Known because that its extremely sharp teeth and also appetite because that meat, this fish are very dangerous, particularly if there are other fish in your tank. Piranhas can regularly be found in any kind of South American river., and also today, over there are an ext than 30 types on record.

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“Piranha” (CC by 2.0) by  Jim, the Photographer

How much does a piranha cost?

On average, a piranha can expense anywhere native $4 to as lot as $200+.  The costs, follow to our research, will considerably depend top top the variety, the breeder and how countless you purchase at once. The most typical variety, the red ship piranha, deserve to cost around $5 come $10 or around 10 for $100.  Refer to our table listed below to check out what the popular varieties will certainly cost., an digital retailer, has actually a wide range of piranhas because that sale. Here, because that example, a one-inch red belly types retails for 12 because that $50.

VarietyCost (each)
Altuvei$175 to $225
Blue Diamond$150 to $250 (less than 4 inches)
Caribe$150 come $250
Denticulatus$70 to $100
Eigenmanni$30 to $50
Elongatus$110 come $150
Elongatus$80 to $150
Gibbus$150 to $225
Gold$300 come $500
Gold Diamond$25 come $35
Hollandi$20 come $40
Humeralis$200 to $300
Irritans$250 come $325
Manuelli$225 to $250
Medinai$225 to $300
Muda$50 to $75
Peru Black$175 to $250
Piraya- $200 come $300 (4 come 6 inches) - $1,500+ because that piranha bigger than 13 inches.
Purple Spilo$65 come $95
Red Belly$10 to $20
Red Diamond/Red Throat$40 to $50
Scapularis$50 come $75
Ternetzi$50 come $75
Violet Line$175 come $250
Violet lined Geryl$450 to $550
Wimple$30 to $50

Piranha overview

Depending on the form of piranha, most have the right to often thrive as big as 18 inches; however, the typical size is around five to seven inches. The lifespan, as lengthy as healthy, deserve to live increase to 7 years.

You have the right to usually discover a piranha because that sale, if it’s legitimate in her area, either at a local aquarium/fish store, online via dedicated breeders or even on eBay. If it’s illegal, most reputable aquariums won’t delivery it to your state.

What space the extra costs?

An aquarium will certainly be forced in stimulate to correctly store her fish. An aquarium have the right to widely vary relying on what kind and size you need. The median tank deserve to start at $500 to as much as $5,000 because that a customized tank. Plan on budgeting at least $500 come $2,000 for the tank. One aquarium because that piranhas, in ~ a minimum, need to be in ~ least 4 to 5 feet wide and two feet deep. recommends an exterior strength filter v a bio wheel and also a one-fourth inch of gravel on the surface. The water temperature need to be 75 come 80 degrees.

A piranha’s diet will vary depending upon what you are going to feeding one. The median diet can encompass meats such together shrimp, bloodworms, or also dried meat pellets. Together they flourish older, they will eat top top chunks the beef and/or fish. That is finest to spending plan $25 to $75 per fish, per month.

Purchasing a fish online can regularly lead to greater shipping costs. If you room going to purchase a fish online, the shipping fees have the right to start in ~ $5 and go increase from there.

Since these fish have tendency to do better in schools, it’s encourage you purchase three to five at a time.

Tips come know:

While this fish have a reputation of being bloodthirsty, they are often shy when placed in a tank. The only time girlfriend will more than likely see activity is as soon as they are placed in groups and are feeding. Ask yourself why you want to purchase one? Remember that if you’re looking for some an excellent action, you’re more than likely looking in the not correct place.

Some states regulate and even prohibit owning this form of fish. Be sure to examine your regional laws before considering a purchase. For example, lock can’t be bred, sold or spread in California.

Piranhas will certainly do far better in water through a lower pH than the typical aquarium.

How can I conserve money?

Since piranhas regularly do far better in groups, it is finest to purchase more than one. Most pet shop will frequently sell them in teams that variety anywhere from 5 to as much as ten in ~ a time. The much more you purchase at once, the much more you should have the ability to save.

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