Cost per Fill

(12) fill Air Card
SCUBA Cylinders (Up to 3500 psi)- Pacific Wilderness Dive society Members & advertisement Dive account $5.00$30.00 ($2.50 every Fill)
SCUBA Cylinders (Up come 3500 psi)- General publicly $5.00$40.00 ($3.33 per Fill)
SCBA Cylinders (Up come 3000 psi) -$5.00$40.00 ($3.33 per Fill)
Proof the Certification compelled for all SCUBA Fills

(Current intuitive & Hydro required on all Tanks)

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O2 Clean AirUp to 40%41% - 60%61% - 80%81% - 100%
Up to 40 Cu. Ft.$10.00$10.00$13.00$15.00$19.00
41 to 80 Cu. Ft.$10.00$15.00$20.00$25.00$30.00
81 come 100 Cu. Ft$10.00$17.00$24.00$30.00$37.00
101 to 120 Cu. Ft$10.00$20.00$28.00$32.00$42.00
DAN Oxygen Bottles as much as 20 Cu. Ft. - $14.00
Proof that Certification compelled for all NITROX fills - NITROX & O2 fills take as much as 24 hrs (Depending top top Mix & Blender Availability)

(Current "Oxygen Clean" intuitive & Hydro compelled on every Tanks)

There is a $10 per Tank Minimum organization Charge ($20 on Doubles) on every Nitrox & Trimix Fills

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$3.00 every Cubic Foot
Oxygen$.40 per Cubic Foot
Argon6 cu. Ft. Bottle - $10 (Flat Rate) / 13 cu.

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Ft. Bottle $20 (Flat Rate)
O2 Clean Air$.10 every Cubic Foot
Proof the Certification required for all TRIMIX filling - TRIMIX fills take approximately 24 hours (Depending ~ above Blender Availability)