As sarah Hyland continues to endure from chronic pain, she’s shed quite a little bit of weight, and also confirmed ~ above Instagram this week the she’s down to simply 87 pounds. View the image here.

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“Skeletor party of 1” — that’s whatSarah Hyland captioned a mirror selfie of it s her on Instagram stories on may 2. In the pic, Sarah just shows it s her from the chest down, revealing her very slim stomach in a crop top and stick-thin foot in cutoff jeans. Along with the pic, she also shared a screenshot that confirmed off she body measurements…and she just weighs 87.3 pounds. The image likewise reveals her body fat that 18%, muscle that 17% and BMI of 16. “Desperately waiting to acquire cleared therefore I deserve to start lifting weights again,” she wrote.

Sarah had a kidney transplant in 2012 and also has been open about her diagnosis that kidney dysplasia. However, earlier this year, she likewise revealed on social media that she’s been enduring from “chronic pain,” i beg your pardon she proceeds to battle with now. “For every one of my invisible illness, chronic illness, chronic pain warriors — continue to perform what girlfriend love,” she urged pan on Instagram this week. “Find what you love and also focus ~ above that because that is so much better than any type of physical pain.”

TheModern Family star walk not go into detail around her exact symptoms, but whatever’s going on, it’s clearly enough for medical professionals to straight her to stay out the the gym for the time being. Earlier in February, sarah revealed she weighed just 92.8 pounds, for this reason to burned five pounds in just two months as soon as you’re already so slim is definitely worrisome.


Talk around Sarah’s weight started in 2017, when people were commenting on she Instagram photos about how she was “too skinny” and also accused she of promoting anorexia. At the time, sarah explained, “Maybe one day I’ll talk around it, however for now, I’d prefer my privacy. I will say that this year has brought a most changes and also with that, physical changes.

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I have been called that ns can’t occupational out, which, because that me, is an extremely upsetting. Mine circumstances have actually put me in a location where I’m not in regulate of what my body looks like.”We hope she is earlier to feeling better soon!