Still have actually questions around the Wii U? ours FAQ will expose all.

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Kyle Orland - Sep 14, 2012 12:00 pm UTC

Wii U launch coverage

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From the system"s first unveiling in ~ E3 2011 come Thursday"s final announcement of start details, Nintendo has actually been releasing information about its next home console, the Wii U, in bits and pieces for about 15 month now. Unless you"ve been closely following all those data drops, girlfriend may have missed some necessary details around Nintendo"s future hardware plans.

That"s whereby we come in. The listed below FAQ collects every the pertinent info we currently know about the Wii U.

Basic information

Q: So once is this thing coming out?

A: The Wii U will certainly launch top top November 18 in north America, November 30 in Europe, and December 8 in Japan.

Q: how much is that going to cost, and also what carry out I get in the box?

A: Nintendo is offering the Wii U in two basic configurations. The $299.99 "Basic Set" (colored white) consists of the system, touchscreen-equipped GamePad controller, a stylus, a sensor bar (like the one the came with the Wii), AC adapters because that the system and also GamePad, and also an HDMI cable.

The $349.99 "Deluxe Edition" (colored black) comes v all the stuff in the straightforward Set, plus a copy of NintendoLand, a GamePad stand (to prop the mechanism up in front of her TV for particular games), a GamePad charging cradle, and a console stand.

Q: room there any kind of other differences in between the simple and luxurious systems?

A: Yes. If the basic system comes through 8GB of on-board Flash storage (for downloads and also saved games), the luxurious system has 32GB of warehouse space. The Deluxe set also entitles owner to a "Deluxe Digital Promotion" that allows them knife points toward future purchases every time lock download a video game for the Wii U. It"s unclear exactly how this device will work, yet a recent Japanese push conference seemed to imply that Deluxe mechanism owners would earn back 10 percent of the acquisition price for each download.

Q: What games are going to be obtainable for the device at launch?

A: so far, Nintendo has actually only evidenced two titles because that the north American Wii U beginning on November 18: NintendoLand and New at sight Mario Bros. U. Dozens of other gamings have been shown for the "launch window," which runs from launch v the finish of in march 2013. Some of these games, such together the harbor of current-generation titles, will likely be ready for launch day, if other games won"t be prepared until early next year. Certain launch details will come native publishers together we acquire closer to launch.

Check the end our early evaluation of the announced Wii U "launch window" lineup for much more on what games are coming to the system.

Q: just how much are games going to cost?

Most gamings for the Wii U will be offered at a said price that $59.99, Nintendo says, despite individual gamings may walk for slightly less. That"s rise from the $49.99 ceiling typically seen for gamings on the original Wii, however comparable come the $59.99 mean price for many big-name Xbox 360 and PS3 games.




Q: therefore what"s the resolve this tablet controller?

A: The wireless Wii U GamePad is one odd hybrid between a conventional button-based game controller and also a touchscreen tablet. The 6.2", 854×480 resolution touchscreen in the facility of the GamePad can screen images streamed indigenous the Wii U base station sitting under your TV with very small latency. The screen"s pressure-sensitive touch dashboard is only qualified of registering a solitary tap at a time, however, uneven the capacitive multitouch display screen on tablets like the iPad.

At the political parties of the screen, the GamePad has two clickable analog thumbsticks, a directional pad, four confront buttons, four shoulder buttons, and also start, select, and also home buttons. There"s additionally a front-facing VGA camera, a microphone, stereotype speakers, a headphone jack, and also an infrared transmitter that lets it act as a global TV remote. The GamePad likewise features a gyroscope and also accelerometer because that motion-sensitive games, and an inner motor for pressure feedback.

Finally, the GamePad functions support because that near-field communications technology, which will let users conveniently enter details from details credit cards and cell phone payment plans simply by tapping them versus the GamePad. NFC technology could additionally be offered to detect other physical objects placed near the system, such as Activision"s Skylanders toys.

Q: have the right to I usage the GamePad together a full-fledged tablet computer computer?

A: not really. The GamePad doesn"t have actually any far-reaching processing power on that is own, and also only works in conjunction through the Wii U basic unit, i m sorry streams video and audio data to the GamePad. So if you take it it too far external your life room, the won"t work-related anymore (Nintendo hasn"t comprehensive exactly how much away native the device the GamePad deserve to function).

Q: What various other controllers work with the Wii U?

A: The Wii U will assistance all currently Wii controllers, including Remote/Nunchuk combinations, the Wii Fit Balance Board, and the SNES-styled standard Controller. Nintendo will additionally be selling a $49.99 Wii U pro Controller, i beg your pardon looks an horrible lot favor an Xbox 360 controller, for much more traditional games that don"t require movement controls or usage of the touchscreen.

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Q: Can games use more than one GamePad at the same time?

A: There has been part confusion around this over time, however at E3 2012 Nintendo confirmed that the Wii U will be able to stream content and receive entry from increase to 2 GamePads at the same time. However, no games right now announced for the device make use of more than one GamePad, and also Nintendo has said it won"t be offering GamePads à la carte in north America at launch. In Japan, however, one extra GamePad will run girlfriend a lining ¥13,440 (about $172), or an ext than fifty percent the price the the basic system.