Figure out the number of 14" x 26" polypropylene sandbags you need by keying the length and height of the sandbag wall surface you"d like to build.

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We recommend checking with your regional weather terminal to discover out the estimated amount that flooding in your area. 

Using the sandbag calculator

"Length that sandbag wall (in feet)": Input the size of the wall."Height of sandbag wall (in feet)": Input the estimated height the the sandbags wall. Us recommend 4 feet.

Calculate the number of 14"x26" sandbags you need

Length the sandbag wall surface (in feet) height of sandbag wall (in feet)
Doesn"t work? Make sure to permit scripts to operation if you"re using web Explorer. Assumptions:It bring away an typical of 600 sandbags to cover a 100 foot section, 1-foot high.Sandbags are being set length-wise finish to endThe sandbag wall is 2-3 sandbags wideSandbag wall is rectangularDisclaimer: listed that the assumptions detailed above space taken into account, this calculator deserve to only be used to provide a rough estimate of the number of sandbags required. Each situation is different and requires your own an individual judgment.


How are sandbags calculated? How plenty of sandbags carry out you need?

It bring away 600 typical 14" x 26" sandbags to develop a 100-foot wall 1 foot tall.

How lengthy will sandbags last?

Sandbags can last at the very least 3-6 months under straight sunlight and in high-heat areas like California and also Florida. They have actually 1600 hrs of UV protection.

How tall is a sandbag? How large is a standard sandbag?

The most famous sizes that sandbag room 14 inch x 26 inches (36 cm x 66 cm) and also 18 customs x 30 customs (46 centimeter x 76 cm). With the weight of the sand in the bag, sandbags v such dimensions and also of this size can be provided like bricks in building an interlocking sandbags wall.

How lot do sandbags hold?

An overfilled sandbag (60-75 pounds) will leave gaps i m sorry will allow water come seep through.

How much sand go it require to fill a sandbag? how much does a sandbag weight?

A sandbag have to be filled 1/2 come 2/3 full and will weigh 35-40 pounds. 30 sandbags would certainly be around 1,000 pounds and would it is in the maximum legal limit for a typical pickup truck.

Do sandbags actually work? room sandbags effective?

Polypropylene sandbags are efficient at avoiding water due to the fact that of the sand consisted of within the bag.Sandbags protect structures from flooding by diverting overwhelming water about them.Along through sandbags, it is best to usage plastic tarp sheets as well when structure sandbag walls to create a far better water-tight seal.

Do sandbags assist with traction? Where execute you placed sandbags in a van bed?

To rise traction, sandbags must be placed over the behind axle ~ above RWD cars, right alongside the wheel wells on a pickup truck. However, adding weight come the earlier will not help with traction on AWD or FWD vehicles.

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Where have the right to you gain sandbags?

You can get 14" x 26" polypropylene sandbags (most popular) and 18" x 30" polypropylene sandbags on ours website.

Buy 14" x 26" polypropylene sandbags

14" x 26" (most popular)

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