Large an international transfers, draft to save you money take away the stress and anxiety out of sending huge amounts that money abroad — help you save for the necessary things.

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Click top top the dropdown to select EUR in the very first dropdown together the money that you want to convert and NGN in the second drop down as the money you desire to transform to.

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Our currency converter will show you the existing EUR come NGN rate and how it’s changed over the past day, week or month.

Banks frequently advertise free or low-cost transfers, but include a hidden markup to the exchange rate. provides you the real, mid-market, exchange rate, therefore you have the right to make substantial savings on your global money transfers.


Conversion prices Euro / Nigerian Naira
1 EUR449.45900 NGN
5 EUR2247.29500 NGN
10 EUR4494.59000 NGN
20 EUR8989.18000 NGN
50 EUR22472.95000 NGN
100 EUR44945.90000 NGN
250 EUR112364.75000 NGN
500 EUR224729.50000 NGN
1000 EUR449459.00000 NGN
2000 EUR898918.00000 NGN
5000 EUR2247295.00000 NGN
10000 EUR4494590.00000 NGN

Conversion prices Nigerian Naira / Euro
1 NGN0.00222 EUR
5 NGN0.01112 EUR
10 NGN0.02225 EUR
20 NGN0.04450 EUR
50 NGN0.11125 EUR
100 NGN0.22249 EUR
250 NGN0.55623 EUR
500 NGN1.11245 EUR
1000 NGN2.22490 EUR
2000 NGN4.44980 EUR
5000 NGN11.12450 EUR
10000 NGN22.24900 EUR

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Beware of bad exchange rates.

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Banks and also traditional providers regularly have extra costs, i m sorry they happen to you by marking up the exchange rate. Our smart tech method we’re more efficient – which way you obtain a an excellent rate. Every time.