Jerome Bettis is a polarizing room of call candidate. I’m on the fence through the Bus; ns don’t think he’s together deserving as Steelers fans think, yet he’s a more deserving candidate than those who greatly remember end-of-career-Bus remember. One thing I’ve heard indigenous time to time around Bus is the he to be the greatest “big” earlier of all time. That’s without doubt true, presume you collection the load <1>Try the veal. High enough. Bettis had actually an main playing weight of 252 pounds, and also no running close to that load can enhance his resume. Cookie Gilchrist, Pete Johnson, Marion Butts, Christian Okoye, Natrone Means, and also Mike Alstott had quick bursts of success, but they can’t enhance Bettis’ longevity. Players favor Jamal Lewis, Michael Turner, Larry Csonka, Eddie George, Jim Brown, Franco Harris, john Riggins, and Earl Campbell carried the “big back” label, but all to be 10-25 pounds lighter than the Bus.

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I looked at every running back in history, and also calculated his variety of rushing yards end 500 in each season (to avoid giving undue load to compilers). ~ adjusting for season length, ns then calculated career qualities in this statistic. In the graph below, the Y-Axis shows this job rushing grade, if the X-axis displays weights. Bettis is represented on the much right through the password “BettJe00.”


Tony Dorsett isn’t believed of together a historic outlier, but he was exceptionally light for a running ago who had actually sustained success. However perhaps the much more interesting comparison is Warrick Dunn. And, together you could suspect, Dunn finished his career with more yards native scrimmage 보다 Bettis (both are just inside the top 20 in the job YFS rankings).

In fact, take a look at the same graph, but featuring the optimal 40 to run backs in yards from scrimmage over 700:


To those who indicate Bettis is a room of Famer due to the fact that he to be uniquely effective as a big back, what carry out they think around Dunn’s candidacy? was he not simply as uniquely success together a tiny back? and also while Dunn might not have won a supervisor Bowl, the two backs posted almost identical weighted win percentages. Dunn is in upstream territory once it comes to running ago success through two various franchises. And like Bettis, he also has a Walter Payton guy of the Year compensation on his mantle. Dunn didn’t play for the Steelers, therefore I understand you have to downgrade him because that that, yet I think his HOF situation is a lot stronger than part folks realize (he’s tied for 3rd in many seasons with 1,000 yards indigenous scrimmage behind a pair that you recognize whos).

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This isn’t a knock on the Bus or a grass roots movement for Dunn’s candidacy. But if people want to boost Bettis’ resume because of his size, that should be done consistently.