I was recently asked a reasonable and intelligent question on elephants. One thing brought about another, and after a bit of research I found the fascinating world of elephant masturbation. If you want to collection sperm indigenous a (captive) elephant, just how do you carry out it? Luckily youtube gives the answer. It appears that manual stimulation the the cock (1) simply doesn"t perform it because that elephants, and also (2) is physically dangerous (read on), therefore you need to stick your arm right into the animal"s rectum and vigorously wake up its prostate gland. How vigorously? clock the video. The eventual an outcome - and also I"m not totally sure just how long this bring away - is ejaculation...

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Sperm collection from a bull elephant...

Sperm repertoire for the synthetic Insemination project for Thai Elephants. The big fella doesn"t seem to mind, thought he can be an ext excited!

Of course masculine elephants don"t (ordinarily, so far as us know) have any kind of trouble ejaculating when communicating sexually with other elephants, and also may ejaculate prematurely during their initiatives to achieve successful penetration (Bagemihl 1999). It deserve to take (presumably inexperienced) males a little bit of rooting about with the functional penis prior to finding the vulva. Together is fine known, the elephant vulva is not located simply beneath the tail together is the case in many mammals, yet down on the ventral surface and also well between the legs, an interpretation that the vagina is really long (70-90 cm). This inexplicable position way that pregnancies are sometimes unnoticed and even the females have actually on chance been mistakenly figured out as male: Shoshani (1991) wrote of a situation where a female was believed to be a male throughout she 25 year of life and was only discovered to it is in female on her death. Why elephants are constructed like this has actually been a long standing question.


Image from Hildebrandt et al. (2000). Non-obvious abbreviations: amp = ampullae, bu = bulbourethral gland, agree (which looks prefer prc early to poor cropping in the original figure) = prostate gland, pb = pelvic bone, sv = seminal vesicle.

In stimulate for adjustment to be effective then, the cock has to be both long and also flexible. Normally S-curved (with the reminder pointing upwards), it deserve to be up to 1 m lengthy (some resources say as much as 1.5 m) and have a girth the 16 cm. It has a Y-shaped exterior urethal opening and also is controlled by a huge levator penis muscle. The clitoris is additionally large, at a chuck 40 cm, and is manipulated by a levator clitoris muscle. Perhaps the most exciting bit of information (provided in the video by elephant reproduction skilled Robert Hermes) is that, not just does manual stimulation fail to work-related on elephants, it"s additionally physically dangerous. Reportedly there are components of the elephant penis that, when touched, reason the organ to flick around with enough force to knock over an unwary veterinarian or also inflict a black eye. Don"t think me? clock the 2nd video. Or... Inspect the technical literature (Schmitt & Hildebrandt 1998, Portas et al. 2007).

how to masturbate an elephant

Wildlife inseminators obtain elephants and rhinos in the mood because that love. Part of BBC Horizon doc to be aired in UK 9pm Tuesday march 20th on BBC2

And, ha ha ha, while this is all really amusing, the factor that sperm needs to be collected from elephants is of food for usage in insemination and also in building reproduction stocks. Bull elephants room relatively couple of in captivity, and also those the exist seem to experience from an uncommonly high number of fertility problems. This has initiated current ultrasonographic job-related that seeks to find and also identify good sperm donors (Hildebrandt et al. 2000). So... Now you know. By the way, penises and also vaginas are all an extremely interesting, but does anyone in reality know exactly how an elephant"s stems works?

If you"re specifically interested in elephants be certain to check out the recent piece on Jeheskel Shoshani.

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