I've heard from a lot of people that Thailand has cheaper trans surgery options than the US does. However, you also have to account into travel expenses (eg hotel and air ticket). How much is the cost in general in the US vs Thailand for an orchiectomy? And would any of you say it's worth going to Thailand to get trans surgeries?


It's fairly cheap in the US (from what I've seen on here) so you'd be better off staying in the US and having it done. You'd be paying similar prices if you went to Thailand once you've added the extra cost of flights, accommodation, spending money, travel etc.

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I've had the majority of all my procedures done in Thailand and I would definitely recommend it however it's not very logical to go internationally when you can get it done in your country for a similar price.

Insurance is also a factor if you have it; while many trans procedures aren't covered by most insurance plans, many do cover GCS itself (which usually includes orchiectomies). If your insurance covers it, it'll almost certainly be cheaper in the US.

Good question. I'm a mtf age 22, 23 soon, nearly 1yr into HRT. I'm never having GRS/SRS by choice. But I'm having a bilateral orchiectomy this fall for health reasons & to go off t blockers & lower estrogen. An orchiectomy is a simple, cheap, outpatient surgery with little to no risk. Don't go overseas for something that takes 30min to preform & is so simple. Cost wise it averages $2,000-$3,000 I read/was told.

There is one option to consider. In the case of trans women who wish to freed from testosterone generators, it seems like only two options are ever considered: either plain orchiectomy or full vaginoplasty with dilation. But there is a third option which I personally consider to be the "sweet spot" middle ground: the so-called Cosmetic SRS or vulvoplasty, where they remove the nasty junk that represents maleness and reshape the tissues into a proper vulva (labia majora, labia minora and clitoris), but where no significant vaginal depth is created, making the surgery less dangerous (no possibility of rectal-vaginal fistula) and requiring no dilation! This is the option I am going for, and this option is definitely best done in Thailand - I would not trust an American surgeon to do it right.

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Another factor to consider is that "standard" orchiectomies done by "regular" American surgeons (as opposed to gender confirmation specialists) are considered a men's procedure, performed by urologists who specialize in operating on men, so they will likely treat you as male, and when you are being prepped for surgery or recovering afterwards, you will be at your weakest, powerless to defend your femininity when they misgender you. For me the very thought of any doctor going near my wrong parts is utterly terrifying, thus I have decided that the ONLY doctor who will go there will be the one who will remove the entirety of my birth defect (not just part of it as in orchi), and it will be a gender confirmation specialist who specifically makes butterflies out of caterpillars, and who can thus be trusted to treat me as female throughout the ordeal.

As for cost, it is unfortunately the same for the cosmetic SRS which I seek as for full-depth SRS, which is about 12 kUSD with Dr. Chettawut in Thailand. I never looked into pure orchiectomy cost (either USA or Thailand) because I don't really see the point: if I am going to have a surgeon cut into me down there, why do only half the job?