Arabians room not only among the oldest breeds of horses, but likewise one the the many beautiful. With a graceful build and flashy way of moving, they space a vision to behold.

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For countless years, Arabian horses have been selectively bred and also loved by world all end the world. If you have actually ever taken into consideration buying one of these horses, you’ll probably have wondered just how much an Arabian horse costs.

On average, an Arabian equine will cost between $5,000 come $30,000. However, part top show horses and also stallions variety from $80,000 to $150,000. Their price deserve to vary depending on numerous factors such together age, bloodlines, training, and also gender.

The owners of renowned Arabian Marwan Al Shaqab were readily available a chuck $20 million dollars because that the stunning Arabian stallion. They declined this offer, not also taking it right into consideration since they uncover him therefore valuable.

Fortunately, girlfriend don’t need to be a millionaire if you want to purchase an Arabian horse. Though numerous can still need a high price, there are still several quality equines you can gain at an ext affordable prices.

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Factors influence An Arabian horses Price

When detect out just how much an Arabian will certainly costs, this are several of the main factors that will recognize the price:



Just prefer with other steed breeds, bloodlines play a an extremely important function in the cost of one Arabian. A horse with optimal bloodlines v a win pedigree will most likely go because that a far-ranging amount that money.

There are six distinct species of Arabian horse bloodlines. The Spanish, Polish, Egyptian, Russian, Crabbet, and Domestic bloodlines all create beautiful and unique Arabians.

Some breeders seek out particular bloodlines for different traits and champion pedigrees based on their desires. Horses bred from optimal bloodlines will rise their value and you can regularly expect them to cost more.

However, these selectively bred horses are for this reason overbred they are starting to be born through defects. View our article on El Rey Magnum for an ext information! also read, the 8 most famed Arabian steeds in history.


Training will have actually a big effect ~ above the price girlfriend pay for an Arabian. Steeds that space from top show barns with extensive training will frequently go for more money.

Training a equine is expensive. A skilled trainer will work-related with a horse several times a main to store them in top shape. Show horses are usually kept in maintain to keep up with the needs of competing. For this reason a horse that has been retained in present training will cost much more than one that only gets ridden a couple times a month.

Show Records

As we cite in our Arabain steed breed guide, Arabians do an amazing present horse. Their beauty, grace and fiery spirits make them stars in the display ring.

Many owners enjoy showing your beautiful equines in a multitude of divisions. Equines with remarkably show records are coveted and also often walk for upwards the $10,000.

Regarded as one of the many expensive horse breeds, high-quality Arabians can expense hundreds of countless dollars, with even a couple of surpassing the million-dollar mark.

Age and Conformation

Featured in our beautiful steed breeds list, Arabians room most recognized for their elegant, dished faces. In addition to a dished face, a refined build, expressive eyes, flagged tail and also arched neck are among the most sought after attributes in the breed. You can expect to pay more for a steed that checks every these characteristics off.

In addition to conformation, a horse’s period will play a duty in the price. The prime period of one Arabian is in between 7 – 14 year old. At this ages, equines will be their many fit for riding and driving. As soon as a steed is in your late teenagers or early on 20s, castle will offer for considerably less.

Other alternatives Besides Buying

Since purchase a steed isn’t handy for everyone, there room other alternatives available. Leasing and also joint ownership room some alternatives to owning your own horse.

Some owners will offer their equine up because that lease. This gives you the capacity to have partial or complete use the a horse at the portion of the cost. In part cases, a limited liability company (LLC) or cooperation is an option, i beg your pardon will break-up up the prices of buying and owning one Arabian.

Owning one Arabian Horse

Whether friend are in search of a flashy show horse or a trusty trail partner, one Arabian is a an excellent choice. They are one of the most beautiful breeds, making lock a wonderful choice for everyone.

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Though the Arabian equine price have the right to vary, you can still buy one for under $10,000. This exquisite steeds are love for your grace, beauty, and also athleticism. If you are interested in buying a horse, an Arabian just can be the right one because that you.