If you are like most aspiring skilled basketball players you surely have actually been asking yourself, what room the mean overseas basketball salaries?

We are here to price that!

We dive into the average and maximum wages of football player on every continent. Since individual player salaries space not public information like they space in the NBA, the is quite complicated to get accurate information.

Not to worry, we did the study for you!

civicpride-kusatsu.net staff has scoured the internet, spoken with top agents, coaches and also team representatives in miscellaneous countries worldwide to gain the most accurate information around the salaries players make playing skilled basketball overseas.

Needless to say, this is the largest and most finish list easily accessible to date.

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We have accumulated and sorted every the figures by continent and country in the table under below.

But first, let’s answer several of the frequent questions relating to overseas basketball salaries.

Table of Contents

Domestic Basketball SalariesABA Basketball SalariesEuropean Basketball SalariesAustralia – Australian nationwide Basketball league Salaries (NBL)Asian Basketball league Salaries by CountryAbout The Data

How much do abroad Basketball football player Make?

Each country can open a different answer to this question.

Our research confirms the there room two key factors to think about that will influence an abroad basketball player’s salary:

The economic strength of a countryThe popular of basketball together a sports in the playing country

Generally speaking, many countries in Europe sell on typical anywhere between $60k come 500k per season to a player to play ~ above the highest level league.

Certain nations in Asia such as Japan or south Korea offer a similar amount – in between 120k to 400k USD a season, if China tops it every up v a generous typical of 1m come 3m USD.

While the remainder of the human being is slightly an ext humble and pays out anywhere from 2k to 20k us Dollars.

As great as it sounds, note that us talk around the highest possible level leagues.

So you may need to put some work-related in before you acquire a possibility for this money!

For much more detailed numbers, take it a look in ~ the overseas basketball salary table below.


AJ Slaughter. Image via Joël PHILIPPON

Last on our list yet certainly should not be thought about least is the French Basketball LNB agree A, or for short French pro A. With just two teams in the $10 million USD spending plan ranks, it’s clear why the LNB agree A is in the direction of the bottom that the list.

With that being claimed there are many benefits come the league as the is taken into consideration one the the most financially secure places to beat basketball professionally overseas. It is one of the only countries to market unemployment come players without a team. Imports included!

Contracts are also guaranteed through the French government. Possibly one more reason only about 30% of the team’s spending plan goes towards salaries when many other groups throughout Europe spend in the 50-65% range.

Needless to say players in the French basketball league Pro A make a nice value for playing basketball. One average income player have the right to make between $80k-200k USD because that a season.

The highest-paid player in the French agree A, A.J. Slaughter was making $300k USD because that the 2018/19 season through Tony Parker’s team ASVEL Villeurbanne. Considering that was guaranteed and the team took care of his costs during his time in France, the brings the value also higher.

Similar to most leagues outside the USA, team budgets and player salaries are not public information in the Australian NBL. The minimum value for local players in Australia because that the 2020/21 season is set at around $45,000 USD with an average NBL football player salary being about $106,000 USD.

The Australian NBL Soft Salary cap is set at about $1.03 million USD. This way that every players’ salaries combined should add up to this amount. Groups will receive a taxation for any kind of values above the salary cap which will be shared among the various other teams in the league.

Judging native the value Cap and various sources, you have the right to expect the average salary of an income player in the Australian NBL to be in between $120,000 come $250,000 USD.

One the the maximum earnings that have been speculated was the of Andrew Bogut i beg your pardon reportedly received a two-year $1 million AUD contract which converts to around $363k USD per season. He likely was paid an ext than what is reported.

There has additionally been reports around Bryce Cotton’s salary being in the $440,000 united state dollar, $600,000 AUD range, but due to the fact that official numbers are no known, castle are simply rumors.

How lot Was LaMelo ball Making in the NBL?

LaMello Ball’s salary in the Australian NBL was speculated to it is in $370,000 us dollars, $500,000 AUD net after gaining incentives.

Since there is a Soft Salary lid there are teams most likely spending much an ext than the mean on your imports or “marquee” players. Therefore the actual max player salaries are likely much greater than what has actually been reported.

For the 2020-21 season there space 9 teams with one team, the new Zealand Breakers situated in new Zealand. There is additionally an enhancement from Tasmania for the 2021-22 season.

Widely regarded as among the highest possible paying leagues in the world, the Chinese Basketball combination or CBA is a magnet because that elite talent. Players in the league have made tiny fortunes v 500+ million fans watching them.

Stephon Marbury, after six seasons, 3 titles and also roughly $12 million USD, is a an excellent example the success together an income player in China. V an NBA career winding down, Stephon made decision to take it his talents abroad to China.

