisco decades back and surviving today in nearly perfect condition the final cost was $207 in ~ a David Lawrence rare Coin Auction.

Many bidders competed in the digital auction to obtain a essentially mark free well win 1944-S dime. The is a coin destined to add superior top quality to an elite Mercury dime collection.

Close to 50 million wherein struck, the is known countless are still with us today as there room fifty item rolls available in uncirculated condition and also countless circulated coins ~ above the market. All of these 1944-S dimes are easily accessible in the $2 to $10 range. Come realize end $200 this coin is in truly exceptional condition.


Grading determines 1944 Dime Value

The quantity of stay or preferably the absence of it, identify a large part of the value of her 1944 dime. Collectors after check the date and also mintmark following examine the condition of the coin and give the a "grade. " together a coin wears over there are unique visual distinctions from one "grade" come the next. Judge your coins versus the images and also descriptions come gain an accurate value.


Uncirculated: This Mercury dime never ever circulated. Untouched due to the fact that minted, it shines v luster. Your coin in this problem may display toning, yet underneath there is no evidence of wear. Rotated under a light, one unbroken, radiating luster rolls across the surface. One uncirculated coin is one sparkling v a fresh placing it in ~ the peak of 1944 dime value.


Extremely Fine: also wear, but really light, is common of this condition. All of the style details are an extremely distinct. Top top close examination, flatness of as soon as rounded details is evident. Dimes in exceptionally fine problem stand out together crisp and also sharp in appearance.

Fine: ~ serving for an extended duration of time her dime has lost significant detail. Liberty"s portrait once distinguished by feathers in a wing over her ear is difficult to recognize. Additionally the hair running along her fore head under her lid is currently quite flat, the curls hard to see. 1944 dime value is currently the price that silver.

Good: Just start to merge into the lettering and date, the rim shows the great of this dime. The bust of Liberty is lacking all design features, no hair or wing aspects are visible yet she does remain well outlined. Holding the worth of this coin short is the reality collectors effort to add nicer examples to your collections.




























Mercury Dime Values

Values detailed for the whole Mercury head dime series including more on the 1944 dime value. Rare and an useful dates space scattered v out the collection contributing come a huge spread in Mercury dime values. Additionally, the problem of your old dime theatre a crucial role in today"s rarely coin values.

Complete Dime Values

One that the many popular and widely built up coins today. Extending over two century of united state dime manufacturing with rare coin values provided for literally hundreds of date and mintmark combinations. Examine carefully these tiny potential treasures.

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