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So ns live in Hawaii and to acquisition ammunition alone is challenging never psychic the shipping costs. I will be travel to the mainland USA soon and also was wonder if anyone knows what a conventional box the 9mm 115gr and 147gr weighs (boxed). I read that 11lbs that ammunition have the right to be inserted in a confirm bag for many airlines. I think Alaska air may enable 50lbs. The course i would need to declare the at check in.I think ns would be able to get up to 6 crate of 50 rounds per checked bag however just want to be more certain. If any of you out there recognize the answer come this or might weigh a box of 9mm 115 and also 147 grain and let me understand I would certainly really evaluate that very much.Thanks

some one rather went v this exact same deal and also here is what they claimed 9MM 115GR FMJ LAWMAN 50/BOX 1.61 lbs yours may vary escape on type but this would certainly be 6.8322981366459627329192546583851 boxes. 6 boxes should be fine.good luck finding 6 boxes
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just sweet a 50 rd crate remington 115 grain at 1.54 lbs. Simply a pointer is to obtain a postal scale. There on heat for around 30 dollars and they yes, really come in handy because that weighing guns and a many other things.

I hope you can uncover the quantity of ammo girlfriend want, especially 9mm. Girlfriend may have to settle for any kind of weight (gr) and also configuration you have the right to find.
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Thanks guys, yes besides complicated to gain in Hawaii and shipping prices the whole frenzy and also short it is provided is what yes, really is walking to kill my armory stocking. Obtained have hope I uncover some boxes as soon as on the road.Anybody acquired suggestions for gun/ammo stores near Cleveland, five or Carlisle, PA or Jackson, NJ or Williamsburg, VA or Somerset, PA. I will certainly be walking by these areas. I carry out stops in NY and Washington DC but I would certainly think the not even a an excellent idea to stroked nerves in those states (am i wrong).
Anybody acquired suggestions because that gun/ammo stores close to Cleveland, five or Carlisle, PA or Jackson, NJ or Williamsburg, VA or Somerset, PA. I will be walk by this areas. I perform stops in NY and also Washington DC yet I would certainly think the not even a good idea to bother in those says (am ns wrong).
I have had actually the finest luck detect ammo / provides at the smaller mom and pop shops and ranges. Every the key stream stores have actually been marketed old for method to long.
Good luck through ammo hunting ! can have one idea ? on her hunt, 380, 45 colt, 357 sig. And 44 mag.Seem to be in many gun stores in MN. Probably you must buy an additional gun ? when I do find my kind ofammo, 357 mag. / 38 sp. 22lr, 9mm, 40sw , 45 auto. Room hit and also miss. Todays sector I have been doingok . Box borders can it is in a difficulty from save to store and also get there beforehand a.m.
This is why ns bought 40 S&W originally... That was every I could find AMMO For! great Choice Glad the "induced shortage" is OVER!
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For future reference carry out the math. There room 7000 grains per pound. Include a lb for shipping and you have your answer. Therefore a crate of 50 115 serial is:115 x 50 = 5750 grains. 7000 ÷ 5750 = .82 pounds over there you go.
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For future reference perform the math. There are 7000 grains per pound. Include a lb for shipping and also you have actually your answer. Therefore a crate of 50 115 serial is:115 x 50 = 5750 grains. 7000 ÷ 5750 = .82 pounds over there you go.
For Future reference, that"s called a W.A.G.
or Wild A$$ guess: v A S.W.A.G. would certainly have added something for the brass and also powder.I understand all the conversions, ns wanted favor the actual weight. Your WAG would have operated for what ns wanted, however it"s a little high. (1/4#) I want a "carrying weight" for a acquire Home Bag (or BOB) for a discussion on HPFF. Goog-iots led me here. It"s great to have actually a high file on Goog-iots
Yeah ns did forget the powder and the instance didn"t I. Quiet that"s nowhere close to the bullet weight, for this reason if you add say 70 grains it may be close. Yet for reference, DILLIGAF! Sorry about forgetting the apparent on the case and powder.
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Your technique is an excellent for many uses, Thanks! I want a very specific guess because that a GHB discussion. Actually, we were talking about "loaded in mags" so her # would have been really helpful, ring it up to 2# or so! It was for a KelTec Sub2000 v Glock Mags. I really want a G-Sub in 9mm I have a 9mm "happy stick" and also eventually desire a G17 also. It"s kinda like having the Red Camaro in the 70"s... Gained the happy stick in the clearance bin at LGS... It"s Korean, however I think it will be fine.

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Hi RACHIGER, listed below is a 10 rounder that 230g hp .45. Heavy and also you understand you space carrying it.View attachment 7233I cite that because yesterday I checked out my total club that I simply got embraced into for the very first time to shoot and it was also my final time to make sure it was lug ready. So as I carry out on the various other side of my human body I bring two speed strips in the .38 flavor because that my revolver i m sorry is mine primary.And once I stuck the extra lug mag ~ above the other side what a difference.
True, however here it"s about 9mm (roughly 1/2 the weight) and also in a backpack. I have actually some 10 round 1911 mags, all metal and my round of an option is typically 230gr 1/3 the a lb in BULLET weight Alone! Then add cases, primers and powder, as much as 1/2 pound then add the steel MAGS! ns love my 1911 because that the weight! however once I start backpacking part GnA around, I might want that G19, 15 round mag and also 2-3 happy sticks! good carry equipment makes a huge difference, however. Is that a G30s JWR? I simply read increase on that, sounds like a sweet setup! The modularity the the "G Series" is what really renders it good.I prefer my 45 ACPs, I have actually the 1911 Citadel, and an S&W 457. I"d really choose an M&P 45 but it"s just a 10 ring unit. I have actually the G20, therefore I"m leaning in the direction of a G41 because that the share aspects... Talk me into or the end of that!