He now has actually a statue in prior of his previous team’s stadium and also a shoe company, selling affordable basketball pair of shoes to youngsters that cannot afford the surname brand counterparts.

As per CBA regulations 2 import players are enabled on every team. The high salaries and also short seasons develop a hotbed for Veteran NBA upstream such as Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas, Steve Francis and also Metta civilization Peace.

Average incomes for an income player in the CBA room in the community of $1 million come $3 million USD. The highest-paid player to this day is apparently Lance Stephenson which is claimed to rake in a staggering $4 million USD with the Chinese team Liaoning flying Leopards.

With 19 teams in the Chinese Basketball League and also an increasingly larger basketball following than any kind of other country in the world, that is clear the Chinese basketball is a force to it is in reckoned with.

Rightly so, the oriental Basketball league or KBL is high in the ranking as one of the highest paying leagues in the world. The oriental League rules permit two income players every KBL team.

There is a $700k USD salary lid per team for two imports while the limit is $500k USD for teams with one. You have the right to say the mean salary for an income player in the oriental Basketball league is in between $250k-400k USD through a max of $500k USD.

Those are official numbers. We’ve heard numerous rumors from plenty of sources the players obtain bonuses i m sorry can also reach into the 6 figures. That deserve to put the max salary at end $800k USD every year.

Where perform I sign up girlfriend ask?

Just understand it is not favor you just display up come a game, autumn 30 and collect a paycheck. Teams in the KBL are well-known to practice 3-4 times every day. Much better make sure you display up in shape if friend are offered the chance to play in this league.

The Japan professional Basketball League, or for brief Japan B League has made big improvements come it’s competition. A mergers in 2016 in between two Japanese leagues brought on by Fiba mandates, has actually turned the newer league right into a financially rewarding and cultivation business.

Which in turn improves the B organization player’s salaries. Local Japanese players saw rise in their salaries to an typical salary the $147k USD, with the football player that compete in the Japanese nationwide Team making on mean $417k USD in the B league for the 2018/19 season.

Currently, the highest-paid Japanese player, Yuki Togash, is making simply a hair under $1 million USD. This brings us to the import players which like most leagues have a various bracket. You have the right to expect to see greater level import players in Japan making $1 million USD or more for a season.

An typical import salary in the Japanese B1 would certainly be more in the radius the $120k-300k USD per season. Living prices are high-quality in Japan, however players don’t need to worry about that as groups usually cover those expenses.

About The Data

And here you have actually it. A arsenal of overseas basketball earnings in each continent.

Note, that there is a small something to save in mind as soon as you study this data.

The overseas basketball wages compiled in this short article cover info from the 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons to provide a better understanding regardless of the transforms due to covid-19.

The salaries additionally only take right into account import players and the greater paid players in the assorted leagues and competitions. In each league mentioned starting salaries would be lot lower and for groups with smaller sized budgets which are generally in the lower variety of the rankings.

When the hatchet “Overseas Basketball” is used, it is such a wide use of the phase as “Overseas” come an American player could mean anything outside of their country. To a europe player that would denote playing on one more continent. Below we usage the term about the professional leagues external of the USA.

Season Length for overseas Teams

You should additionally take note that the length of a season counts on the league and also country the vain is in. China has actually a short season with just 5 month so a player play in that country is obtaining paid much more for much less practices and games 보다 say a European organization player which have the right to be play upto 9 months. Some leagues in Latin America and Asia are simply a few months in length such as Puerto Rico’s BSN, leagues in the Dominican Republic as well as the Philippines. That’s among the reasons why world talk around salaries in terms of months conversely, in other countries they speak in terms of seasons.

Import football player vs residential Players

Unlike the NBA and G League, basketball leagues overseas have actually restrictions ~ above the quantity of import players permitted on every team. The income player an interpretation varies depending on the league under discussion however it typically means a player with a passport exterior of the country. An example is an American playing in China or Europe. Import players are typically paid much more than domestic or regional players, with the exception of the top handful residential players for each league. Leagues that permit multiple import players, much more than two, generally spread your salary budget out much more evenly which result in a small lower salary. Leagues that only enable one or two import players every team will typically pay that player a higher salary.

In the meantime, teams are in search of these things:

Experience (Professional or University)Stats (Recent native competitive leagues)Film (Two full games and also a highlight, from this season or last, top top youtube or other video clip platform online)Resume, CV or Player Bio (With every one of your information, stats and video links)

A special thanks to everyone that collaborated with us come compile every one of this information. We’ll save updating it come make certain you all have the most accurate information to make the ideal decisions on your future.

Feel complimentary to reach the end if girlfriend have any kind of questions or details you believe is useful to add.

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