If you’re building a table using live leaf wood, it’s vital to get a basic that have the right to support the slab. Live leaf slabs commonly weight 100-400 pounds as soon as dried. This will vary based on the slab species, size, and thickness of the slab. Smaller sized slabs, that room 6′ or less, will commonly weigh approximately 100 to 150lbs, whereas large slabs have the right to weigh as much as 400 or more.

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The bulk of dining tables we construct can be relocated with two people. For bigger pieces, we recommend having at the very least 4 world to move the table come avoid damages as you put it in your home. The last point you want to perform with a perfect slab is damage it together you put it in her house!

Weight approximates by Slab Species

As mentioned above, different species of wood will have various weights. This may be vital to recognize as you pick what timber is right for her home.

If you’re wonder what the weight is of a specific slab, you deserve to calculate the by looking up the hardwood density and also then multiplying that by the volume. The formula for the load of wood is thickness X volume.

Below space some standard weights based upon the thickness of woods frequently used because that tables:

If you’re interested in finding the load of a certain slab, check out the timber weight calculator below.

Lumber load Calculator
Inch Calculator

If girlfriend have any type of questions concerning how countless board feet are in a specific slab, simply ask! We’re happy to calculate it because that you.

Thickness Matters!

When estimating a slab’s weight, it’s necessary to get specific reading on thickness. This must be obvious, however a slab that is 2″ thick would weigh twice as much as the very same slab reduced 1″ thick. The different of a 4 minutes 1 inch in thickness have the right to be numerous pounds on our bigger slabs.

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Why learning the weight is Important

Knowing the load of your slab is important since you’ll require a table base that have the right to support the slab. We use metal bases because that our tables since they’re usually rated at 400lbs or more. Us have had actually no issues with this bases sustaining the load of also our biggest slabs.

If girlfriend have any type of questions about the load of a specific slab, we’re happy to provide you an estimate. Unfortunately us don’t have actually a scale big enough to load them, but we have the right to do our best to make a load estimate and also recommendation because that a base to use to assistance it!