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What deserve to I expect 6 month old angus come weigh? I need to get them come 500lbs by then for 4h weigh in. Is it possible if I"m acquiring bottle calves now? They room 2wks old.

When is your sweet in?My calves begin coming about around the an initial week in January. They will weigh in around 582 lbs. On the 10th the October once the buyer comes.

Based on the information provided by CIW your calves will certainly not come close to 500# in 6 months. I"ll also guess that he"s to run a calf/cow operation with mama cows milk and also creep feeders 24/7, the heavier they space the much more money made.....My 2 cents worth.
You must make it. Most beef will certainly weigh approximately 500 in ~ 6 months. Give some grain as you go. Don"t think you have the right to put 100lbs on them in a month.

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Our weigh in day is constantly the first Saturday in February for industry calves. We have to weigh in in ~ 600. Our county fair is the third week in August.You aren"t going to make it. You require at least some 120 work old calves. The best professional club calf feeders and also cattlemen will only obtain 2.1 every day average, bear to processing. Its hard to gain a calf to gain at those rates that early on in life. The complying with will assist though.Push them come eat. Save them in the shade through fans on them. Moisten the soil a small to add some humidity if you space in a dry climate. Store water and also roughage in prior of them all the time. Divide their grain ration into 3 feedings a day. Let them eat in ~ a leisurely pace. Feeding the very first time as at an early stage as girlfriend can and also the third as late together you can. This will allow the calf come go v 3 cradle cycles per day instead of 2. Make sure that lock have full spectrum light for around 16 hours a day.Don"t do anything to raise their heart rate choose riding them and also the such. Don"t bathe them ideal now, just everyday brushing. You don"t want any kind of stress in the calf"s life.If you start to view them gaining too fat friend will should start lightly walking them. Throughout this time in their life they should build structure no fat, therefore they should gain a reduced crude fat ration and more calcium and phosphorus. I know some the mix milk replacer in the grain ration or feeding skimmed milk also.