Sports mascots room a symbolic figure that provides the pan a factor to communicate in a rally. They likewise represent the soul of their teams, which usually hypes up the football player to action up their game.

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<1> So, how much execute NFL mascots make? In general, NFL mascots make roughly $60,000 a year in the NFL.


This figure is in accordance through Dave Raymond’s statement. Raymond operates Raymond Entertainment, a character branding and mascot training company which has created and worked on an ext than 100 mascots for the previous 20 years. <2>

He likewise mentioned that mascots don’t get paid due to the fact that they are liked and they have actually a an excellent relationship v their bosses. They get paid only as soon as they are skilled, trained performers who deliver revenue.

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Requirement for Mascots



If you planning to be an NFL mascot, over there are couple of major requirements you should meet. Listed below is the perform of needs that demands to be passed through those who space qualified:

1. Have to Be Energetic 

We are all conscious that mascots must be athletic due to the fact that they require to have actually intense lots of energy. The doesn’t matter if the human inside the mascot costume is embarrassy or not, simply as lengthy as he can perform his very best and also entertain a many people. This is among the perks of working as a mascot; you acquire to carry out anonymously. 

2. Should Possess a trusted Attitude

Having a friendly mindset is a plus. If she planning to be a sporting activities mascot, you need to be good at communicating with civilization of all ages since you’ll most most likely encounter various kinds of fans. Girlfriend must be able to mime and gesture also for mascots nothing speak once in costume. 

3. Endure Is Key

Having an endure on this field can increase your opportunities of becoming an NFL mascot. For this reason if ever you have actually an suffer being a mascot before, nothing forget to highlight it. 

4. Use in the career Center

Most that the teams encourage possible applicants to apply online first to be considered. Also, this way, you have the right to familiarize yourself through the job description and also the likes. 

5. Update Your Resume and Cover Letter

As stated before, suffer is key. In this section, you’ll have the ability to promote yourself and also your experience, and why you are the perfect candidate because that this position. Gain your resume and also cover letter ready and perfectly outlined. 

How to become NFL Mascots

It’s a offered that when you room an NFL mascot, her every relocate will it is in watched by fans and you will certainly be broadcasted ~ above live television. This is a step-by-step overview on just how to come to be an NFL mascot:

1. Acquire Acrobatic, Cheerleader, Or Mascot Training 

Attending training choose these can assist walk you v this position and will most definitely give friend an idea on exactly how it really is functioning as an NFL mascot. 

2. Be familiar With football Rules

Being aware of the football rule can an increase your application. This will also show your sincerity about this job and how passionate you space to it is in a sports mascot if making a living out of it in ~ the very same time. 


Below space the top-paid pro mascots that might be happen in more money come the table than those who occupational in a corporate environment:

Atlanta Hawks’ bother the Hawk; Pay: $250 every 30 minutes for appearances ($500 every hour)Baltimore Orioles’ The Oriole Bird; Pay: approximately $350 every hour because that appearancesBoston Red Sox’s Wally the environment-friendly Monster; approximated pay: approximately $70,000 every yearCharlotte Hornets’ Hugo; Pay: up to $1,500 per appearanceChicago Bulls’ Benny the Bull; approximated pay: $200,000 per yearCleveland Cavaliers’ Moondog; Pay: $300 per hour because that appearancesDallas Cowboys’ Rowdy; Pay: $65,000 every yearDenver Nuggets’ Rocky; estimated pay: $625,000 per yearDetroit tigers’ PAWS; Pay: as much as $200 per hour for appearancesKansas City royal Sluggerrr; Pay: up to $200 every half-hour in ~ appearances ($400 every hour)Milwaukee Brewers’ Bernie Brewer; Pay: as much as $275 per appearanceMinnesota Vikings’ Ragnar the Viking; Pay: $1,500 per video game (approximately $500 per hour)Montreal Canadiens’ Youppi!; Pay: up to $1,000 every appearanceNew Jersey Devils’ NJ Devil; Pay: up to $800 every 40 minutes because that appearances ($1,200 per hour)New York Mets’ Mr. Met; estimated pay: $600 per hour because that appearancesOklahoma City Thunder’s Rumble the Bison; estimated pay: approximately $100,000Philadelphia Flyers’ Gritty; estimated pay: $3,000 per hour because that appearancesPhiladelphia Phillies’ Phillie Phanatic; approximated pay: $600 per hour because that appearancesPittsburgh Penguins’ Iceburgh; Pay: $250 every hour for appearancesSan Diego Padres’ mountain Diego Chicken; estimated pay: up to $40,000-plus per video game (approximately $13,333 every hour)San Francisco Giants’ Lou Seal; Pay: $500 every hour because that appearancesSan Jose Sharks’ S.J. Sharkie; Pay: $150 per 15 minutes at appearances ($600 every hour)St. Louis Cardinals’ Fredbird; Pay: $400 per hour because that appearancesTampa just Lightning’s ThunderBug; Pay: up to $300 per 45 minutes for appearances ($400 every hour)Vancouver Canucks’ Fin; Pay: $350 per 45 minutes because that appearances ($467 per hour)

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Final Words

It is substantially known that NFL mascots bring the energy and also momentum that the crowd upon your costumed shoulders, and also they have the right to be handsomely compensated v five- or six-figure salaries since of this. Still, it all relies on their performance and the team’s success. What execute you think about NFL mascots yearly salary? do you think castle are gaining just enough or also much? If friend have any kind of comments, let united state know!

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