The Oscar-nominated actress just reveled she gained 15 pounds the muscle for her latest acting function but, why?


The task of losing and gaining load for an acting duty is a renowned custom amongst the most-dedicated of Hollywood stars:

Christian Bale famously lost 63 pounds for his function as a chronic insomniac in The Machinist. Charlize Theron got 30 pounds because that her duty as a prostitute in the Oscar-winning film, Monster. Natalie Portman melted 20 pounds for she Oscar-winning performance as a ballerina Black Swan.

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And, the latest A-list gibbs to transform her body for she craft is La La Land actress, Emma Stone.

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In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the 28-year-old reportedly obtained 15 pounds that muscle, ~ filming the Oscar-winning musical, because that her duty as tennis player billy Jean King in Fox Searchlight"s up-coming film Battle of the Sexes.

To prepare because that her duty as the athlete, Emma revealed: "I acquired 15 pounds that muscle. Lots of protein shakes and also heavy lifting."

Stone"s an individual trainer, Jason Walsh, recently said he gathered the actress" stamina and energy for her dancing and singing role in La La Land through deadlift variations the he defines as a "complex activity that incorporates every major muscle team working together".

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Battle that the Sexes is based on the famed 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

In the match, No.2-ranked King to win 55-year-old retired former Wimbledon champion Riggs (who will certainly be play by actor Steve Carell), in what the New York Times described: "In a single tennis match, billie Jean King was able to do more for the reason of ladies than many feminists can accomplish in a lifetime."

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Back in 1973, King originally turned under Bobby Riggs" invite for a match but after that beat Australian tennis star Margaret Court and was recognized for his misogynistic comments about women.

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However, she later on agreed come play versus the tennis star in a enhance dubbed "Battle the the sexes", which drew in end 50 million American viewers.

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King famously stated at the time: "I believed it would set us ago 50 years if i didn"t victory that match. That would ruin the women"s tour and influence all women"s self esteem."

We couldn"t think the anyone much better to play King.

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