For most travellers, the goal is to travel as irradiate as feasible to protect against hassles and also tiredness. The course, it depends on the kind of travel you’re into.Addict to all-inclusive resort holidays?Filling 2 or 3 suitcases is no an issue.If your thing is to go on one adventureand immerse yourself in the country you’re visiting climate it is a little more complicated andluggageoptimisation is crucial.Too heavy, too bulky means you canforget miscellaneous on the way, and also it deserve to present issues of protection if you have too plenty of bags to watch and sometimes extra fees come pay that you didn’t spending plan for.

You may wonder why would a traveller lug some scuba equipment in his luggage?After number of trials in Mexico and also Indonesia, remote destinations I’ve travelled to because that 1 month, I never regretted travelling v my diving bag! Each trip taught me much more about improvingmy luggage organisation. For whoever desires to travel and scuba dive at the exact same time, below are the peak 4 reasons which i hope will certainly convince you.

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Addicted to Scuba Diving? save money!


If girlfriend travel and also dive ~ above a continuous basis and think to rental is reasonable, execute a simple calculation and you will conveniently understand the level of save you have the right to reach by travelling through your scuba gear:

The mean price of renting gear is £13 / 15 € a dive, so for a 10 dive trip,you save around £130 / 150€.

As a result, if you walk diving 50-60 times every year (which to represent my itinerary this year with 2 trips the 15 dives because that 2 weeks and also then 25 dives because that 1 month, and also 5 weekends v 4 dives each),you conserve £650 / 750€ come £780 / 900€ in just 1 year.

Knowing that the price that a fullset of brand-new equipment is roughly £900 / 1000 € and also you have the right to buy numerous pieces the the equipment second-hand for much cheaper, carry out you still desire to rent?

Comfort brings safety


The very first reason to travel v scuba gear is also the most vital in mine opinion: every little thing your organization is, every little thing the level that optimisation of your luggage, where you want to go, having actually your own scuba gear is among the best ways to ensure your safety underwater.

My suggest is no to say the scuba diving is a dangerous activity but you still have to bear in mental that simply a little detail going wrong deserve to sometimes get potentially make points very complex underwater.

The more at easeyou space underwater, the an ext you will gain your dive in complete safety: panic is our number 1 enemy. Occasionally it can come from an error that judgement (like the smart idea of placing your hand in thehole of a moray eel) or one unexpected technical issue emerging which have the right to lead come an accident.

The advantage of having actually your own scuba diving tools is an initial to select the equipment that perfectly fits your body and also which you will accumulate endure in various conditions.You will know perfectly how to use it everything happens and then have the ability to react really quickly if necessary. To uncover your right scuba gear, don’t hesitate to walk to her nearest retailer. Friend can also sometimes shot the equipment before buying it. Scuba diving reflects are one more excellent way to try andto purchase your very own diving equipment.

To offer you a more precise idea, here are some an extremely concrete examples of what can occur with unknown scuba gear when renting:

Wetsuit: the most usual issue is come havea wetsuit that will certainly be as well big, too much used or not thick sufficient for the temperature conditions and also your capacity to resistthe cold. As a result, you get cold, andif you are cold you are not walking to gain your dive. Worse, you might not have the ability to react as meant as you will be more focused top top the cold than anything else.Fins: depending on if you space fitor not, you could not have the ability to kick easily with fins that are too difficult for you to use. As a result, friend getcramps. That is not a quite sensation, particularly if girlfriend uncontrollably endure them all the time during the dive. Worst case, you are supplied to diving in currents however the fin you have actually are no reacting as expected: they space too flexible!BCD: as well as the fact of recognize one that fits, there is one thing people don’t generally think about: rapid air releases! before having my own, i cannot count the time I found myself ascending because of a negative movement and also in require of deflating urgently.“ Where space those $#&
%£# wait releases!?!” being able to find them easily for emergency deflation is essential! even with mindful inspection of just how your rental BDC is working prior to the dive, this is much more a issue of reflex. As soon as you must deflate urgently the is better not to need to think for much more than one second.Regulator: This might be more challenging to realise yet getting right into a habit through a regulator you know will be sure you and improve her air consumption. Together a result, give it will increase your health underwater and lengthen the time of your dive!

Have you ever tried to weighthe scuba diving devices you typically use? right here is a simulation of the average weight of finish gear bag :BDC 3,5 kg,Regulator (first stage + 2nd stage + manometer + octopus) 2 kg,Fins 2,3 kg,5mm complete wetsuit 2 kg,Mask 200 g.Total =10 kg!

Of course, I’m no counting the tank and also weight(!) together you caneasily recognize I never bring them v me! depending upon the location you room going to you can consider an altering the form of wetsuit (maybe you’ll require a dry fit or a 3mm shorty), choosing adjustable fins through comfy booties consisting of your dive computer and your dive log in (depending top top your endure it deserve to be really heavy), part extra gadgets such as marker buoy, a spool, a DIN adapter, gloves, a hood, theunderwaterhousing of your camera,etc.

Today through the special take trip scuba equipment ranges offered by manufacturers friend can easily drop the total weight of her diving bag. Today here is theweight that my tools when I travel to tropical destinations:

Total =6 kg

Finally, the best means to drop some weight turn off my luggage is tobe light on every little thing else: carry out you really require 10 shirts and 5 bag of jeans? carry out you really require to bring all the containers from your bathroom? by optimising this, girlfriend can easily gain up to 10 kg (Just think one pair of blue jeans is already 0,5 kg)!

For information, if you’re travel in Egypt, Thailand or Mexico because that instance, having your clothing washed doesn’t price a fortune. Therefore you have no excuse because that bringing 1 month’s precious of clothes when you room actually travelling for 2 weeks!

The result? mine scuba diving bag never weights an ext than20 kgwhich means I never ever payextra fees because that overweight in ~ the airport which is ideal once diving and also flying.

The right scuba diving bag


A roller bag through a backpack device is theperfect mix in between a traveller’sbag and ascuba diving bag. I have the right to roll that or bring it as a backpack.Because the ground is not always smooth!

With a coupleoforganisation tricks, from the aeroplane to the bus, native the bus come the boat, from the boat to the tuk-tuk, native the tuk-tuk to a horse-drawn carriage… relying on the nation you’re visiting there is always a solution to gain a little of assist for very little money! travel by bus to be perfect in Mexico, taxi ideal and cheaper for 2 than the bus in Egypt, the train was fantastic in Thailand and I extremely recommend the watercraft in Indonesia if you have actually time.

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Do you now feel prepared to travel through scuba gear? permit me recognize in the comments!

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