Overview: Glass & Plastic Container dimension Conversion chart

Quickly and easily transform drams come ounces to mL through this hand volume switch chart. Please keep in mind that part containers for sale on this website room approximated in their volume.

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Container SizeDramMilliliterOunce
5 ml1.355~ 1/6
10 ml2.7110~ 1/3
15 ml4.0615~ 1/2
30 ml8.1230~ 1
1 oz.8~ 301
2 oz.16~ 602
4 oz.32~ 1204
6 oz.48~ 1806
8 oz.64~ 2408
12 oz.96~ 36012
16 oz.128~ 48016
32 oz.256~ 96032
64 oz.512~ 1,92064

Liquid Volume Unit counter Table

Equivalent liquid volume worths for 1 dram, 1 ounce, 1 mL, 1cc, 1 liter, 1 pint, 1 quart and also 1 gallon (approximated)


Unit that MeasuremLDramOunceLiter
1 dram =3.7 mL10.1250.004
1 ounce =30 mL810.03
1 mL =1 mL0.2710.03380.001
1 Liter =1000 mL270.5233.8151
1 Pint =475 mL128160.473
1 Quart =950 mL-320.946
1 Gallon =3785 mL-1283.785

Convert milliliters and also cubic centiliters to ounces and drams.

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Approximate equivalent (mL or CC) conversion to oz. Please note that this conversions space approximate.


Milliliter or CCOunce (Approx.)DrammL or CC (Approx.)
3.7 mL0.125 (1/8 oz)1 Dram3.7 mL
5 mL0.17 oz1.5 Dram5.5 mL
7.4 mL0.25 oz (1/4 oz)2 Dram7.4 mL
10 mL0.34 oz3 Dram10 mL
15 mL0.51 oz (1/2 oz)4 Dram15 mL
30 mL1 oz8 Dram30 mL
50 mL1.7 oz13 Dram48 mL
60 mL2 oz16 Dram60 mL
75 mL2.5 oz20 Dram74 mL
115 mL3.9 oz30 Dram110 mL
120 mL4.1 oz33 Dram122 mL
150 mL5 oz40 Dram148 mL
225 mL7.6 oz60 Dram222 mL
250 mL8.5 oz68 Dram251 mL
950 mL32 oz257 Dram950 mL
2500 mL84.5 oz676 Dram2499 mL


Glass & Plastic bottle Measuring equipment Definitions

Milliliter (ml): Milliliters are provided in the metric measurement mechanism to measure devices of liquid volume. One milliliter is same to one cubic centimeter or 1/1000 the a liter.Dram (fl. Dr.): Drams come from the old English apothecary system and are provided to measure devices of liquid volume. One dram is same to 1/8 of one ounce, or 3.697 milliliters.Ounce (fl. Oz.): liquid ounces are offered in the Engish measurement system to measure devices of fluid volume. One fluid ounce is equal to 1/8 that a cup, or 29.6 milliliters.Drop: Actual fall sizes have the right to vary depending on the thickness the the oil and also the dimension of the dropper. For purposes of this graph we space using the pharmaceutical traditional drop, 0.05 mililiters (approximate size of a fall of water.)