Are you concerned the sax will certainly weigh too lot for you or her student?As a music teacher for over a decade and a an excellent friend to countless (many band directors), I understand how essential it is to acquire an instrument fitting both someone’s personality, interest, and body type. It’s not a great idea to provide a smaller human being a hefty instrument unless they’re serious about learning it, particularly at the younger grades.

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On average, the alto saxophone weighs 4 lb 5 oz (2.2 kg) with the mouthpiece on and also outside the case. Over there is no huge change between the brands and also models. For reference, this weight is close to the weight of a two-liter party of soda or a bag that sugar. This is the load of the alto sax there is no its case, but you may also be interested to know how much they weigh inside the case and what each member the the saxophone family weighs. Read ~ above to get the details. 
How lot Saxophones weigh By TypeHow lot Does one Alto Sax Weigh?How much Does a Tenor Sax Weigh?How much Does a Baritone Sax Weigh?How lot Does a Soprano Sax Weigh?How much Does a Rarer Sax Weigh?Does Sax load Matter?Commonly inquiry QuestionsWhat space Saxes do Of?How many Keys space On The Sax?Can one Alto Sax Reed Be supplied For A Bari Sax?Is The Baritone Sax The biggest One?

How much Saxophones weigh By Type

This table will certainly cover all the important about sax weight. Fine cover each of the common varieties of this woodwind instrument. Type of Saxophone**No situation – weight in Pounds (kg) With case – load in Pounds (kg)*Sopranino Saxophone1 lb 2 oz (0.6 kg)(Research in progress)Soprano Saxophone2 lb 2 oz (1 kg)7lb 10 oz (3.5 kg)Alto Saxophone4 lb 5 oz (2.2 kg)10 lb 14 oz (4.9 kg)Tenor Saxophone6 lb 4 oz (3 kg)13 lb 14 oz (6.3 kg)Baritone Saxophone (Bari Sax)11 lb 1 oz (5 kg)26 lb 6 oz (12 kg)Bass Saxophone24 lb (10.8 kg)(Research in progress)Contrabass Saxophone45 lb (20 kg)(Research in progress)
 *With this, we’re assuming a conventional hardshell case. Situations have a lot larger selection of weight 보다 sax brands and also models, i m sorry are mainly the same. **All numbers room an median of the standard size. From beginner saxophones come a skilled model, castle all about the exact same within each kind category.The “weight through no case” column includes the mouthpiece. It also assumes you’re utilizing the standard tough rubber mouthpiece and not a metal mouthpiece. 

How lot Does one Alto Sax Weigh?

As pointed out above, the alto sax weighs on median 4 lb 5 oz (2.2 kg). This is tantamount to a bag of street or two-liter the soda. A hardshell case weighs about 6 lb 9 oz, depending upon the kind and brand. This bring the total weight with the instance up come 10 lb 14 oz (4.9 kg).You may likewise enjoy our write-up on the range of the alto sax. 

How much Does a Tenor Sax Weigh?

On average, the tenor sax weighs 6 lb 4 oz (3 kg). A standard building brick weighs around this amount. A protective instance usually weighs approximately 7 lb 10 oz placing the weight as soon as in the case at 13 lb 14 oz (6.3 kg).

How lot Does a Baritone Sax Weigh?

A baritone sax (also called bari saxophone) weighs 11 lb 1 oz (5 kg) v no case and the mouthpiece on. This is the biggest saxophone the the typical types. The typical gallon of repaint or adult cat weighs this amount together well. Of course, the bari is more spread out. A bari hardshell case weighs 15 lb 5 oz ~ above average. Combined, you’re looking at a load of 26 lb 6 oz (12 kg).

How lot Does a Soprano Sax Weigh?

The mean soprano sax weighs 2 lb 2 oz (1 kg) with the mouthpiece on and not inside the case. This is the load of one liter that water. A hardshell instance is 5 lb 8 oz, which makes a merged weight that 7lb 10 oz (3.5 kg).Interestingly enough, despite the soprano is a half lighter load sax compared to the alto, the cases can occasionally weigh close to or the same. 

How much Does a Rarer Sax Weigh?

You’ll rarely uncover one the the rarer saxophone forms without that case. Lock come together a packaged deal, and also if the instance breaks, you need to contact a saxophone dealer such as Yamaha or Conn-Selmer to job-related something out. The sopranino sax weighs 1 lb 2 oz (0.6 kg), which is about as hefty as a soccer ball or football. The base sax is 24 lb (10.8 kg), the same weight as a grown Daschund or bar of gold. A contrabass saxophone is 45 lb (20 kg), half the load of the traditional toilet or a 1-2-year-old Dalmation dog. 

Does Sax load Matter?

The load doesn’t issue for most saxophone players, other than for marching saxes. In this case, you’ll need to bear all the weight v your arms and also body. With the standardized modern design of saxes, the weight across all models is for this reason close there room no genuine differences. Saxes prior to the 21st century was still being experimented v design and also weight. Now, an instrument machine will use tiny adjustments in architecture to produce the shining sound or quality sound they desire. Any brand or model will weigh the same or close to the very same as lengthy as the the exact same type.A modern baritone saxophone will always weigh about the same, whether it’s an intermediate saxophone or a professional saxophone. The top quality saxophone doesn’t issue for weight, yet it certain matters for sound. It’s the varieties of saxophone the make the difference. When sitting, most of the weight will certainly be spread throughout the sax player’s human body either through a neck strap, shoulder strap, or earlier brace. 

Commonly inquiry Questions

What are Saxes do Of?

Saxes are nearly always do of yellow brass and then covered with a gold or silver- lacquer. Sometimes, they incorporate some nickel. 

How many Keys are On The Sax?

The exact amount depends on the model, brand, and form of sax, but there are around 20 secrets usually. 

Can one Alto Sax Reed Be offered For A Bari Sax?

Each form of sax demands to stick v its own form and size of reed. However, equivalent-sized reeds might be used in between sax and also clarinet. Check out our saxophone vs. Clarinet comparison. 

Is The Baritone Sax The greatest One?

The largest standard sax is the baritone sax. However, the largest of the rare varieties is the contrabass sax. There is additionally a subcontrabass sax or a Tubsax, which is gigantic, but there is only a grasp of these in the world. 

Zach VanderGraaffZach VanderGraaff is a K-5 music teacher with Bay City Public schools in Michigan. He"s a Past-President of the Michigan Kodaly Educators and Executive Secretary that the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators Association.

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